Luxe festival leaves attendees disappointed

'Fyre Festival' in the Bahamas promised popular music artists and a luxury experience, but attendees like Hallie Wilson were surprised to find something quite the opposite.
13:05 | 04/28/17

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Transcript for Luxe festival leaves attendees disappointed
Comet called fire festival it was supposed to be starting today. It did not go quite as planned meeting. Yet he flew there. Pay thousands of dollars in some cases strand with no food no water no shelter and no way hall. So we've got someone who actually went to the concert witness what happened firsthand that she's joining us live now from Miami where she's made it out. From Napa hum location how wealth and thank you so much for being with us today yeah thanks on the so first question just how how are you. Well now that we're back Anthony we're dead and we actually it's it's been the longest 24 hours of our lives actually sleep a lot of Miami yesterday. Saw what happened which we'll get into and it was about us I don't know fifteen aren't. Trouble to get back and a forty hour flight which is not that far but I bet here we about a dollar. Good idea and said he got clean lottery the important thing let's figure out that happening here. Tell me why he decided to attend in the first place and we're hearing these like the multiple thousand dollar tickets. What is it he or what were you expecting. Well we had a group of eight of us were celebrating a bachelorette party and surrogate friends be paid for grants for it about so it was 500 each. We booked the tickets at a long time ago and it kind of first announced that. And then you're just this advocates huge marketing but I guess that in that it's gonna continue to promote it promoted and everything that they're advertising in saying was making it seem like extreme link. Luxurious sir locks are very like exquisite and cultural ends. Clean it. I don't know I mean you just like you neglecting to pre news like it's just boats and clean water and expand then like Peter. Of people in. Yeah that alleyway that it was not letting some of that promo video we know they're all over social media promoting Patterson huge ins to Graham models and yeah authorities who were involved in the campaign Joba rule. The rapper live in the organizers rate you know and they I think I jetliner that they have like Blink-182. When major lay up there. So all of acted did you average apps that what you were being promised wasn't going to be there. Honestly know. Like even when we got on our charter flights. It even they had expired asking on the cited the plane in. Which makes you wonder where they spent their money but. What we're on the plane going to exhume we heard that liquidity to you with a hot air that pulled out. I'm so that kind of like a little bit of a red flag but. It's we really didn't start to kind of think like wait. What's happening until we actually. We got optically in the Bahamas accustomed that we don't public school buses and on the buses and they drove us around for L. And then we end up coming in to this like it also like a quarry. It wasn't beechy at olive reflect our high high expenses and they're artists like little white don't tents like. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them set up like in a neat little row it's actually pretty scary. Being and we were like wait that's our housing. And most of them repair and like completely dare utter some of the actors set ups. In each of the we we were told you're getting a lodge which. It was an it was like a big white don't when there are two beds with sheets and a wooden bookcase in the and that's all. Some of them had child but. We'll see not. It was an Al second there was. Gap where he gets I think this is video that you provided to us for seeing somebody tends now it looks pretty pretty bare bouncer and what's terrifying. What else to define on the ground there other things that you were promised in terms of food and luxury amenities was that there. Yeah that's completely fair I mean. We there were maybe they're into rejection or a republic trailer. There are no private bathrooms there all port bodies. The food we didn't even get sued because they were like sold out by the time over there and our friends went and got and what they had buzz they came back with two pieces of white bread with a piece that she is. And like some wilted lettuce. And there was like there is no water station. Written a water there it was pretty much only liquor. And it's. They said they're gonna have portable chargers for everybody didn't have any of those that have lots of lockyer a book mock terrorists. How scary going through your heightened that's you're kind. I think this is not all what you thought it would be. We'll be honestly beginning everybody was just so happy to be here in such heist you're it's like. Isn't really lit under the people so we will let you know I would make the most of its great to get up but Bennett got to the point during check in when they just started telling people just pick a tent. Like you're on your own government themselves. And people we're just like running around with their luggage like screaming like people would run into your tent and steal the pillows up your better now we. It's still the she seeks to your towels. And it ends it just got kicked off the be scary thoughts on this dot the suns are to go down to you end. Happen like that people that were there didn't have tents because most of them had nothing at them like they're all still on there Eddie's big ass trucks that had. Mattresses all of the grounds like it it's we have looked like a big IKEA furniture hall that wasn't properly set up. I think I heard a rumor that it was supposed to get a different islands. But a day before a storm Anderson who lets the infrastructure is not saint it was like. It was not fun it was all rocks it was steam it was it was pretty terrifying actually show you where they are the salt let's remind everyone is at all in the course of less than a day and isn't they had it last night down what happened over snapped. When the sun goes down we were like well know assists they're like an opening ceremony at performers stunt end. We quickly realized that like you cannot leave your little dog tech is capable permanent steal it because not ever priestess to sleep. Not a rich shelter and so we would have liked take turns Osama liberals what about the which was the bread and sheen's and then we stained and people just started looting by people would just run into people's tents and and steal things like I had a friend or phone stolen. I have my computer on because I don't work early in the weeks I just had a curious unbeatable time. But he it was just like. It was not good news not get. And how you've been seeing people all over social me. Yet they took that hash tag fire festival and turned it into dumpster fire. And fire fried. Ideally you point out that the fire festival has released its statement has been every panel quickly so that we so we have shared that. And they say the fire festival set out to provide a once in a lifetime musical experience on the island of the eggs you must. Due to circumstances out of our control the physical infrastructure with not in place on time. They were unable to fulfill on that patients safely and enjoy a plea for our gas so they see a continuing to work to make sure all the guest to where there can get home safely. They're working to place everyone back on complimentary charters are you getting a refund do you know about this yet. I don't know but I satin record probably are and that's. I don't think so so here is you're but I I mean I'm assuming if you attending music festivals like this before in the same spirit before. Like a child curriculum where it ranks. I mean apparently. Larry you know they don't necessarily promise luxury but you know not to mix Latin it. And I asked has a lot of people see you know if you pay 121000 dollars for a ticket or at all the services and it turns out not to live Bucs have up to your expectations. It's a little hard to feel apathetic for people sometimes well right yeah but at this point you know. Do you feel like you were. Defrauded do you feel like you were prominent something you didn't get or is this just like a well let them. No absolutely expect her to try to get Hitler falsely advertised in. Agent in the league leading up to the actual liking thirteen could have how to allot more communication and all that's arts. And like we had literally no idea what it's looking like until we actually physically pulled I'm just I'm glad I wore sneakers. Get everybody red sandals on just cutting their reopen the rocks. I am. Yeah there are so I don't think their favorite don't think they're staffed appropriately and peopled April certainly we're not ready when we got there. Yeah I live. It likely you're when you were trying to leave Kansas but eventually deploy at least say this is not gonna happen is about which we don't want it actor anymore. How did you get I believe. Just who we honestly scared that we would like we just have to go sell some I don't know how happened but what are our. Fight out that they were all the senate reduce. That's up a school bus back to the airport and airport. And eczema let's close that the city workers had reopened and came back out. To help get on the plane in there are a 111 of this flight outs and we sat in airport the first time Burke. Probably close to two and a half hours until he actually got on the plane. And then it's something with like clearing her once names the political customs we sound like six hours and then they said that they kept us on a two months we had a -- plane for an. Crew so that we keep playing we went back into this room it's a very small room. An airport and we didn't at this point we have had no food no water or close to check out arts. And they understandably like today at the gates to go out to the tarmac it's like only or their and they did what anybody outside. I guess for safety reasons but they change it shut so we were essentially locked in the room. And it got so hot at one point this is now like 98 in the morning we spend. Up the plane for two hours it got so hot at one point bet when the guys here with just being painted the was unconscious for a little bit I think that was really scary. During this whole time was angling communicating anything to you with any festival organizer thing able on this we're sorry. You know now not about Weaver's I mean we were mostly dealing with them. He being government and they where the union workers and they were great there really nice to us arms richter is really great west you. Yeah out like that we I think we only spoke just bypass record at one. 6:30 in the morning and he said that you have my word I'm bringing guys that food and green eyes water and you'll be on a flight back to Miami by eight. We didn't get up until I think I don't know what time it is now which aims and now this crucial my outfit that I have exploded just I don't know how he's still. Yeah OK yeah Halliburton very much recovering it's now quarter cat reported TO. I honestly think I think that story just really really really expensive and I guess we'll. Well I want to wait. Q that the fire pressed the website at but at a complete statement I'm not gonna read the whole thing here that but I do Alley want to point out to you that they say that the festival as being postponed. Until they can further steps if and when and they're able to create that kind of experience they wanted to you know. Are you into pretending they know it adds. And I know and I would advise anybody was the Spiegel and too weak too sad. All their banks in dispute all the artists right now immediately it's cook. Yeah there's Busby another weekend next weekend's. And I'd I'd. Don't foresee that happening I mean all of the artists backed two on a single artists like they haven't really big names like disclosure like you said major late that by the time. Maybe like four hours after the vessel had started all of the artists at backed out. There are nowhere artists at all. And at that point everyone was freaking out trying to get acted airport but they couldn't. Hop the plate every supposed to come out of Miami two eggs in my yesterday they keep playing and the latest island capacity or something. But like we told our friends response and well liked is considered a blessing because. We spent more time the plane we get on the island we left we got to bypass it in three hours later we are Iran's so we just knew it was not worth that scary. I public health and our electric went through its act that is the mean you know lesson learned to write a lot of friends a lot of action. They don't all out at a Miami where I don't underlying. I have to get the rest I hope you are well hydrated by now get company and experiment story an and videos and your and your pictures appreciate it appeared yet thanks on the thanks to you guys are watching as well we've got a complete write up of the entire festival story. On the website ABC news accounts ago they're for the full back story an apple statement Edmonton thanks as they went on the back here again real soon for now I'm on the.

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{"id":47089499,"title":"Luxe festival leaves attendees disappointed","duration":"13:05","description":"'Fyre Festival' in the Bahamas promised popular music artists and a luxury experience, but attendees like Hallie Wilson were surprised to find something quite the opposite.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/luxe-festival-leaves-attendees-disappointed-47089499","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}