How to Make Valentine's Day Chocolate

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks with Godiva chef Thierry Muret about how to make Valentine's Day chocolate.
17:38 | 02/10/17

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Transcript for How to Make Valentine's Day Chocolate
Hey everybody on and the odds here live in New York sounds I'd say it's just. Three days away do not panic we have an answer for you right here if you don't know what you're getting your sweetheart wearing Godiva and joined by connivance executive Shas. Chef Terry me and I think you some good morning thank you having us here I should say. Welcome. It's it's it's pretty soon its it not me it's coming it's here. And you are going to give us some tips some ideas for folks if they don't know what they're getting these are some classic things you can get for your sweetheart and also some fun. Doing it here right yet absolutely. And you see through the first thing. Saddam times here strawberry and by the classic great chocolate dipped strawberries so weak and nobody does them better than it. We do novels. So we have beautiful like amongst them sort respect you connect you to. Do that earth yet in good part about it. So the first thing we have our dark chocolate right here. And stand for and everything so the first thing that lately to do is to dip to strawberry in. Give a little chocolate that this forever. News you have a little. To cut details. Soon and police and. No drips I just want to point out into the grips on the floor we were we will get them and knows what he's doing. Soul so white he's one of the best sellers forget that and this is something everyone thinks that every season I hit the tipster. It's eight Sinatra all he knew he had to freshness to the strawberry you know the red column for Saddam time is a chart which very passionate food. So yes it's it's the classic between animals which operates in more. And especially me was bound to. And we can talk with applicable that day. Now this is dark chocolate you re a using dark chocolate right here do you recommend darkening his other one it depends a few preferences. We do dark meal wines. I'm in the dark chocolate lover. Sold darkest my perfect. Chart. Now what you can do another firming not doing that their Soviet we're changing rulers here tonight yes. So we are going to give this were real little bats right. And how hopefully in there you go. Then we have the little tale. You could detail and you place at the lemont look. The OK that. New line unit since that's not been out here Thursday. I would not be vetted and prevent a little bit later because. This place smells amazing. But to say classic about time is right that something you every year including your youth and with that 29 years three to nine years for the company yes when it don't think most people now. There's a lot of that goes into new things you guys you because you're constantly making new. Salukis who basically lost you be created forty new products in the market. Which equates to Rahm. Nutrients that if progress. Yet. And that the place it's one of the company and its use anxious. Myself. To actually create new products all the new products that can scene shifts. And yes you the science behind it because mind. By on the site industry. And that came into canary as if they eatery. And out of chemist and cute top. Well now finish my studies and then she's the king here in the states. And it to us you know built the once he do you want to start with me. And that's it you know these days I don't rating watch so I went for an apprenticeship. Two years and then 61. Sphere and states such jobs. Thanks to your sister. Side anchor every single hit into it. Because this is really a passion fruit and passion that material means it's up to teaching them. The two shoes to. Children. It's a very complex food it's between. They are congregations that came to between the depths of defeat chocolates now. Complex view making chocolate. And steel OK so you to hit. How do you even come up because you guys come up with new recipes and flavors every season. Where do you even come up with the ideas for. Yeah a lot of people ask me that 29 years creating new product it's hundreds and content to suppress. And well every shelf has basically. The point where he's looking to and from meets fashion and I'm following fashion. And I'm taking inspiration from corruption case you have a long look asking her to between fashion and food in general. And so I'm looking into big designers and collars to rule you would mood of all do. To dresses. To suits and things of that then he's community took perspective on the following years. So every veteran chefs are looking -- science industry to peca inspiration. Meaning and delicious inspiration it is to you're gonna show us another special thing. That you guys are doing this season right yes I actually. Specialty that they these special what you guys here since then picked up a Valentine day come early morning. Though. So. What's he going to do you would be. Is this is a typical game should they so it's heavy cream and chocolate. But what they do here is that would be happy. Inside so it's my baby connection can and we are going to end up. With a little piecing this head. Yeah I. And me and we had more to decorate it can't it Blackberry connect chocolate and she too bluntly chocolate goodness kindness of basically ten between we've I would Richard. And I would retreats very very particular was seen margin. From the region. And has about the off read Dave you know Sen lurking to sign it and it's a very helpful. Origin. You can taste when you eat chocolate taste all those things in the chocolate. It I just days jock who I love it signaling button. It's like one. Actually you know if you go forward. To exit from the jail to. You know you you can find differences in the genes were wary that its simplest. Case that we can pencil where it's coming from. Which kind of to be documentation and you you have a lot of differences used to like eating chocolate even Stuart but that he trumpeted its in the day you knew. We have that in com and it is good that every single day you can tag between ten to sixteen pieces. I don't need to fool peas I teased over on the do you have a favorite. Different pieces I do have a favorite. It for me it's so it inspires us and it's wrong. It's a very hopeful ones at the air some of products he eats. It's you that's covered. In here. I never describe chocolate that sophisticated detonated makes it. And what it eat it much more look at the clock as Devoe reviewing so basically. I preach cut some of the in ashes here. And but we that you like ladies you rule it out and the need to cookie cutter yet. It. They're gonna sell ambulances here. So this is again ash itself and we put a little problem of trauma. And yes we are using Yahoo! Canada like this. And just good true it. It. And then you have department. And then. To that did it on the cold side. That. Hearing yet and you can. So we're pretty this issue in then you have to shape as you have here. And in. This video it recovered manners and way alone you can serve it bill. Yeah it's very soft. But treaty to presume to moisture of the finance and defeat and also making a few combination. Between chocolate and the connection itself. Fortunately you conference took him so you see me get this one. It is to use force. We have really particular force. And we're going to do the same thing as we did we fluent strawberry is we weren't books that did this. That we did bill. Seoul. And yet we go fishing. You. And there's been good. So you see we happen to make it since grew. We can do to you try not to that. But. Unity. Is that and then we start date leading. And the Eagles who special little hearts. We've eaten so basically this is why chocolate. But you put attachments from its piece of plastic vehicle than we've caller. And then when the talked with his stick with the country had extracted callers and design. And that stays on them and you. Cindy. Laura pattern yet there so this is as in phone time to manic. And you know you could stop here but it's pretty plain. So what's being we can do is to write on its. To personalize. Because they seem valentines you'll regain like -- he's in chalking it solvable she and so nothing changes he named personalize it perfect for yet. So. I am going to. My assistant U greens and white chocolate. And and this. Whole effort to bring it up. Yet. City. Who just want. So this is what he called. For Corning. So basically took time if it's a piece of parchment paper. And then. Full list. And this is that fit you make here and I am I make no now beaten. This is so pen and paper basically the papers chocolates and this is dependent. Now an imminent. You can't you can hear means we can we can make this and compete in NATO alone you want to try to meet me. He noted that an apron on me because radio I was gonna make a match that number. Have. The rear room so you foot actually. Tom when you won't cute and we wanted to and until this under the yet no no active. Yes they go. The again the ego almost there. Here. It that. It's simpler than that yeah. It didn't get away and yet winning doesn't matter and you go. And. And it. But don't think that they won't be a little too weak and perfect perfect. And you know you can eat his food the creation of any. Absolutely. Opted this destroy our very opposite when the act. Olson that OK OK now that built that white chocolate we wage them. It. And can you need. Couldn't do. An indicator. To being a and then general yet trying yet. It it is kind of getting going yet right. Is. If so we owe me I'll say it completely set. An. It happens that quickly. When you talk it is well temperate yes. The chalk if he's not we'll tamper. It will notes that. So. I think that you ladies do ancient fairy. ABC personalize chocolate we should have these in the office everyday anyway so didn't let me do an act. So that means who. Yeah. Now how hard is that you got to have her really steady hands. To get mad as yeah very thin line. It is a thirteen nine and their creations that generally fairly to. Since its nine Atlanta Ludwig pocket and hand soaring. Totally OK with it you see Manama on mine field is that I can eat my war. He did you I eat this hagel. Beautiful. Definitely. A I. War. Old. Yeah. Lou. That that is that is an easing. That is. And it. Yep yep yep. The Y talk it is going to be a little bit switch yet. Yeah and that's okay that this is. Chocolate Blackberry in Austin in the dark chocolate and dark chocolate white chocolate beautiful decorations. With it remotely chocolate. Top heart that if the duplicate. So this is actually a. But at that it. This severely Ortiz in the Guinness. So it's 50% heavy cream 50% child with and then diapers and. They. News that could. Yet because it's activity it's actually not the flavoring it's like to be below blackberries. That. The did it. You do well thank you so much that you and what might happen people out there as they go out. Apps aren't so eating chocolate. To pick a top expert for Valentine's Day which people look. I think that you need to look for four you know and establishment. You need to new you part. I think that's very important reconnaissance a gift okay. Also evolve yourself he does this addiction that something that you share you know it's a little indulgent. That can sit down (%expletive) together. So you need also to can be concluded it would you okay. You need to know what you part of my ex what you line and then you know that's descent of the conversation here like this these this. Look at the complex two days at the depth of this. For example we have pints applause. As a connection. And it's all evolved from deserts in thinks that. Talking bulletins are routine food it's doable no it's it's a joy. It's not just sitting down consuming you know it's seen here Saddam T can't you glass of wine hate you. This'll. So much more than just chocolate chips they're human. Thank you so much for having and here acted I haven't guys thanks for joining us. And have a happy Valentine's Day from all of us at ABC news yet have its mountains that line.

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