Man sues date for $17 for excessive texting

Brandon Vezmar told her "it's driving me a little nuts."
0:47 | 05/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man sues date for $17 for excessive texting
This guy for Texas who filed a lawsuit after a bad day for the guy on that date was Brandon doesn't marquis met a woman and you've been dating after fumble and then. He says Citigroup say but inside the theater all she did was text friends. Well Brandon says that. When he told her to take it outside she left and never came back and now she now he's suing her for seventeen dollars and 31 cents a price of the movie tickets. At this point decided to file a lawsuit here's why no personal responsibility. It was the friend. It was a phone it was you. Nonsense you lawsuit calls her behavior during the day a threat to civilized says is that any wheel she says his behavior made her feel uncomfortable and she claimed. She got out of there for her own safety.

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{"id":47488020,"title":"Man sues date for $17 for excessive texting ","duration":"0:47","description":"Brandon Vezmar told her \"it's driving me a little nuts.\"","url":"/Lifestyle/video/man-sues-date-17-excessive-texting-47488020","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}