National Ice Cream Month: Thai-inspired ice cream rolls

ABC News' Brad Mielke tries uniquely flavored ice cream rolls from "10 Below."
17:48 | 07/07/17

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Transcript for National Ice Cream Month: Thai-inspired ice cream rolls
Hey guys I maybe he's right milky and guess what it is national ice cream month if you did not know that already. Circle your entire month and the calendar. We're here in New York City. Explain some of the best ice cream places this great city has to offer. It's something that maybe you'll find every basically decided to start here will be guiding you wrote some ice cream places throughout the month. Was to have this place is called ten below we're here in the lower east side Christi with eighty that is so different from so many other ice in places around New York so. Let's say hi I'm Brad Naples and its need to Wilson you aren't the you're the co-founder of ten below lights. Absolutely so we are I would say the original. Roll ice cream tides buyer will I think stellar and you're tying inspired. Rolled icing we'll hear a little bit more exactly what that is just a few moments but first of all. How did you guys decide to end up opening up and ash content you're young guy you were telling me earlier you grew up in Chinatown. How does how does a guy like you have this thing open up nice and that's the list so. It's an interesting story my brother and I and his best friend we're all. And he was about I'll. And at his graduating it's crazy. Want to bring this high inspired and cardinals Europe wrote a girl with. And right when he graduated human connection. He did I would say everything in his power to avoid. That it won't be an accountant wanted to make I think. You know next thing you know some money and need originally were from Warner rate kind of and are first or actually in. Right at Rutgers program now and it's something. Months. Bring back Stewart mean all. He graduated. With opening in next you know real. I'm looking would you mind showing us exactly what you mean by clients fire rolled ice cream what you have. Mono have a second out. So we're here in the lower east side of Manhattan. A place that is filled with funky spots funky graffiti actually all of at least and if you guys look around you will see. Some graffiti inspired drawings here in the store. And so Wilson. What we look at what's gone on we have we have these big. It's the pizza place here we got this guy who's that's all right so we got is hopefully in the submarine in the evening in ours I got general matters theater games in of the company today. N David Wang. And Wilson's hand here RI. Over and news and make you one of our original flavor that one of our classic early and it payment and that's our primary. He started shouting. Operation out shouting so that's yeah write those in need here are very well and Graham cracker vote again use Rex you know it is one of our. And that's something that we we. While I've. OK let's check it out Kazaa and I'm so confused because usually I go to asking shop I expect him. Pockets I expect people to be scooping things accounting a lot of flat surfaces so walking through what's going on absolutely. One of the only extra stuff that actually makes all of our ice cream fresh ourselves. Every morning we make some are no our sugar our cream and that period that the public may yet. And that's what we do we at fresh ingredients in the plane and ice cream. And by making it this way you get like that relief crash. Anything really pain yet from your traditional turned you know from him and you know. So fresh and so clean I have also David Lyons you particularly here what's happened. Are you know with the ingredients for an on the hopefully it out and then arm I think Maine go right bill. Alas that is just lit wins sugar cream and sent straight Lawrence and fall is I think this life and life. I see it thickening up right now OK so we're gonna that having let alone full of just thankful Graham cracker and rules. He's mixing the audience right now actually happening in the I think that snow has learned in the form. And because it wants them quickly you know really smooth really and it. Quality generally how hopelessness. This is at least negative ten victory. And that's where the negative ten degrees hence the ten below opening up. Okay why that's really cool with that light stick your hand to and get stuff. Things and fifty. My digital accidentally that whatever you do just don't think you're. And him not going to be that we don't want it to become Christmas story. Michael situations. With. He'd hear some noticed that the storm very. He's been broken up I don't even see the Graham cracker anymore and so I guess you're saying it's it's also the police in the science and Albany and yet you look at that you fools. Robbery Pollard. And what he's doing now he's actually flattening out the surface he's actually preparing for the role of and soon this is something that you found in Thailand this is something that is how people. Here ice cream in Thailand saw that they eat at what was that would spoon off of this metal plates on that actually. Almost like. High land street. You'll see these. On this. And then now we'll. Valassis rolling island up like this. Oh wow. And he's actually do especially or and a fitted. Clinton did this inhibits if Kelly you guys that are here is to anyway role in the south Ward's general manager ten below. And this is this specific style high what you're saying Wilson's three through. You'll see on the streets there were people bring in around these kind of place and we wanted to but I'm using the freshness and all natural ingredients really kind of bringing out that. Equality. We put this together. All right so that's so that we. We have these roles now have is that a figure what to do it now. And everything and make this in brits found out his arm lawful or not David thank you. What is this talk I mean is this is not look like toward the idea was almost like arm but. What would be a tradition here it's that we may. Are all out hate that are. I know people just either. Like like stuff like that gets on. Philip toppings you oh Alia toppings to work with here wait what are we what Lou what we have what my I'll homeless it toppings run. This march. Policies Max. I and and Elliott caretaker and Graham crackers Oreo. Salt pretzels. 36 he's a study period as editor in there and that's melt together chocolate. Aaron. With green bananas strawberries. Blackberries blueberries and Ruth. It's got to sprinkle again a Honeybee. Fruity Pebbles and we got granola I get way I'd have to try some fruity couple's statement every. I definitely recommend a little bit of strawberries topping two ways about that flavor together some of that through of the man. Excellence and a media. What what you know sauces you think we're well. What do you think David is there any particular thought you think that pairs lawlessness. Hilton was the middle. We'll sprinkle a condensed right excellence and now you're cutting out just like that you recall this school by the way what is the so there's an accident that. It is I'll roll up yes that slightest thinking of like like some have insurer construction. Worker reviews as far as he's exactly get a year's bachelor. Oh wow look at that dress and that's no little. Ground. To bring flavors together. Yes. There you go there we go guys that this is the creation. That we may hear our first strawberry show you top go. With chops strawberries. Condensed milk Aaliyah and review so let's take a little. Mind if I battle my lit up oil. What's the most of that you were shopping. Assumed it would be a lot more like. Something really smooth. History have sleep you know its interest thing getting it when you and this love and find. It's when you. Will the ice cream very quickly all all that truthful about well overall super streamlined. Favorite kind of spread out get through get really creamy smooth texture that you can't yet normal fare. Pocket so that'll chemistry lesson there all right well you guys is a special day because not only. Is this national ice cream month. But this is also ruled chocolate day so there's basically a day for anything in this points and actual topic days in October but I don't world stock today is today which is grace's disease high inspired ice cream some wondering. And my haven't chocolate recipe that we could share with people and how. Absolutely so what we do you have you can do you want to there really kind of classic flavor nap Harris Moore caller yes. Without chocolate Graham cracker and hey Brad you wanna. Give it a try at making your own I think yes I knew what you guys as a little boy. I grew up and I was like you know some day I want to be able to roll my own. Thai inspired rolled ice cream and that this is a big moment it's really beat him senseless a look at some oh yeah. I think that's probably. And you know just to protect myself and make months to. Also think it's a family recipe here or August and okay. So. Related we're we're suit now. We're gonna make some more. Rolled ice cream you guys I gotta warn you I'm not very crafty so I'm. David I'm really going to be relying on you guys for some wherever outlet is your friend I'd be very. Things and let him get the another cup. And so if you're just joining us by the way you're sort ten below its nice shot. In in lower Manhattan. And we'll send you actually saying that this is not the only location because backs expendable yeah. Athletes or up the for a location now virginal at the kind of Alli effort to cut about flagship location right on Allen street along route ninety off stop on. On thing mark street right on think mark. And we have one in Washington well to a New York all new York and we actually have seen these stories coming up there we have one opening up an LA and one opening up the buildings. Create a so ice cream. Coast of books you guys Billy LA watch ourselves fluctuates lines this. Sock it also would just as as did agree to stop here we took the whale I see on your hats. Yup wall yet though that's our own. Little so what it actually is it's a normal. Our walls and horrible. When are all live and ice cream cone. Yeah Dan that's been our. Adopt the look that we. And what we'll do it a lot pulling. You animal. On the evening film they clearly. Well offered. Really good ice. You're reading it out. A well liked it here first thing you're gonna grabbing brilliantly. The former. The fun that they. Very unhappy over here to begin the beginner level. Here. It was it provides. Aren't so we got this this is really cold OK and safely again did it take Nick Graham cracker from. From cubs right in the middle. And that you're gonna grab the chocolate syrup stopped Sarah right on the right here. They'll tell you much. Our yeah Larry go. And then we're getting it from our regret and there OK so we've got it's more materials now and here's. I sprained right so the key to making the experience and make sure that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan that's what the fat. Board of taxi and straight from the bottom picture does that. And that has it starts to form what you gonna do it when it gets a little solid. Pianist art breaking up the Graham crackers. Cash so they don't you get started to see her life. First little chunks here baby's first ice cream shops. It's very good just. Bowl oh wow aren't really sprayed underneath that. Hi this kind of shop in Oakland again bring it altogether and from one ball right in the middle of excellence. This I'll fall. And that's a guy who knows he's doing that it's good at what it I don't see any difference in our techniques here at all. Cantonal time this. A guest. I'm gonna help you out Brooklyn yes where is. We're gonna make an honest they threw me at all in the middle and then once you gonna gonna get it only through middlemen bowling them. And a flat out again tall enough well. Break smooth. Like candy necklaces and now that you got the ingredients more left kind of incorporated together more lives in Afghanistan are spreading it out and this squared that I like. OK let's spread it out. It's just like. This is your master class you guys. In ice cream spreading. And roll it. And you wanted to look just slightly. No ICI they basically see no difference now at that so he got very proud of myself. Excellence David how long have you been events. Hit two years all right see you guys this is probably answer this is exactly. Why it's David probably what has looked like. Like last week. Feel like you have most of that now these things that I guess like she did this customer out of some extra ice cream in the stock to my spouse. Great now. Looks pretty good thing and it looks yummy thirty enough emails you know. It looks like once it reached this. Analyst Elvis not with there we'll. Good. Of the. Right now that yet oddly against yes okay. Stallone leading. And a little roll down. Our lol hey good at. Yet there. We go live like that is the carafe the you all know him. Thanks. It's very vastly when someone has to start your role warrior in Nevada so all right so we got our roles here we're gonna. Wrap this up quickly so. Rowling's up. We got our son warm against him right in this. Container right here. That's what we thank you very much go. Our I. In nice and I supersize you know people always complimented me on my crafting skills how nice the sort of aesthetically pleasing. David plank topped his so mobility classic Graham cracker. That is Israel right here so. We have our. We are Graham crackers we got our marshmallows you guys we're gonna wrap it up right now I think so. What else goes in here by the way. The normally what we topped it with it is within marshmallows and a little element fired endangered our food radiance here. OK and there you go all right so that is really Ellis put that in a pretty good looking one that. Also you mine but at that we've put the final touches on this. He has where ten below ice cream and lower east side of Manhattan here around here you should check it out. You'll hopefully get serve something a lot nicer than this and here on what chocolate day you can even yes. Chocolate recipe like that. It wasn't ham that's David Lang. I've read they'll be even Watson some ice cream making some really cheesy stuff here in Phoenix.

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{"id":48507442,"title":"National Ice Cream Month: Thai-inspired ice cream rolls","duration":"17:48","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke tries uniquely flavored ice cream rolls from \"10 Below.\"","url":"/Lifestyle/video/national-ice-cream-month-thai-inspired-ice-cream-48507442","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}