How to prioritize quality screen time during the pandemic

Angela Santomero, Emmy-award winning creator and executive producer, offered expert advice on managing screen time for kids this summer.
2:57 | 05/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to prioritize quality screen time during the pandemic
Well as the school year comes to a close and summer activities have been canceled. Many parents are concerned that the summer will not lessen the amount of screen time their kids are getting so here to talk about. Prioritizing. Quality screen time is Emmy award winning creator and executive producer of shows like Daniel tiger's neighborhood and Blue's Clues we have Angeles Santa marrow with us Angela thanks so much for joining us we certainly appreciated and we all know now more than ever our kids are using screens for everything for school for recreation for connecting with their friends and family. What is too much screen time in these times. Yeah such a complicated question right I get paid everything on the quality of the media you know we always talk about that we're eating our kids bring aids with the media that there consuming just like we're feeding their bodies with the food that we're giving them and so the idea eating too much broccoli isn't it. So the idea that in consuming really good quality media is also something that we have to take it to consideration that week. Know what to look for that we know what our kids are getting out of it that we can also Allen sat right at an hour of screen time is an hour. Off screen time and not is the hope whenever we're creating shows is that we're viewing and do you write more inspiring kids by the media that we have. Didn't collapse high and change the world has asked us contestants stakes of course I. The idea that we're getting them out and moving in reading and you know practice things in kindergarten readiness skills due to not play there are you know all of these things that they get Darren pass and I with McCartney. Then can you talk to us about using media vs letting it use us. I love that right is vastly and that in the and ten I pray with all of the on demand programming we can actually choose the shows are hits at the most. He just didn't choose certain episodes aren't as afraid of the tar if our kids are getting. Nervous about something there's a tenant to hang out tiger strategies that we keep each using. A Sharon episode but say and that having a conversation about it and we also talk about you know these are your kids friends and aren't they let's make sure first of all that there your friends that you want for your and it's that if you open the living room he opened the front door that clearly these are kids you want to have a perfect generics so is Daniel tiger somebody like that and he'll payment talking about it while the team will do you know having those conversations about media only access -- -- learning how I met and right now. You know we really want to continue to Arkansas capital Larry we want to really kind of motivate them to do things that they're excited about doing whether it. Playing the piano just playing whether that's you know picking up box whether it's right -- So this is the kind of thing where we're worried about the summer slump we're worried about. What we can be doing and we can use educational media to deep fat to have well. I mean if it's incredible what you've been able to create and we certainly as parents thank you for all that you've done Angeles 10% over thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you so let's.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Angela Santomero, Emmy-award winning creator and executive producer, offered expert advice on managing screen time for kids this summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"70789091","title":"How to prioritize quality screen time during the pandemic","url":"/Lifestyle/video/prioritize-quality-screen-time-pandemic-70789091"}