Sheryl Sandberg warns of #MeToo backlash

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Facebook COO's warning that the #MeToo movement will create backlash against working women.
4:53 | 12/04/17

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Transcript for Sheryl Sandberg warns of #MeToo backlash
So Facebook coo Cheryl P Sandberg who wrote a book called lean in she said she's worried about a backlash against the me too movement because men will be scared to hire women for fear of a sexual harassment claim. Are guys going to take a page from Mike pence and every day will be take your wife to workday. I don't know. I think the wives can be harder sometime. People are now P worried that men will say these women are bringing lawsuits. Let's not hire them. You've L think that's going to happen? I don't think so. I can't imagine that. The answer is not hiring women. The answer is don't sexually harass them. I had this conversation with several male friends who say we work in a law firm or work in a hospital. How many doctors marry nurses how many lawyers marry colleagues or assistants. I think men are nervous. I told my boyfriend every picture you take from now on I want you like this. I don't think that's a good one. No? It looks like you're -- never mind. He should be like this maybe. Nobody would buy that. I have the same concern. I said to Manny when you're examining a female patient or any patient you bring a nurse in the room with you. What kind of doctor is he? Orthopedic surgeon. He has to check people's hips. It's close to everything. I think you should tell him -- Whole thing is riddled with danger. Well if you get a massage there's only a massage therapist with you. My god. When I was at a law firm I was dating a fellow associate, same level. My father said for him it's a conquest. For you it's professional suicide. I dated a guy for four years. I thought at the time he was over thinking it. I was like sweetie come on. He did. I think that's smart if you disclose it. I think is so many times -- at New York we live at our jobs. I didn't have time outside of work. You've meet people at work. Before the internet that's how you met guy. Don't you think it's dangerous for people to date at work. We hear rumors in offices where people date a long. I think those days are long gone. I would not touch this right now for a lot of different reasons. It might be P career P suicide. It wasn't career suicide for Mika and Joe Scarborough. The relationship I had if I sat in a room and was questioned it was in line with my integrity. Isn't it the power dynamic. If you're dating someone at the same level that's one thing. But if you're dating your supervise or -- Just that there has to be something there T. Right now it's at the pid. Any ink unit to dip in is not the kmacompany ink. When you get called into hr, I don't think that is over. There's all this talk about consent the which I think is a great topic. If I were in college I might have this legal document P signed that this was consensual. I like that. Download legal form app. Let's do that. Cheryl P Sandberg's point there is a difference between hiring women and being respectful. Bringing an intern into your office and pulling down your pants, come on. Come on is right. What about holiday parties. They say they're eliminating holiday parties. That's where you make your move. I love holiday parties. The drinking. Nothing good happens. Why would you have missile toe at a holiday party. We'll be right back. We gotta go. ???

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Facebook COO's warning that the #MeToo movement will create backlash against working women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"51567066","title":"Sheryl Sandberg warns of #MeToo backlash","url":"/Lifestyle/video/sheryl-sandberg-warns-metoo-backlash-51567066"}