Sports cards see a resurgence during the pandemic

ABC News’ Linsey Davis and ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, an avid card collector, discuss why sports cards have become more popular in recent years and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
6:23 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Sports cards see a resurgence during the pandemic
Welcome back everybody this spring was certainly a long one for many of us especially for sports fans the pandemic bringing the entire sports world to complete halt. It's crush many businesses but the business of sports card collecting is on the rise once again especially in the age of covad. So find out what's behind the card come back in with some help from our own political director Rick Klein who took little time to share his impressive collection. As well as his knowledge and love of the hobby. These are my treasures accumulated over over many years a collecting fuel might have blinders boxes or even an entire room Lou Gehrig Joseph DiMaggio. Favorites for many there are relics although buying Gunn Aaron. But sports card collecting is having a moment. And becoming even more popular during the coded nineteen pandemic in what people back to collecting a try to do something that is secretly into their holding a travel for shops like sports car junction in Pittsburgh had been busier than ever. Business has absolutely exploded better there's a lot of fresh faces that we're seeing on a seat daily we see you people are sort. It's certainly not a new hobby this one's from. 1887. The best player of the of the nineteenth century card collecting exploded among the. A boomer generation in the fifties and sixties. And then again a couple decades later when those boomers and their children started collecting in the eighty's and ninety's. Companies like tops Mimi America and upper deck. Helped sports card trading take off but with the dawn of the Internet age that business changed and card collecting became less popular as stores started closing up. And church one each wanting. The first time in modern history when all sports were shut down for months due to the pandemic. Many fans found their fixed by rediscovering the timeless hobby. As we all found ourselves inside with. You know who may be no sports on martini is. Release was a lot of people looking to top as a way to really feel that connection between themselves in the game and themselves and their favorite players. EBay reports at basketball cards specifically are on the rise. With a 130%. Increase in sales in the beginning of the pandemic from the end of 2019. Michael Jordan cards surged just after the release of the last dance in April. He had a perfect storm of the Michael Jordan documentary. In which that was so does 1090. Bomb in new pet it's like art and I remember X. Don't and in China Isiah Thomas Carter Michael Jordan in it didn't go back now and see how cool these art art. But he afford coded nineteen the sports card industry had been trending up over the past few years we were coming off one of the best years and 2019. And so. It's really exciting to seed at momentum continuing to 120. A growing number starting to see the financial benefits that come with having. Spent 23 million dollars and never actually see the cards the quiet beach and doctors safe deposit box and it stays parents who are ready to sell it. Each warning Tony alone to LeBron James cards and again is on Tito Kugel card each sold for more than a million dollars. And it 2009 might Trout cards sold in August for a record three point 84 million breaking a record once held by AT 206 hone his Wagner card. They're buying foreign investment purpose because they believe is gonna go Dick also are legitimately trophy hunting. It will keep that's. And there's more to it than just having the car its many of the top sellers cultural grating process with companies like PSA in Beckett. To make sure their cards are in top condition when a grade from one to ten driving the value and how. People who don't need to worry about is this real not real is this man is dishonest you'll want to chance it sued exit at ten. Another reason for renewed interest YouTube and online video platforms. Card buyers pool their money for something called a box break. Where you can watch online is those boxes are opened it revealing the cars inside helping one of them is a big hit. Hi are a Luka. The room. Gigantic. Hit into reality it brought tens of thousands of people hundreds industry who wouldn't be here if they ought to brace had a. Jones connecting outlying Arab street being with each other forums on social media watching life are free on YouTube you name it. That's among the most enthusiastic of card collectors is our very own political director Rick Klein that's from the first major tops issue Willie Mays his rookie card Hank Aaron. Giving us some pointers if your collection looks like this. You know these cards like this from the from the ninety's. The eighties if you're not a millionaire taking us on a tour of his mini museum what's great about this hobby the people that I met the connections that made. Knowing that this is something that I've done with my brother with my father it gives me a connection to a younger version of me. A to a sport that I love to a hobby that I love. And this Belgian inducing hobby rooted in tradition. But still balding with today's cards featuring new designs needed including autographs and memorabilia that's a piece of an Andy Pettitte Jersey. Can almost make up the K. He cured him. The cards captured distinct moments in time one of the top selling cards of the year doctor Anthony found choose opening day first pitch. I think they get in a favor by getting that particular picture we know where the ball went after that. It was not pretty that that that type this is pretty kind Anthony doubt seek now he doesn't deserve it. So what is it keeps us coming back to cards there's no age limits you can be are you could be hundred someone who's collecting million dollar cards still has something in common with someone you might only get to spend spend hours on a cart. He's just a court of people I've met me was able to get autograph and personally cal Ripken the real value. He's found in more than just the card itself the persistence of baseball part in this digital era. It's something special because Padilla today you are just talking about a piece a carport. Sometimes a flashier shiny one with with something something else putting it. But again today having that king and having it means something I think is pretty special. A throwback to yesteryear are making a resurgence our thanks to Rick Klein.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis and ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, an avid card collector, discuss why sports cards have become more popular in recent years and during the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"73868651","title":"Sports cards see a resurgence during the pandemic","url":"/Lifestyle/video/sports-cards-resurgence-pandemic-73868651"}