Top tech toys of the holiday season

The Toy Insider's CEO previews some of the top tech toys for the holidays.
8:30 | 09/27/17

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Transcript for Top tech toys of the holiday season
Hey everybody I'm in a nod here in New York all right take note here are the top. Tech toys. You need to know about right on down into the winter gonna need to get for every when you love. This coming up polity sees an arc toy insider Laurie tactics here where that you have called these. Tech is not just for adults now tech is not just for adults and when we will only chose art tech twelve list we weren't looking for technology we have we haven't seen before we weren't looking for the coolest of the cool. Grant way so. Com and anything to do this a lot of tech toys that a tech toy isn't necessarily a toy that just has. A battering rain right it does something that we just haven't seen that's exciting. So get on ads and wow factor. Like this. Some fiscal or that this is around and I'm going to control this I just using my hand it's called gesture bot X. So it now salute my drone who can normally be wearing his glove to. But what I'm going to do is first and going to take off. And MI hold my hand flat. And here's are down so notice that the only thing I'm doing is moving my hand a little bit cooler. Plenty thank you do want more cool thing of Rhineland it. Now hunt let. 80 yeah yeah Riddick and then we'll. Yeah. I laugh at the things in a moment. Just like this and he didn't even hear it couldn't be easier so it's really really cool kids are gonna have a lot of I'm thankful actually don't want to button polished to get it to let me is a lot of interference in here some time to get a little bit are being held on. What an Oracle for a bar for a Aaron program that might seekers and so this is a whole Kimi experience. This is at an action and it's built to play on it to ice and I'm gonna move this out of our way all right and what you look at satellite seekers we have these action figures. Sony dvd Iceland's I want to look at the DT it's really really cool. And you're about this game right there and this is your controlling. There's no minors there's no big east there's nothing except do you and a game ready ready. So now you're gonna don't game you're gonna this is your controllers who you are going to diet crying and dwindling thinking needling you read into things you eat you'll hear him saying different things. I. Actually different accessories that you put on to these action figures. Each one level you'll be able to do different things he you don't against England and Italy Canada. And are at. I think this. And no cattle at the scene and rescue haven't seen anything like it before there and then also cards indicated stick lacked. And of course not only added that the trading but there's codes on here so it helps them live in two like secret in light steam apparently. Don't look convenient when it comes to looming around forever and this is called teaching them so what happens is we are Bluetooth connected to powered device. And now every time YouTube programming your design every time I'm using this excellent three I hit. Fear action figures had sent an angry and what happens is some of these low rates and some of them again and now I can actually. I disconnected. I finally design through he air I can see what's going on. This will raise the spirits that I need to grow old under. So are playing to her daughter Dorian and Easter it will means but actually talking to each other to help you to detailing how didn't get it or ego in me. Looking awfully nice and I love arts and crafts and jewelry making it their own desire and talent to bracelet or frankly her book Marchionne yet and it really assistant doing because. Yes it you don't except for adults to. Having had a absolutely right this Nixon wanted to be here and I bet 21 century kids bad this. It's called east of balance and eat balancing. So again I'm gonna show you that we're connected to happen and I haven't eagle on here to take an ace. It's why didn't think here you'll see this code each soleil touch. And now I'm gonna put it on time there are okay and now I put it on top. So you what you wanna do is balance fees as high as you can. We're seeing skiing and eat and you can ski and other things the pitcher. Now a I'm thinking the smaller be a candidate is incidental or even your handling this and what you're gonna get now it's something green new little sort of mix up your creations. Action migrate that so and what happens is let's babies belong. Eight gives you a certain amount of time to try and recreate your world reading older we're all set to. Reading it it's great for everyone it's great for the kids it's great for adults beginning about unlocked tonight scales. Beat the balance east. A balance they like yeah. I love like always ago but haven't seen when likeness K this is Lego boost so what happens is there's different ill I have the robot this guitar. They're thick hat. But kids are building it and we are connected to an accident just mark had that reduced in. And it's tough it actually takes kids into the adult so it helps to together and then kids are using. Drag and drop technology to bring it creation to get it's down to movement and really bring it to life. App helps cities yet had held that are taking control are handing everything that they want and think decoding its basic coding so we're. Smart and to get more advanced they can not get sounding here hell actually talkback listen so we only really eat. Fat in an elderly prisoners learn inner and and these are not easy either looking for public event that Aaron Texas. Always that way then denying any way Laurie I want you to love that Allah and lots of them. So these are the most. Amazing baby dolls he ever seeing that we plane went into metal that when we start with and they only that. They learn thousands of words they have thousands of movements and sounds. I tickle his feet he'll start laughing a lot. Let saying I yeah. Now. This is next. Level this dollar play okay and learn when they look actually learn slacks here's his land even going. He land me. And Nike cap it's interesting because we've been playing with him a little bit more in the office yeah she is still talking a lot of bad. I get in this bottle. With it is mountains. And he actually locking on. Now I mean when did you let beyond as a monument hasn't asked yet I was you can put my children to sleep let kids don't lack. Stop. Okay that's the lead. At continental bank nobody bothers me. Outlet Manny acting like your real baby usually goes right to suddenly. And the me to see it and that. Have been active. Since this is a great clipper little. Want to play with a doll that that level of interactivity to yes so planned they are amazing. Fat isn't just your top coming Amy do here tend to these it is just you what we haven't hot tech twelve list now can't raise them off. And that is on your website insider dot wow insider dot com guys check it out we'll go there and just go through your whole list friends your holiday shopping in one place. On done for you pylori Shaq actually in Tyler thanks for being here thank Yale and based on you for watching as well tech all the toys. A toy insider not comment and a anytime. The latest headlines for now I'm mom and about both being here and.

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