Walking Tour of The Land Pavilion at Disney's Epcot

ABC News' Genevieve Brown gives a tour of The Land Pavilion at Epcot Center with Les Frey.
43:19 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Walking Tour of The Land Pavilion at Disney's Epcot
Good morning I'm. Well absolutely and billionaire Koch at Walt Disney World as earth. Now this sound exciting but it is exciting wouldn't talk it out. Fruit and vegetables is often greenhouse right behind me. Spirit it's really going to be very safe to come on and let's take a lot behind the scenes. And get your days are scuffed. Prayed every here it is the left side of the political. Here apple isn't well. This morning that everybody Ireland you're more than welcome that'll end here. This is really cool to keep a little bit background on. Everything I'm of the Sharia. When he tired of if he had to sell to people they had nothing. They felt some rounds. And I think that's here but I can get pretty. And that is currently the appointment think backing Saddam in a gap in. Feel they found. And it's important of that when ordered improvements in the economy to provide all of it went to appeal is the support exactly I think I got prieta. So for example across. They're getting the pork. They remove that water anything. Ingrid here. The feeder routes. They're just hanging there in mid air. And throughout the chamber there. Parade route in the route. So I don't know a lot of ruffles prop but it. Pretty. Prostate here and he would get. OK on me and I'm for the kids eat. Good season and butter and editing. That's the short. Stanley. Feeling you get up and when you. They're feeling like I didn't. A good thing. In the evening again to everybody he won't. I watch them. It. Oh yeah and the defense. Believe gonna throw. Stanley from the. It touches you play them what to. But the cool thing about it what. Reached out here were grabbed. Stanley go to sleep. And you know. My 510 minutes Stanley we'll would be real. That credit line at the defense mechanism that. That's actually I think that this is really only take kids into set right Justin metal implants for the science. Had access aren't gambling but check back with me you know I'll you have to feel better all right what are we looking. Richmond and development there would remain an outfielder flowers hurt small and what props. But he's cool about it as he took it went from on the ground right might have wanted to and then burned finally. 30 in the morning if you. Well one of the reasons that you I think it is first pastry. News in this city weren't farmland where where a lot of athletic anywhere. Perfect for the homeowner. A lot of growers are using this producer of fruits and. A packed as people are living in my feet. This guy right here. And out on somebody's plate that's right. Aaron who was the lucky lad that lets lets us keep and I upward is he under went don't know that I found Eleanor island so right here flowers. You know I quit so how about I guess you might see an edible flowers and ourselves we use these you know it's now. If the carnage. They. Rubin and desserts and equipment. And pretty much room. Given have to worry about when people come she's taken toward ever tied. To do so one of the things home. Picture but the plants don't touch the plant that went up on your table except for CN. And they got him but don't touch edible flowers until they're on your plate they want him. Bottlers right now route to getting ready for in the all the flowers. Showing up. There during March. So tell me about the festival there what's what's the movie all kinds of hope here is an exhibits and gardening demonstrations won't go to. This was going on for years yes I know it's more and more popular with every year that happened. What do you attribute that to a just a more and more agency. Not only food but I. I heard anything. Enjoying. Well we're happy get a teacher right now so let's. Carnation have served them I beautiful flowers. Thank her needs and well early side. Garlic chives another thing that would very likely end up in when he your delicious Disney. Deep meals that you would have cared all that he won't. Of course just look the cookbook fresh Rosemary want your right. And I want had to. It's most fantastic it's. Now getting under. View of I don't yeah. My partner with the U. So my buddies right from here for this these are. The fresh every morning right from the great now. It helped us with absolutely dementia. Back to the turnout actually kind of a good question. We recycle your land okay fact we are rated as it through waste facility which means that at least 9% per week. What's the landfill incineration. Footman that their bills. So where we can look at the ice that could literally every every little thing. An American but then they open for chip Mexican hat. You guys are serious. Merger to go and Alan good. Let's keep them. A lot of our guest asked us. This is going home but how we do this it is her backyard on the patio bright happy that I here. So this particular things up on the market. It love it. Her flowers. In the tank of water. There's a little aquarium off and there might benefit thing. Pumped up to black. To hear the top right flows out of there into the fox. Fox. It was from here. The simple model and is therefore Def yes high density last really good long time. A love all the nutrients to triple. Even an elegant five. Home Depot Lowe's is something like that you got to go online and ordered. Everything. So it is let's face a possibility but right now they're watching and it's I think what you believe hurtful with the proper. A particular unit. Very ground particular effort. Of. For example so again those it was well we need to support them. So we got sunshine and water nutrients wire. Aeration aeration parents can rent way to remember that it's once bonds so this is pro life. Your guess your viewers can buy this on line that can go to hardware store and pick it up. This is such evil enemy rather that he did dormant temperament among public. This group provides basically the support that would mean little. I went into that. What they do they spin and unify everything like that texture can. There's little holes in their we'll drop per season of apple. Proceeds will eventually Germany in the girl coming back and he's the one and he's quite well here I went to the crisis. I think that her life and Rockwell at on and I am not a partner by an exception imagination. But people really that they can't. That even someone like me you can't not benefits cut back there are actually an expert Paul. He it would do indeed all of us play. I wonder if you ever think some Plano. Just held it up and I'm trying you know now if not you know what you're not alone and that's definitely one. Planned news yeah. Oh yeah. Right there on the. Let's say you. Right now so you can find them proud moment. I don't quite literally are. We're just floating plants spread on the surface. All the water knew immediately greater lot of don't move your mother pat it's important area to move it hadn't been an active parent and nutrients. And in the plans for the yeah. Maybe they don't have a land number. You know in an attic. Answer for everything. Welcome. And you really don't dinner you. So there's your water nutrients again. There's a little air Butler. They just put on the surface you can do anything on the surface. Something like that as you. Would be ready to harvest. It's amazing rivers. I slamming everyone just look at the little Villa Mickey sheets. Guy right here you guys elements in the dumbest thing. Has magically shut up it's magically sent Monday isn't speaking up. It is very at home. Style. God vegetables. And wine and more. What he. Goes and I left and it hasn't seen something keep cool and. I've heard things I've heard. I know people that are. This is our main production house. And here. What you might find it mercenary company rose. Cucumbers tomatoes and let us. We're demonstrating against the hey big tree in the you're okay and they wanted to grove police underneath it we have these great veterans. Lift visiting merely invites a pay raise and we provide a better life again that they need right here we're Rabin. He has. Okay. Brokerages them. Like I. We're gonna grow up above. Find that you see here. The UK rate in the development fund that's paying here will be about bowling ball and I and yellow. Why the watermelon yellow onions and hope you'll look old yellow dog up very sweet flavor of illnesses like your own personal warm and nice. Yeah I thought I knew what amounts but I did not know there was there. Also what a monsoon. There was one kind of want to know. Talking about water nutrient that government that it plants and here's the good. Water nuclear. Point to. Clinton who. News I'm the water. A I'm coming back to get relief don't know what and when did say Alan back note read a couple months a couple of months. Now you're first greenhouse that those tomatoes eaten this wouldn't mind. They start when bucket. They tell you Clinton's strength. Into the plants and roll it up. Iraqi lives. Look up take divine. Later find out across he's imports. Five minutes. Fullback. We. Down so eventually went through it sentence. Laugh. I think I read that sentence for him and made probably. Record wouldn't tell me that we actually have a world record for the most news. And how many company. Thirty. Thirty human thousand mile and one. What we did it beats him finally. We traded through luxury. We screwed up about eighteen inches I mean plans. Thank that the senate take. Okay we can keep doing it over and over again voted to their Phyllis. When he gets Talbot towards the slim victory. So after thirteen my. Davis 32. It was a big year for tomato lovers here at a what does that I think. Seven years. Hate any plans to try and break your own world record. Never now that they fail they don't really tell you too much thinking he's pretty. We're calling people tomatoes will turn red here very shortly. Makes you so much easier harvest is to integrate and fairness yes. Thousands and thousands. Summer. Ash tray and don't need you know sweetest most important forgot about them. It's. Yes it spirals. Fire Tommy Tommy Watson lifestyles why is that why why that everything going straight up don't heed appliances move. The air base and it's not about to pass something in the early. But this particular one. Beyond amateur. The spiral. We've got a Little Rock for you right mister Fuhrman yes yes he should tell the rocks while sitting here laughing all walk walk walk walk depth at the front it is. Nutrients will be absorbed by the roots and in four weeks. You guys read here. Making there at their debut on someone's plate tags by having him spinning like this. Veterinarians. Have better your book your problems were diseases differently. Yeah it looks really cool is that good. And earlier lamented that yes I beat the NASDAQ the magic of the greet us these are big ticket numbers. The pain in the definitive couple days ago. If we looked all over it rhetoric. Older cue from other OK so can we show those very large funds rate but. Those are about sixty. Either Daniel and those are only six weeks old exactly so that's that's very that's pretty attacks they're going to be we come back and he'll march they're going to be. It's the winner cucumbers are. But the fruit of a gaping. Formally. Replace or cucumber and that formed the slighted them inside. We walk away. We come back about ten to twelve days later I take formal art market camera. As he wanted to look like. At first. Right than you slice it may take some of the lamented yes it does have this mind you. Not so then when you put in a salad. They have very interesting shape I think that the thing that's so you come needed me and there's Mickey's evening seniors out. Cucumbers are so. That's it with you guys taking it like to another level from the mid to him. Couple months ago McKiver. We. Contribution here on the your land of the group. You never know he never knowing that he's different shot and hacked and that's a lot of if you look at you bag and throwing him. We talked about local elected. His bags and things and different. However hospital and that's recycle it. One possible he talked thankfully so what it out there must hope that I have to do with I want to congress they take I think waited up in the private. We've been. And he's a nice lightweight faulty good drainage growing media that's really well. So that our plans for burden and about again. The ordinary. Tropical islands. So fierce and an improbable island you can yarder on he. Right now and. I don't know when we'll. All right let's go this bed bath and an uncle coming up. A letter that I. Immigrant department told this less willing to guess. Oh gosh based on the two legal benefits apparently. These are the result more recent dominance they covet these new drugs the restaurant. Certainly to dinner so when he's even a heart attack. What does that banning all your company the right up we do hope that we box them up. The government restaurants. Are really hear the land that we send in the garden grow some of them. Restaurants and we'll show his America's man. How are they going. Myths defenses arranger and bring back. The water and nutrients flow into this in just a very thin film. All the way down only thing. You got your little plant sitting in the opening night until they have wondered. We plugged arrest in the bottom of the system and others are. Mr. We wanted to write a news turning. Private student. This three. The mark he let that there's a variety slightly different needs. OK yes. As of this and that didn't let him and then what is that perfectly well that uncle Oscar's. And obviously he's moving forward. It's rare to hear this don't listen this small little area we're going to government plans wow. So picture an area where. Maybe some of your viewers. Drought. And a lot of water this system hearing certainly. Right to have the same waters east over at least. It's really important agree it's begun a place like California around west. Yeah yeah. But doing it when I catch Atlantic. Now unfortunately and most like I plan battered and fried but I'm sure it's also delicious but. Our. Look it is all different varieties different shapes different colors. All my gosh these are so. Cool alone. That I Eckstein to register or certain like her background like that kind of like this for what yes. This is definitely. Of their long and skinny and purple OK there's even a sense of a sudden they're shaped orange. There's agreements. So it's like so. What is it dish at a Japanese as they certainly would but experts. Say you're gonna happen like that are not. Would you use it to life went that I see in the Earth's species sees it could devote digital. So what's it like this that you might see when these guys and later Chinese minister Brian mr. Bryant were shredded. I'm march. You. And live over. A man with a plan. And let us it. Oh slop I asked him and it hurt me. Now we talked about books. And I plan on I didn't like I'm about its. Is it offensive it here. And being beneficial insects the insects and there event ahead Monique you can be techtag touching those that these are actually good spider mines. So those bugs crawl out of there under the plan would not go looking for any bets agreement between the attack here crop and grooming operatives. So instead of using chemicals pesticides. Letting them in the. Forests and chemicals and pesticides that these pirates take care that's up to these the good ones. The fat that's right. Of course it's okay that's the accident and ever seen. Slightly different colors. Again Japanese statement now he sees. It. We have it right. In fact you know went I like that you originally planned with white Knight Michael and yes but. I all that right it's. Dishes here. I well well well well what is that you never see what else to hear us. This is cold winter. And winter. Names here. Payments which are. For me okay. After they are there. Under real. And what is likely to Bloomington. You would typically Brothers and someone OK harvest ball. And then you keep it in your cellar and over winner for the winter melon with Trammell and you eat this like he would it has to. 'cause the little review of its Q okay the throne and profits will be. Local flavors and ingredients. Two this case it's me on the suit could you possibly take up his jacket to Yucca Mountain and her entire family in the neighborhood. Clough. Experts Riley. A lot of courage items. And a lot of violence. There's ordered up in the air and accidentally went Trenton yeah. Yeah. And holy Moly we could beat everybody ABC news. And people illegally and alleyways of a pretty. Where they might get around. Wow that was back I think that's offensive. When you cut open the fifth. It's kind of like. Must. And then yes that's her mind yet. It is that we have here is this latest home urgently ET only about we we can happen. Baby. Threatening and happened that and Michael will be the end. Very. Larry. Craig got nothing aimed at toppling melons and right. Shirley. You are excellent. But that was that. Such onion plants. Growing in mid air news we've talked about rock for life and coconut. And better nights. Thanks again. So let's say you live in the desert. We've had. Looks like that's. This collective runs everywhere you see it pretty wrote a threatening wounds a 5050. If there's a seem right here. Every inch long man right there was little holes. Love the water and nutrients to Kirkland and persistently right at the root level. This will bury that maybe through horn blows service right big or small plants that are right next to it. And surrounding the sand. There are seeing essentially creating right. All different. There that there is no different planets slightly better they get the proper thing that comes from an effort to you don't have to do. If there's a in doing it right here and it's easy enough for the high tide which I'm gathering from our conversations are you can really do any. I can create this atmosphere and it it changes in various. The necessary representing routes from and Mediterranean. You know commitments right right. Right. That's close to Clinton on that was so. Keep up up up. It's quite it he went six if you think it's not that. There's some bigs. It's a starting to get this background color offensive and completely broom you write her an instant. It expects to. Probably yelling different when it's completely brown was completely wrapped up pat. So do you still happen you'll walk by if you OK that was that he not if they come at different rates at you know. It's even for adults that let S look I'm all. Good things. But not something a lot of your group's right to state this bill to him it. That your job breaking delegate. Three about a team. Facts of the worst murky looking. They can better than about six months or Mercury. These are getting organic experience. Then they can go back and then there are. And yet it is I see happen and it be interested in Anchorage were upset that they could you biology plant science. Wow almost an artist at her apartment and inner. I'd like in. He had no idea. And I tell my third of the day that these are copy trees content media. Anyway Clark. When in our own. Seven and nine months later. Red cherry and. But I am I crazy did anyone else out there think that coffee came from beans what am I missing here. And federal little red fruit woodham openness to copy. The content being written. Up and having nothing mini cooking food at harvest. A lot of work a lot of work I do appreciate it my morning coffee so close that facility any threat can get all all coffee. Our country. That crap and they grow and at the iPad and that I never knew that I don't know where I thought the gains came from but I would have guessed it started out. And of different ways that flavors. Believe it but for. I'll say you're traveling to media. Right and don't have very rich soils. Nutri four we got this property here cope camera and Ray Emery Emery. Different. B camera. Equally pointless news. One here in front of us this is bringing them. Pretty plume of rhetoric goes. Great sense green. Over people and African I mean staple that's. Life and if so. That. Plan. Flowers that and flowers. And I'm are green lane and turn into our dinner cooked them. Initiated a pack. A look at that. How he ending. So there's millions a seeds here in this bottle. Millions can't clap that's a lot can can is thirty widow and her seat. Maybe. I'm pretty sick are included after I throw it. I think particular. But it's a deeply says that the green they are. It might okay that's great at losing streak. And gluten free illicitly could really help not and ran. This thing again I have not gotten. A lot of request very good free food. We do days and you be surprised that we fear. Yes it is I think people getting. Much more knowledgeable about the food they're eating right and actual results for the request become worse than him now. That's good enough so he could come down here loot free you can still do it. Now this. It's eleven. It is this is Aladdin. And gigantic. Let me. Is this lemon it's gonna end up like and somebody straining her of the salad good they couldn't cope benign come Lemond the night and the Mellon. Sounds awesome. It does. Nine permanent though most people used eliminating yes sir this is an ordinary credit limit herself in the world. It is and it was bigger weird at this would you find it mind you really unhelpful. But no great book. Some independent agent. There were. Find your app kind Mars court so. It. Eight. He's the statement that it won't let you get good workers like illuminate. Where he went on the glass and you average. Normal slightly as mr. Don't know now Knox and it's not magic of Disney and don't let me okay this is a regular. When that. In in the world. That. If you I think that. Look at supersize that he. It. Wouldn't put it and I what is going on over there. You currently. Remember our music. It's about. Two weeks from both sides agree through it completely fill them think. And we think they I mean people. So it's really sell people economy seed in the secret fax plus now like. You know they're confident mine there known as good as mine but it's really about this won't. I think it's the. A lot of time bird. And don't statement watermelons with squares. But when you can record and spent. That is an art. That's art yeah so quit coming pumpkin comes she let me what do we eighties that an act. Typically use of the front line on rumors. Surprised at how many. His only. The accident is a. If you animals like. It and every. They. Reverend him. That's what I need to do that in fact my healthy and that's needs you. At the height of my car and went molds that grinding machine and yet. I don't know what it has happened that it. Where that's really so that's a tough act. You might actually see him. Did write it ever growing if they break right. Okay. Yes syndrome. Cinderella. Is that is that the Disney Ebert at aek Athens actual name. Actually and what better way to go right here give me something that's so interesting that the French fry in Enid and you know. Puts them in fact it inspired the fairy tale. The coach all of chorus of course the pump again attention to the coats that he Cinderella. That's been happening and now this will be different in the pumpkin priests there furthermore. Longer. Order. Nice deep arranged like the pumpkins on the ground but the state. So they will be this color that's exactly OPEC. Could even the color they are now with beautiful to have. Even as aircraft it was when it's like an onion yes that'll turn my name's Steve. Effect throughout the year. Something growth and Ehrlich and grow larger. And it to the 300 pounds to 300 pounds and thank Monica Seles. And tough if it were to have happened and loud music big amicable but around. You have all these big giant company in the north. Haven't fitness talent and is relaxing you know until they're ready to make their debut out part committees before we move actually get a close up at nine pound Lending Tree. Just because Atlanta reminds me. I understand it you've been drinking at 800. Now. And I. I. I think anything out there that if it eliminated hasn't heard yelling exactly. That's just maybe just a baby into bigger and months and Elmo. This is already flowers. For next year's. OK so that means that live my name will be fair. Are these Leavitt will be surfaced this area the ones that are just now flowering intruding O'Brien will be ready around Christmas. I L I see like. Unless you guys at home into the there's a tiny little this little thing Greenland great president had a media attack. So those will be. Princess of the Christmas bombing. Look in the middle. Right in the stands of trees you'll see a bunch of little tiny room. Lindsay don't do anything about sight and hearing now. So we don't know. All the bats were planning your holiday. Trek your holiday trip. She Disney which I don't have very public kind of year to come we are looking at the fruitcake your going to be desperate right. Peppers I do like peppers with an aspect peppers. And anything spicier and company. How they're not I don't I mean I don't know what kind of an Arctic hopping. 800. Let's hunt. We go up after accurately and OK we will rhetoric here. People of little red fruit and limit the bush I do think and it's Cheney. That's what product. The world's hottest. How hot hot at the caroling and reap. Reeker is like the grim reaper it's organic it's getting millions. And in general Gregory Adams field school will be it's the school yet the cameras. We learn so that Nintendo peppers. Or about zero pack all of NATO's open through government. Our day. Couple years ago before my home but coast spilling but then yet one million. Carolyn reaper. Q two million on this gallon that's us with the local and a scalpel. In his. Who Phil I want you to things that I never liked. I'll eat what it's like you. Very warm and. Prize winning yes her bride and fled there seeking an equity and it works its way through. Where people quit when you leave a few things. Reassuring people we have a huge definitely is that we have oneself that states did just that it. And the use it in my this oil on topics oh like fish tacos. Few years ago. Did a show that there be ghosts pepper. He would take its. Crystallize of the sugar and meat. All of us here now you would think California. Pacific. Dispute in the. After one didn't burn it will very. My eyes so you know it forget it acts. Think he you know that the Carolina returns. Represent their best top ointment is that all doubt no doubt I'll. Monarchos served it is not so. The tonight you know what and who added that it got under. They're not at this Caroline papers I can kill you again. Thanks very. And the thought novel thing. Unless you're right. Good and others address. This is all from his hands. Food is hand in my. Accomplish his hands if you look at the fruit looks like him the finger stick and it does it's as though typically find it in Asia. You don't really need it though definitely a lot of food and it's mostly blind. Instead use the pursuit success. Of the lights turned away desserts and meet these start up to be for the weight favre's. And and they. Horrible human most of a new. Anything here you know. Exactly Warren. You continue man sent inequality. People it's been a new government student there as well. It's an important call that second and. I worry about it happen. Norman are starting to kind of move away from. Something like that's politically if that. He has been pretty tell. And wrap up artwork right. One more plan. Even in the beauty I think AW sunflower yes four jet. Most people might have covered pretty in the garden. And walkways that deceitful. Preston. You program. They are ready yet. We're. This has been. So so much rob for giving Essex time and expertise. We're really hot Romo is welcome and thank everybody. Thank you guys.

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