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Wife of coronavirus patient asked this ICU nurse to FaceTime with dead husband

Michael Kouridakis said "everybody cries at work" now amid coronavirus.
2h ago

‘I was in… excruciating pain’ A growing number of younger COVID-19 patients: Part 1

Instagram influencers, celebrities and even the U.S. surgeon general have pleaded with young people, especially those out on spring break, to take COVID-19 precautions seriously.
Mar 28

Counting the days to holding loved ones again after a COVID-19 diagnosis: Part 2

Mar 28

In COVID-19 crisis, supply chain workers are putting in overtime too: Part 1

From farmers to truckers, to grocery store and delivery workers, these are the people who can't stay home, but work day and night to keep the American public fed.
Mar 27

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson on what he learned through coronavirus crisis: Part 2

Johnson tells ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis how he's using lessons he learned in China to counter COVID-19 in the US, why he's paying all employees for 30 days regardless of if they're working and more.
Mar 27