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TikTok users who've built careers through the platform react to recent controversy

Owned by a Chinese company, there have been national security and user privacy concerns with the app. President Trump had threatened to ban the app but now says he is open to Microsoft acquiring it.
Aug 4

'Rebuilding Paradise' shows heroism, heartbreak after California Camp Fire: Part 1

The new National Geographic film shows how a community came together following the deadly 2018 wildfire, which killed 85 and destroyed thousands of homes.
Aug 1

‘Rebuilding Paradise’ shares Camp Fire survivor's story of losing her home: Part 2

Nicole Hoenig, her father and her daughter were living in an RV after their home was destroyed in the wildfire. They were among nearly 50,000 people displaced in Butte County. She now lives in Nevada.
Aug 1

A celebration of Rep. John Lewis' life includes calls to vote, continue the fight

At the funeral service for the civil rights icon, former President Obama delivered a eulogy that lauded the Georgia congressman's legacy and pushed for a continued call to action in his spirit.
Jul 31

Young activists read John Lewis' final words: 'Each generation must do its part'

Jul 31