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'Star Trek' star on why activism roots are personal, being a Twitter legend

Takei was 5 when he was forced into a Japanese internment camps during WWII.
Aug 19

'Backstory' behind Serena Williams' outburst over US Open 2018 controversial ump call

A new ESPN docuseries' first episode explores what happened when Williams sparred with chair umpire Carlos Ramos during the 2018 championship final, ultimately losing her 24th Grand Slam title.
Aug 16

Meet the Hawthorns: Mom talks adopting 9 siblings, becoming family of 15

Seven siblings -- five sisters and two brothers -- were unrelated to siblings Korgen and Haizlee, then all nine became a family when they were adopted out of foster care by the Hawthorns.
Aug 14

Cocaine cowboys: Inside the US Coast Guard's war on drugs

Aug 15

Former member of 'Incel' community speaks out about dangerous misogyny

A new BBC documentary highlights the subculture consisting mostly of men that began as a community for providing comfort and evolved into one that led some individuals to real-life violence.
Aug 14