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Detroit hospitals 'getting crushed' as coronavirus cases surge

An alternate care facility is being built inside Detroit's TCF Center to help.
Apr 2

Authorities crackdown on churches, parties where stay-at-home orders are ignored

Police are breaking up parties, issuing fines and even arresting people found ignoring emergency orders to stay home, including two pastors who held services within the past week.
Apr 2

Pence gives possible COVID-19 timeline, urges everyone to do their part

With "challenging days that lie ahead" in the fight against the novel coronavirus, Vice President Mike Pence said he wants people to know "that our future is in your hands."
Apr 2

A new month in COVID-19 crisis brings fresh anxiety, fear over how to pay bills, rent

A woman who was laid off from her third job in just over a year, a DACA recipient and restaurant owner and a single mother share how they're struggling as April 1 looms.
Apr 1

US Surgeon General: ‘We’re trying to learn the lessons’ from other countries

Apr 1