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Trump supporters in Minnesota explain why they stand by him amid impeachment furor

Oct 11

Florida residents still recovering and rebuilding 1 year after Hurricane Michael

The category 5 hurricane was the strongest to hit the U.S. since 1992.
Oct 10

Reported torture of gay people in Chechnya: 'Started painting the wall with my blood'

"I was expecting that the door [was] gonna open and I’m gonna die.”
Oct 9

Matt Lauer responds to explosive rape allegation in Ronan Farrow book

Journalist Ronan Farrow's new book provides a detailed account from the woman whose allegations led to the firing of the former NBC host. Lauer called the accusations “categorically false."
Oct 10

What glaciers on Mont Blanc, Europe's tallest mountain, reveal about climate change

The Planpincieux Glacier on Mont Blanc is breaking apart at a significantly faster pace. It’s a stunning effect of climate change that affects every corner of the world, including Antarctica.
Oct 10