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Saving Malayka: Part 1

An historic drought and rising food prices have left millions starving in East Africa. Somali mothers desperate to save their children are flocking to treatment centers. ABC News' Matt Gutman reports.
Sep 24

Saving Malayka: Part 2

Aid groups like the UN's FAO and Save The Children are rushing to help the growing number of Somalis starving as the country lies on the brink of famine. ABC News' Matt Gutman reports.
Sep 24

Ye opens up about fatherhood, the Donda Academy, and his broken business deals

Ye sat down with ABC News' Linsey Davis to reflect on what it’s like to co-parent with Kim Kardashian, the fallout from his collaborations with Gap and Adidas, and his dreams for Yeezy.
Sep 23

Protests turn deadly as Iranians demand justice for Mahsa Amini

ABC News' Martha Raddatz talks about the latest developments in the fallout of the death of Mahsa Amini while she was in police custody.
Sep 23

Tennessee rape kit backlog leaves victims in anguish: Part 1

Alicia Franklin said she was sexually assaulted and waited for Tennessee investigators to test her rape kit, but the backlog may have enabled the suspect to murder another victim.
Sep 22