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Women in construction shine light on sexual harassment, assault in the industry

Tierra Williams is one of 18 employees who won a $1.5 million settlement against a subcontractor. She says she faced aggressive sexual harassment daily and that she was fired when she complained.
Aug 7

Unemployed fighting to stay afloat as extended COVID-19 benefits remain in limbo

Some argue the weekly $600 unemployment payment was too much, keeping people from going back to work. Meanwhile, with some industries unable to return to work, people try to make ends meet.
Aug 7

Survivors of the Beirut explosion recount feeling the blast, its horrific aftermath

Dr. Seema Jilani recounts being both physician and mother to her injured 4-year-old daughter after a massive explosion tore through Lebanon’s capital city.
Aug 6

Analyzing Beirut’s massive explosion, which killed at least 135

Bomb expert Dr. Van Romero breaks down what can cause such a deadly, far-reaching explosion like the one that happened in Lebanon’s capital city.
Aug 6

Doctors move from hospitals to COVID-19 testing sites to treat communities of color

One doctor in Miami started her own COVID-19 testing site while another in New York City partnered with a group of testing sites in order to better treat these underserved populations.
Aug 6