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For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, honoring the civil rights icon at his former ministry

Rev. Raphael Warnock, who was elected as Georgia’s first Black senator this month, celebrated and honored King during a Shabbat service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King used to preach.
Jan 19

DC on high-alert as threats expand to all 50 states ahead of Biden’s inauguration

A supporter of President Donald Trump discusses the growing rift in the Republican Party after the attack on Capitol hill. Officials worry about insider attacks two days before the inauguration.
Jan 19

Experts discuss a post-Trump America and healing a divided nation

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, ABC News contributors Tara Setmayer, LZ Granderson and Leah Wright-Rigueur reflect on the challenges President-elect Joe Biden’s administration will face.
Jan 19

DC police officers recount violence, lawmakers demand Capitol security probe: Part 1

Jan 16

Inauguration security ramps up, over 300 people face charges in Capitol riot: Part 2

Over 100 people involved in the attack have already been arrested. As lawmakers face threats of violence, the FBI says there's now a "substantial threat" of improvised explosive devices.
Jan 16