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Advocates fight for trans athletes as more states consider school sports bans: Part 1

A Missouri State Rep. Doug Richey defends the state’s proposed ban. Transgender advocates say the bans are aimed at a problem that doesn’t exist. A father fights for his trans daughter.
May 12

What we know about trans athletes’ ability to play: Part 2

May 12

Fear, misinformation muddle efforts to vaccinate some American conservatives

Even after assurances from health care experts that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, some conservatives are fiercely skeptical. Republican lawmakers have in part perpetuated misinformation.
May 11

Body-positive Tess Holliday on the complexities of her eating disorder

"I would go all day without eating, and I would chalk it up to, 'I'm busy.' ... But the thing is I had hunger pain all day, and I was sick all day," the plus-size model said.
May 11

Afghan women fear Taliban will take control and strip back their basic rights: Part 1

Afghan girls worry the Taliban could regain control and close their schools. Laila Haidari was a child bride and now is an activist and entrepreneur. Fawzi Koofi is a fearless political figure.
May 11