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Officers give chilling accounts of Jan. 6 insurrection before House select committee

Four officers, two from the Capitol Police and two from the Metropolitan Police Department, testified before the House select committee, where they slammed rhetoric downplaying the riots.
Jul 28

Mena Suvari hopes her story of survival can help others

Jul 28

Olympics athletes compete for glory amid controversy over COVID-19 pandemic

Many in Japan have opposed the Tokyo Games due to the pandemic and low vaccination rates throughout the country. Despite wide-ranging rules and restrictions, athletes are still giving it their all.
Jul 27

In states with highest COVID-19 rates, calls to get vaccinated and survivor regret

Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas currently have the highest COVID-19 rates in the country. Doctors say many of their patients are unvaccinated. ABC News’ Dr. Jen Ashton breaks down the situation.
Jul 27

Morgan Wallen says ‘I was just ignorant’ after video showed him using racial slur

Wallen has apologized several times before and has since spoken with the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) and donated some proceeds of his album to the organization.
Jul 24