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Dr. Ruth on becoming a sex expert, LGBT ally, American icon

The iconic 91-year-old sex therapist and personality opens up in a new documentary about being orphaned at 10 during the Holocaust and working to forever change the way Americans talks about sex.
Jul 18

Retired supreme court justice John Paul Stevens dies at age 99

John Paul Stevens emerged as the Supreme Court's leading liberal who served 35 years on the nation's highest court.
Jul 17

US citizen held in a Russian prison for years on what he said are false drug charges

Jul 16

Inside 'The Lion King,' the making of the groundbreaking new movie

Filmmakers and stars from the 1994 film, musical and new movie, from BeyoncÃ(c), to Donald Glover to Jon Favreau, discuss how the story came to be the global phenomenon it is today.
Jul 17

Creator of hit series 'Vida' on the importance of representation on and off screen

The Starz series' creator Tanya Saracho says her show exposes the complexities within the Latinx community, purposefully putting those often seen as minor characters front and center.
Jul 16