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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


'Everything we've worked for.. gone': Santa Rosa remembers fire one year later:Part 1

One year after the Tubbs fire tore through the Santa Rosa community, residents and first responders look back on the night whole neighborhoods were reduced to ash and 22 people died in the blaze.
Nov 17

Residents return to Santa Rosa to rebuild after Tubbs fire tragedy: Part 2

One year after the deadly fire claimed 22 lives and more than 3,000 residences, the people of Santa Rosa are coming together to rebuild their community.
Nov 17

Santa Rosa police officer reunites with 87-year-old he saved in fire: Part 3

One year after Irene Lopez was rescued from her senior home, she gets to thank her hero, officer Andy Adams.
Nov 17

'The Boys in the Cave': How 12 boys, coach escaped a cave in Thailand

In his new book, ABC News Chief National Correspondent Matt Gutman gives a detailed look at the harrowing Thai cave rescue that captured the world's attention.
Nov 16

In alleged scheme, couple, homeless man accused of raising $400,000 'on a lie'

Prosecutors say the trio's entire story was fabricated to earn money from kindhearted people through GoFundMe.
Nov 16