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How Ramy Youssef is changing the comedy game

Youssef and his best friend, Steve Way, are shining a light on stories like theirs. The two discussed their Hulu series, "Ramy," and a brand new HBO special that Youssef is working on.
Jun 21

Kate Gosselin talks dating again as a single mom of 8 – and all on reality TV

Kate Gosselin turns to reality TV as she returns to dating game.
Jun 24

Diane Downs blames stranger for shooting her kids, then suspicion turns to her

Downs was put on trial for murdering one and attempting to kill two of her children in a 1983 shooting, with her surviving daughter testifying against her. She was convicted and sentenced to life.
Jun 22

The darker side of captive exotic wildlife encounters for tourists

Natasha Daly spent a year and half investigating the plight of some elephants, tiger cubs and other animals kept in these attractions. Her reporting was featured in National Geographic Magazine.
Jun 20