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How El Paso shaped Beto O'Rourke from punk rocker to presidential candidate

The democratic candidate talks about how the El Paso mass shooting changed him.
3h ago

Athlete Misty Diaz shows how limitless life with spina bifida can be

Misty Diaz refuses to let spina bifida define her.
3h ago

ABC News’ Janai Norman’s journey to wearing her natural hair on TV

Norman, who’s sharing her natural hair journey with the hashtag #freethecurls, talks with the founders of CurlFest about natural hair and representation.
Aug 20

George Takei on how his childhood imprisonment affected his activism today

Takei spoke about being forcibly imprisoned with his family in an internment camp for Japanese Americans during WWII and how history matters with immigrants now detained at the southern border.
Aug 20

Disney star Cameron Boyce's parents on how they want their late son remembered

Aug 16