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Kobe Bryant’s basketball journey from high school passion to the NBA: Part 1

With his father an NBA veteran, Bryant was brought up around basketball. He was the fifth person ever to go from high school to the NBA, forgoing college to focus on excelling in the game.
Jan 28

Kobe Bryant focused on life outside the court after NBA retirement: Part 2

After his retirement from the NBA in 2016 and a 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant embraced his family – his wife and four daughters, his faith and philanthropic interests.
Jan 28

Actress Rosie Perez testifies in Harvey Weinstein trial in support of key witness

The "Sopranos" actress testified that actress Annabella Sciorra confided in her about the night nearly 30 years ago that Weinstein allegedly violently raped Sciorra in her own apartment.
Jan 25

How Christian Pulisic rose to international stardom playing soccer

Pulisic, who is from Hershey, Pennsylvania, became the highest-paid American soccer player of all time when he signed with Chelsea Football Club in the U.K. But it didn't come without its challenges.
Jan 25

Amy Klobuchar talks to New Hampshire voters about reparations, immigration

Jan 23