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Julie Andrews talks about her start with ‘Mary Poppins,’ ‘Sound of Music’: Part 1

In her new book “Home Work,” Andrews discussed growing up in a turbulent household, honing her iconic voice and working on her most famous films.
Oct 12

Julie Andrews reflects on romantic movie scenes and marriage: Part 2

Andrews recalls details of her iconic Hollywood work and personal life.
Oct 12

Julie Andrews gives her take on Emily Blunt’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’: Part 3

“I loved Emily,” Andrews said of Blunt’s 2018 film. “It's a continuation of… another story. And she was great.”
Oct 12

Reported torture of gay people in Chechnya: 'Started painting the wall with my blood'

"I was expecting that the door [was] gonna open and I’m gonna die.”
Oct 9

Florida residents still recovering and rebuilding 1 year after Hurricane Michael

The category 5 hurricane was the strongest to hit the U.S. since 1992.
Oct 10