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Broadway shows resume in Australia, the first country to lift theater restrictions

Apr 8

‘Do we deserve to kill?’ Re-examining the death penalty

African Americans make up 42% of the people on death row and 34% of those who are executed, according to the Equal Justice Initiative. Yet, the U.S. census shows only 13% of the population is Black.
Apr 7

Andra Day on Billie Holiday’s power in music

Day spoke with ABC News about portraying Holiday in film, her legacy and being only the second Black woman to win a Golden Globe for best actress nearly four decades after Whoopi Goldberg won.
Apr 7

Freshman representatives on being part of 117th Congress, the most diverse in history

“Nightline” speaks to New York’s Ritchie Torres, Washington’s Marilyn Strickland, South Carolina’s Nancy Mace and California’s Young Kim.
Apr 6

Great uncle of Laquan McDonald on Chauvin trial: ‘American justice is on trial again’

Prosecutors face a challenge convicting former officer Derek Chauvin, who is accused of murdering George Floyd. Rev. Martin Hunter offered words of encouragement to Floyd’s family.
Apr 6