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School staff, students bear risk of school reopenings amid ongoing pandemic

In communities with in-person schooling, teachers say they're choosing between their safety and their careers, and students wonder if they’ll bring COVID-19 home or get sick themselves.
Aug 11

What led to the looting chaos in Chicago?

On Sunday night, hundreds of stores along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile were looted and ransacked. Police say misinformation fueled the violence that came after a summer of unrest in the city.
Aug 11

Women in construction shine light on sexual harassment, assault in the industry

Tierra Williams is one of 18 employees who won a $1.5 million settlement against a subcontractor. She says she faced aggressive sexual harassment daily and that she was fired when she complained.
Aug 7

Unemployed fighting to stay afloat as extended COVID-19 benefits remain in limbo

Some argue the weekly $600 unemployment payment was too much, keeping people from going back to work. Meanwhile, with some industries unable to return to work, people try to make ends meet.
Aug 7

Survivors of the Beirut explosion recount feeling the blast, its horrific aftermath

Dr. Seema Jilani recounts being both physician and mother to her injured 4-year-old daughter after a massive explosion tore through Lebanon’s capital city.
Aug 6