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Ex-NFL player kills himself after killing 5, injuring 1 in South Carolina, police say

A prominent doctor, his wife, two of their grandchildren and a technician working at their home were killed. Suspect Phillip Adams, formerly a defensive back in the NFL, was found dead in his home.
Apr 9

SUV crash carrying 25 migrants highlights danger, desperation of crossing into the US

Thirteen of the 25 undocumented immigrants in the SUV died when the vehicle crashed into a semitruck. The father of a woman who died said that she’d been threatened by gangs.
Apr 9

Broadway shows resume in Australia, the first country to lift theater restrictions

Apr 8

‘Do we deserve to kill?’ Re-examining the death penalty

African Americans make up 42% of the people on death row and 34% of those who are executed, according to the Equal Justice Initiative. Yet, the U.S. census shows only 13% of the population is Black.
Apr 7

Andra Day on Billie Holiday’s power in music

Day spoke with ABC News about portraying Holiday in film, her legacy and being only the second Black woman to win a Golden Globe for best actress nearly four decades after Whoopi Goldberg won.
Apr 7