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Lt. Col. Vindman's former supervisor: He 'will fall on the right side of history'

Retired Brigadier General Peter Zwack spoke to "Nightline" ahead of Vindman's testifying before the House Intelligence Committee during a public impeachment hearing of President Trump.
Nov 19

The biggest moments in former US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s hearing

Nov 16

Impeachment inquiry begins public hearings: How we got here

The impeachment inquiry is centered on whether President Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine, first granted in 2014, to get the country to investigate Joe Biden's son. Trump has denied this claim.
Nov 13

Police body camera captures heart-stopping moment officers find kidnapped 8-year-old

Officers rescued an 8-year-old from a Fort Worth area hotel room in May.
Nov 18

Tina Turner’s story of perseverance takes center stage in ‘Tina,’ the musical

Nov 15