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Constance Wu speaks out about personal struggles, allegations of sexual harassment

Oct 5

Herschel Walker denies allegation of paying for abortion

The Georgia GOP Senate candidate is denying a report in "The Daily Beast" where an ex-girlfriend claims that he paid for her abortion years ago.
Oct 5

Former NFL players on Tua Tagovailoa and NFL's concussion protocols

Former pro football players Matt Hasselbeck and Emmanuel Acho join a roundtable on the handling of concussions in the NFL in light of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's recent injuries.
Oct 4

New report alleges "systemic" abuses in National Women's Soccer League

A new report, that comes after a year-long investigation is alleging that the National Women's Soccer League has a "systemic" problem of abuse and misconduct.
Oct 4

Minneapolis public school district faces pushback to new teacher contract

Minneapolis public school teachers negotiated a new contract earlier this year after a strike, which includes a hiring policy that protects underrepresented groups during layoffs.
Oct 4