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Biden's lays out national COVID-19 strategy as crisis worsens, vaccine rollout lags

President Joe Biden warned that the situation would get worse before getting better. Hospitals in California are overburdened and there's widespread confusion about how to get the vaccine.
Jan 22

Breaking down President Biden's first full day in office

By day's end, President Joe Biden had signed several executive actions, including on COVID-19 and immigration. Meanwhile, Donald Trump faces an impending impeachment trial. Experts discuss.
Jan 22

Biden becomes 46th president of US in historic inauguration

Joe Biden was sworn in minutes after Kamala Harris became the first female, Black and South Asian vice president in a ceremony marked by messages of hope and healing and star performances.
Jan 21

Reflecting on Trump’s 4 years as president through his tweets

The president used Twitter to insult and spread conspiracies, to amplify fringe voices, to announce he had COVID-19 and, finally, to encourage insurrectionists before he was deplatformed.
Jan 20

Uniting the country is President-elect Joe Biden’s next challenge

Elected to the U.S. Senate at just 29 years old, Biden has spent decades in public service marked in part by the deaths of his wife, son and young daughter, and the loss of two presidential bids.
Jan 20