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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


Parents of slain college student call for new ride-share security measures

The parents of Samantha Josephson, who police say was killed by a man she mistook for a ride-share driver, are now lobbying to introduce new regulations for ride-sharing vehicles.
Apr 17

Notre Dame Cathedral could take three years to be reopened to public, official says

Many relics and artifacts were saved while other priceless works were lost in the catastrophic fire. Hundreds of millions of dollars in donations have been pledged for the cathedral's repair.
Apr 17

Breaking down Tiger Woods' stunning career comeback to win Masters at 43

The pro-golfer won his first major title in 11 years after being plagued by a series of professional and personal setbacks including treatment for sex addiction and chronic back injuries.
Apr 16

Family of man convicted of killing Queens jogger insists he's been framed

Chanel Lewis was convicted of Karina Vetrano's 2016 murder in March. His mother told "Nightline": "He's not a monster as they want the world to know."
Apr 11