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Meet the combat medics who came to treat COVID-19 in New York City

“Nightline” speaks to four medics who came to New York City to serve on a different kind of battle field, one in which they helped treat thousands of COVID-19 hospitalizations.
Jul 4

How Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly helped Jeffrey Epstein abuse young women

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide wasn’t the end of his story. The FBI has arrested Maxwell, the alleged madam in his alleged scheme to recruit, groom and abuse young and underaged girls.
Jul 3

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Maria Farmer recounts 1st night of their meeting

“If the FBI had listened to me in 1996, there would of been no more victims,” Farmer said.
Jul 3

American meat providers resorting to drastic measures in COVID-19 pandemic

Jul 2

Plant-based alternatives see huge surge, in part driven by nationwide meat shortages

Only a few years ago, the idea that a plant-based alternative could disrupt the meat industry seemed impossible. Sales are now up over 200%. Industry leaders say the trend can benefit the environment.
Jul 2