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Morgan Wallen says ‘I was just ignorant’ after video showed him using racial slur

Wallen has apologized several times before and has since spoken with the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) and donated some proceeds of his album to the organization.
Jul 24

Summer camp aims to show that diversity and faith go hand-in-hand

Barefoot Republic, a Christian camp in southern Kentucky aims to bring kids and families together from different backgrounds, races and beliefs in hopes of fostering life-changing relationships.
Oct 27

Experts say climate change impossible to ignore as drought, fires plague US

Jul 22

Entrepreneurs of color push to get inclusive beauty products on shelves

Entrepreneurs of color have historically received less money from investors than their white counterparts, research shows. Three business owners share their story.
Jul 22

Could Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin launch mark a new age for commercial spaceflight?

The Amazon founder and three other civilians took off and landed back on earth within 10 minutes. The trip has ignited questions about whether it was simply a joyride for the super-rich.
Jul 21