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Fear, misinformation muddle efforts to vaccinate some American conservatives

Even after assurances from health care experts that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, some conservatives are fiercely skeptical. Republican lawmakers have in part perpetuated misinformation.
May 11

Body-positive Tess Holliday on the complexities of her eating disorder

"I would go all day without eating, and I would chalk it up to, 'I'm busy.' ... But the thing is I had hunger pain all day, and I was sick all day," the plus-size model said.
May 11

Afghan women fear Taliban will take control and strip back their basic rights: Part 1

Afghan girls worry the Taliban could regain control and close their schools. Laila Haidari was a child bride and now is an activist and entrepreneur. Fawzi Koofi is a fearless political figure.
May 11

After 20 years in Afghanistan, what is the US leaving behind? Part 2

As the U.S. begins withdrawing troops, a storm of instability gathers in the country. The threat of terror groups fester and Afghan forces will be the last line of defense.
May 11

Afghanistan's future is yet to be written: Part 3

Afghan girls who have only known war, still dream of peace.
May 11