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Indians in US feel helpless as COVID-19 ravages communities on subcontinent

Dr. Sajal Tanna tries to counsel family and friends in India from Chicago. Just a few months ago, India’s ruling party declared the pandemic was over -- now the situation is worse than ever.
May 4

First responders falling through the cracks: EMTs battle PTSD, depression on the job

First responders often work around the clock, spending time away from family, battling stress and trauma on their own. During the pandemic, every patient must be treated as if they have COVID-19.
May 4

In the NFL, these women are making a power play for change

Of the nearly 800 coaches in the league, only eight are women.
Apr 30

Biden tackles immigration, gun control in presidential address

Only 200 lawmakers were allowed to attend President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress. Sen. Tim Scott delivered the Republicans’ rebuttal to the speech.
Apr 29

Experts break down Biden’s first address to Congress

ABC News contributors Yvette Simpson, Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel discuss the president’s remarks on immigration and gun control.
Apr 29