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Trump, Biden face off in final presidential debate with added rules

Twelve days before the election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump participated in a more conventional debate about COVID-19, foreign affairs, race and more.
Oct 23

Experts break down the biggest moments of Trump, Biden’s final presidential debate

ABC News contributors Chris Christie, Sara Fagen, Rahm Emanuel, Matt Dowd and Yvette Simpson discuss highlights of the debate, which had additional muting rules.
Oct 23

In Breonna Taylor case, two different accounts of what happened when she died: Part 1

Oct 22

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, officer shot during incident on what’s next: Part 2

Sgt. Jon Mattingly says he and his family were victims in this case as well. Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, says there is no justice for Breonna Taylor except having her back.
Oct 22

8 women of color running for congress discuss hurdles they’ve faced

Eight congressional candidates discuss how their identity has played into expectations for their races, their reaction to politics over the last four years and how they plan to reach across the aisle.
Oct 21