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Athletes, members of Congress, everyday Americans join fight against anti-Asian hate

Violence against Asian Americans has surged over the last year as they’ve been targeted and blamed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Celebrities use their platform to highlight and address the hate.
Mar 5

Small businesses in California fighting to survive with restrictions, lack of support

Jared Perelmutter has been paying rent for a gym he cannot open. Senen Sanchez has struggled relying on delivery apps. Angela Marsden says her pub has lost half a million dollars in revenue.
Mar 5

Thousands of asylum-seekers have been waiting months to years at US-Mexico border

Jonathan Gutierrez, his wife and newborn son have waited for nearly two years in a sprawling camp to get asylum for their family. Migrants recently fought frostbite as storms battered Texas.
Mar 4

Man behind Fyre Festival speaks from prison

Nearly four years after the festival famously failed on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma, Billy McFarland spoke from prison, where he will stay until at least 2023.
Mar 4

Experts discuss Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout, what they’re seeing on the ground

Epidemiologist and ABC News contributor Dr. John Brownstein and Michelle Chester, DNP, director of employee health services at Northwell Health, talk about how vaccination efforts have been going.
Mar 2