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How Black women have been empowered to wear their natural hair during the pandemic

Women of color have long faced prejudices against natural hair in professional and academic settings. Now, a growing online movement is empowering them to embrace their curls, coils and waves.
Sep 17

On ABC News town hall, Trump talks pandemic response, race relations and health care

Sep 16

Trump’s ABC News town hall: Political experts discuss night’s biggest moments

ABC News contributors Rahm Emanuel, Chris Christie, Yvette Simpson and Sara Fagen talk about the town hall, where President Donald Trump answered questions from uncommitted Pennsylvania voters.
Sep 16

Inside the wildfires devastating the Pacific Northwest: Part 1

At least 27 people in three states have died from the fires, which have burned through 3.3 million acres in California alone this year. Those on the ground talk about what they’re seeing.
Sep 15

How climate change is tied to the wildfires burning through the West Coast: Part 2

Sep 15