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Small businesses in Texas face re-closure as New York shops navigate reopening

New York has been conservative about reopening while Texas had one of the shortest shutdowns in the nation. Small business owners in both states are worried about keeping their businesses afloat.
Jul 8

How toilet paper factory employees are working through COVID-19 demands

In the Box Elder, Utah, Charmin factory, these front-line workers continue to produce toilet paper for millions of customers across the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Jul 8

July 4th celebrations highlight COVID-19 divide as more young people are sickened

Crowds of people celebrated Independence Day without social distancing or masks. More young people test positive as states see cases rise. Broadway star Nick Cordero dies after a four-month battle.
Jul 7

Dr. Jen Ashton talks US handling of COVID-19 and preventing its spread

ABC News' chief medical correspondent discussed the rise in hospitalizations and the outlook of the pandemic with ABC News contributor Dr. Darien Sutton and "Nightline" co-anchor Juju Chang.
Jul 7

Meet the combat medics who came to treat COVID-19 in New York City

“Nightline” speaks to four medics who came to New York City to serve on a different kind of battle field, one in which they helped treat thousands of COVID-19 hospitalizations.
Jul 4