23 injured as lava bomb hits tour boat in Hawaii

A lava bomb punctured the roof of the boat in Hawaii on Monday near where lava from the Kilauea volcano continues to spill into the ocean.
5:22 | 07/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 23 injured as lava bomb hits tour boat in Hawaii
Reporter: Watch this terrif moment. Molten rock,ash, and ds exploding hundreds of feet into their off the coast of Hawaii's big island. In T crosshairs T lava tour sightseeing per 50 passengers and crew. Video capturing the chaot sce a lava bomb, a massive chuf flaming rock, out the ocean where lava has been pouring from therby eruptingilvolcano. It crashed through the roof and it lonerson. And it landed on thefloor. And it was still glowing when it was on the Rorter: Dr.ee and his wife Donna spran INT action while debris continued to fall from the S Started game planninin mind. E life vests, who can swim if we go over, howop ourselves from theshor my kids were separated from me, so iustas kind of like, oh my god, got to get to my . Orter: Lava rock striking one woman I T leg,ra her mu the LI family coming to her aid. We just of stabilized hip with life presrs D her so she wasn't going into shock. Whereld this compare with what you've seen over courseof your ca I've seen a lot ofthings. This was just crazy. Repr: The family feeling lucky T eured burns and scrapes, but everyone walkaway. I thought foroment that was it. This is how it's going to go. And it was --S a terrifying moment. Inuously, ravaging the landscape ofwaii's big island. The ongoing Flo fromhese fissures creating these hug fieldsf now-hardened some places it is stacked 20 feet hh. Roars are steam and gas flyingut of these vents. Stuff is 2,000 degrees. Reporter: My colleague, Matt gat minute, getti close-up look during the early explns there are multi times more sulfur dioxide in the air now than a couplef days ago, pumped into the airy that massive cauldron of lava behind me. Reporter: Giving us a birdseye vthe height O that liquid rock devouring evng in itspath What's incredible is we can fly I over those two rivers of lawyer hav dn there. You can actually feel the heat being generated from 2,000ee above them. Reporter: Nearly two Ms of unstoppable lava flow destroying hundreds of buildings and perntly covering miles of lush gery in a coat of gray ash. E U.S. Geologicalvey estiting the lava flow has added 690 acres of new land to the big island. Day we went inside the evacuation zon with the Hawaii natial GU In the immediateea there are presenthazards. Sulfur dioxide, C sft wit the wind. And aertain par per mill, you N fee and feel . Epr: Here a place people once called . Now a flowstream of gma. In the distance you can see that hellish Orange glow. What used to be a community, hundr of homes destroyed. U can seehat lava rock has cut off this road. Since thening of M it has been raining molten rk like ts across the area,or miles, and at this point there's no end in si kilauea is one of theworls most to have volcanos spewing since 1983.r decades tourists have flockedere to witneature at its best and rst. Year alone, 2illion tourists vedawaii volcanos national park. L lake would create a ally magnificent glow in the evening. Because this is the legendary home of le,he volcano goddess, the such a credness T this area that LE I thinkeally walk away with that. Or the recent eruptions have been Massi for a community accustomedo volcanic activity. Large swhs of T area have been cordoned offafety so tourists haven takingn the sights from the sea. Monday theanger came T them. Boats operating in there now instructed to keep a distance meterfr explosion site. tonight th coast gua tryin to figure out if theoat captain went inside a say zone, potentially endangering lives. Dawn LI momentarily sti ld rock THA burned her back, choosing to cast aside questions about the captain's dec. I'dikeonk him for getting us out of there as diously and safely as he did. An not to cast stones. T that we're just all so thank balive. I think he did his EP for "Nightline" I'm will Carr in Hawaii.

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{"id":56657607,"title":"23 injured as lava bomb hits tour boat in Hawaii","duration":"5:22","description":"A lava bomb punctured the roof of the boat in Hawaii on Monday near where lava from the Kilauea volcano continues to spill into the ocean. ","url":"/Nightline/video/23-injured-lava-bomb-hits-tour-boat-hawaii-56657607","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}