Former acting CDC director gives insight into Trump’s COVID-19 treatment

Dr. Richard Besser discusses how the virus may have spread at the Rose Garden event, the effectiveness of experimental drugs like remdesivir, and if an average American could access these treatments.
4:53 | 10/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former acting CDC director gives insight into Trump’s COVID-19 treatment
Unlike millions Americans with covid-19, president trump has access to do some of the finest medical care in the I spoke to the former acting director of the CDC and now the CEO of the Robert wood foundation. Thank you for being with us. Great to be here, juju. I want to start with the stunning video we saw,president trump back in the white house removing his mask. What message does it send to the American public? It worries me, if someone looks at that and thinks, well, if you are infected with covid, masks do not matter. They are getting the wrong everyone should be wearing a mask. If you are infected with covid and know you are infected with covid, you need to wear a mask. The white house has turned in to a hot spot. What does it say about the protocols and the masking recommendations? The virus doesn't care what political part you belong to. The virus will infect anybody. And the public health guidance is clear. We should all be wearing masks. Particularly if you are in doors, or in places where the virus may stay in the air long er. Those are high risk settings, you know, at the top levels of the government, you would think that they would follow to the letter the recommendations of the public health agency. And we know the rose garden event resulted in at least nine people testing positive, and most of it was outdoors. How did that become a super spreader when much was outside? Outdoor is safer, but they are not totally safe. If you are close to people, and if you are hugging people and kissing people, you don't know where the people have been and whether they could be infected. You never know the risk that you are going to be around. So, wearing masks helps protect not just you, but those around you. Let's talk about the president's treatments that we have been learning about. He was approved for compassionate care for a new drug, regeneron, and when will the average American have access to that. He have a wide range of the big disparities in terms of health care, there was people without any health insurance. And you have to think of what kind of care they are getting. Many of the drugs that the president got are not widely available and many have not been shown yet to be effective or not. And we know that president trump was treated with remdesivir and with steroids. Which are reserved for severe extreme cases of covid-19. When I look at the combination of drugs he is getting. It's hard to figure it out. Some of the drugs are recommended, if for anybody, for people who are severely ill for people who are on oxygen, not for people with milder infection. But these are drugs. The dexamethasone, the steroid is widely available. The other drugs are not widely And yet the president is taking a on curious mix of over the counter drugs. The white house said on Friday. He is taking melatonin, vitamin D and a pretty common antacid. Should we all be running out and getting vitamin D? What it points to is listening to scientists and your doctor. We have seen the challenges in the pandemic of different treatments being recommended out of the white house that have shown not only to be not effective but some of them to be dangerous. You know, so, I would not rush out and buy the products. You know, talk to your doctor about what you can do. The best things you can do right now to protect your health. Hand washing. Wearing masks. Social distancing and getting your flu shot. That's the best set up for the fall and winter. And Friday, Dr. Fauci said that a vaccine may be coming online as December. But that we should social distance for another year. Where are we in your mind when it comes to fast tracking a vaccine? Well, you know, I'm optimistic, there's so much work going on around vaccines. But I like to use the word "If," we don't have the results of any of the trials and vaccines. I'm hopeful one of these will pan out, if people are not doing the things right now that we know work, and they are waiting for a vaccine lives will be lost. And the vaccine that comes we don't know how affect I have it will be. Some vaccines reduce your risk but they don't eliminate your risk. So we have to be cautious. There's so much to learn still, thank youfor your insights and all of your experience. Be well, juju. You too. Up next, after fighting covid

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses how the virus may have spread at the Rose Garden event, the effectiveness of experimental drugs like remdesivir, and if an average American could access these treatments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"73445804","title":"Former acting CDC director gives insight into Trump’s COVID-19 treatment","url":"/Nightline/video/acting-cdc-director-insight-trumps-covid-19-treatment-73445804"}