'New Adult': Sexy New Book Genre for Young Adult Readers

Why a racy, new genre mixing "erotic fiction" with a "young adult" fan base is so popular.
3:00 | 02/23/13

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Transcript for 'New Adult': Sexy New Book Genre for Young Adult Readers
Well move aside Nancy Drew these days the hottest new trend in young adult fiction. Is decidedly adult -- -- with sexual themes are finding a passionate fan base and young girls all across the country. But -- extend the white hot success of fifty shades of gray to a younger audience good idea ABC's juju Chang brings us a look. Between the online. Use and if you could put locked in a bottle -- -- -- -- it might look something like this. The nectar of forbidden -- Before twilight was a blockbuster movie it was a publishing gold mine and selling a quarter of a million copies. And twilight inspired EL James to write fifty shades of gray. -- was a Yankee juggernaut -- fifty shades themed bondage classes yeah yeah. And single handedly boosting publishing at one point the -- took the top three slots and at times best seller list. Now there's a new genre mixing erotic fiction with the young adults and -- it's called new adult. It's cradles her head in his hands and -- me back to the bed coming on top of me. And -- he says and -- -- -- How things are getting them rock star treatment thank -- -- economy. For a chance to meet Colleen -- a Thirtysomething mom of three boys a year ago she was a social worker promptly living in a single wide trailer. Sensing her talents from it saying you should write a book and I thought. My passion right doesn't get my -- for Christmas so she -- -- novel slammed a love story with more sexual -- than actual sex. It's -- relationship set amidst poetry slams we talked to her amidst a bunch of. And this -- did. And try to. -- agents. And I got a lot of rejection letters about how should change it to third person take out the poetry. -- -- That's right she's getting turned down by publishers -- literary agents she made it to the best seller list. Colleen bypassed the mainstream publishing route and made it onto the New York Times list. Five months after being a Christmas present to mom. Every day mouse cells would increase about one or two until eventually. That hit the top -- -- and the demand for new adult books is boosted by its mature themes. The stories often involve young lovers finding their way in the complex world. I'm -- you -- know you're scared you're acting like you're not but you are. I know you now we -- doing -- for a while I don't stop me. You don't know me like -- hit HBO show girls there are plenty of high intensity relationship. With relatable character is -- -- It's a bit like a classic harlequin romance. Set in modern times with younger characters say in college. Coming of age and often exploring their sexuality. You a book about a girl is desperate to lose -- -- you -- gets up at timely except that it's like Nancy Drew girl but she's a little bit -- This. And let him. -- car Mac is a breakout new adult author still in her twenties as a college student she wrote losing it during a three week break from school. And I remember thinking this week -- thousand dollars Italy where a bit and gives. Athletes. When you -- -- published book. How much money you make up. Prices went Clinton's 399. -- I mean that's a 201000. -- I curled up on my bed the same bed where I almost had sex the same bed where I -- wanted to have sex sort of -- -- McCleon -- admits she read a book in years until she picked up safety shades of gray. I -- from reading of zero -- to reading over a 108. Okay president purchase plan. -- only seconds -- -- -- adults say the books have reignited a passion for reading that goes well beyond the steamy love -- how much of it is the sexuality anything that young readers restaurant you. I couldn't say the sexuality I think it's the following -- -- That really -- me and everybody wants that for themselves how do you respond to the criticism that while this isn't -- literature as this is just. You know -- offended. Well I don't even think. Everything I don't understand it's around my age and just moments like every character his -- through the uses -- It's an indicative of the rise of self publishing. And the rise in the power of the reader on social media Elizabeth Chandler co founded good reads dot com and here we are -- in -- Where fourteen million -- worms recommend books to each other. Colleen cleverly gave -- copies to -- good -- bloggers and word of mouth ricocheted around the Internet. Publishers took notice readers responded and they drove the trend and so it's growing at a time when everyone thinks oh books are dying. We don't think that -- good grades -- a revolution in the book world led by writers like Colleen who could be the heroine in her own Cinderella story. Her mom retired early her husband was able to quit his job as a trucker and the family moved from their trailer home to a modest three bedroom. It's a little bit like hitting the jackpot is exactly this whole past years -- thing. Which is a slam dunk for the whole family for Nightline I'm juju Chang in Dallas --

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{"id":18572859,"title":"'New Adult': Sexy New Book Genre for Young Adult Readers ","duration":"3:00","description":"Why a racy, new genre mixing \"erotic fiction\" with a \"young adult\" fan base is so popular.","url":"/Nightline/video/adult-sexy-book-genre-young-adult-readers-18572859","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}