Alarming texts ex-Penn State frat member allegedly sent during hazing

Eighteen Penn State students are facing charges in connection with the death of Timothy Piazza after a campus fraternity pledge ceremony.
7:37 | 07/11/17

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Transcript for Alarming texts ex-Penn State frat member allegedly sent during hazing
case of Tim piatza the student who died after an alleged hazing ritual at a Penn state fraternity house. Today in house stunning text messages that were sent one another as he lay dieing. It was a dramatic day in the courtroom as 16 former Penn state fraternity members appeared in hearing relating to 19-year-old friend piazza of damaging round of text messages. There were text after text all of which demonstrating callus disregard for one human being and a senseless need to try to preserve their own situations. These messages which could prove key to the case were allegedly exchanged between brothers of the defunct chapter of beta beta pi. These text messages. We are expletive beyond expletive. After this we could be kicked off. It's over. And I don't want to go to jail for this hazing is a huge thing. Defense attorney saying the text messages are not incriminating the defenses. They're trying to figure it out. But prosecutors say they show attempt at a cover up one brother saying delete a group message so no evidence would be on Tim's phone and another writing skeep quiet about last night and the situation. Tim would be alive had there been simple humanity exercised. They thought by erasing text messages or searches on the internet browser that they would prevent law enforcement from finding that information but once a text is set and internet search is conducted that information can't disappear so they're creating a paper trail to be used against them to show consciousness of guilt. These messages adding to the pile of evidence the prosecution has already collected as they try to piece together what happened in that fraternity house where a hazing ritual took a twist for the tragic. February 2nd piazza 13 others participated in a drinking challenge called the gauntlet drinking copious amounts of alcohol quickly, and he suffered a catastrophic fall down a stairs. A brother there said he tried to get him the help he needed. I lost it. I was screaming and yelling, we need to take him to a hospital, call an ambulance, dial 9-1-1. Instead of calling 9-1-1 there were eight hours of distressed injured piazza trying to get up, four men trying to drag his limp body up the stairs and trying to rouse him by slapping his face and pouring water over him. This is the worst possible depravitiy you could possibly have. The brothers were searching for phrases fall ago sleep after head injury and few minutes later binge drinking, alcohol, bruising or discoloration, cold feet and cold hands. 12 hours after piazza awesome fa 12z hour 12 hours after piazza's first fall the call. When they saw him in intensive care. We were trying to find a spot of skin to touch. The nurse told me to kiss him good-bye. It was hard. That's what you think of when you close your eyes. It looked like he got hit by a car. He was in bad shape. He was on full life support. Eyes were half open. He wasn't there. The nurse brought me in a room to see them. And they broke it to me that he wasn't going to wake up ever. Piazza died from his injuries the next day. Medical experts estimate his blood alcohol content at the time of the fall was 0.4. What was it like for the parents to sit there and hear those details, those text messages being read outloud. In piazjim piazza 'S word there wasn't a moment today I couldn't stop thinking about my son. It is excruciating to hit and hear the misconduct of the individuals that cost his son's life. Of course it was a tragedy but doesn't mean there's intent involved in any of this. As many continue to ask how this could have happened the defense is pointing to Penn state noting two security kbards hired by the university called social checkers were there moments before the call. And the company declined to comment. You have two security guards hired by Penn state going into that fraternity house just nine minutes before he falls down the stairs. We know these security guards are trained and know what they're looking for if they don't see a problem how is a 19-year-old supposed to see a problem if a trained professional doesn't see a problem. They're implementing new initiative that includeooking at spot checks and checking for violations. They have permanently been banned. And saying hazing is not permitted. The argument from the university is under aged drinking has been a difficult problem to is solve for many, many years especially at fraternities because they're private property and not the property of the university. I think that's a cop out. They should have no under aged drinking whatsoever. They should are bouncers and bartenders and at any fraternity function where alcohol is being served. We should definitely expect Penn state to be hit with a major civil lawsuit. Colleges have to look at policies in terms of how much are they doing. Are they doing enough to prevent drinking on college campuses. 18 men are charged with his death 8 with felonies and the hearings will continue tomorrow. The family is seeking more than justice saying their ultimate goal is to make sure no one else suffers like their son and another family doesn't endure the loss they did. We have to be the advocates of change. Tim is not just our son any more. He represents every son and daughter of every family that has someone that they want to send to college, that they want to participate in Greek life. For "Nightline" in bellfan, pa.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"Eighteen Penn State students are facing charges in connection with the death of Timothy Piazza after a campus fraternity pledge ceremony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"48560220","title":"Alarming texts ex-Penn State frat member allegedly sent during hazing ","url":"/Nightline/video/alarming-texts-penn-state-frat-member-allegedly-hazing-48560220"}