Amazon employees delivering with purpose throughout COVID-19, holiday season

While the company has faced criticism for fair pay and COVID-19 safety, its leaders say they’ve made efforts to correct these issues. Employees in New York City say their work is important.
8:40 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Amazon employees delivering with purpose throughout COVID-19, holiday season
Checking it twice but whether you're naughty or nice chances are that iconic Amazon room. York toward this holiday season you can't feel like modern day and a guest map. This Staten Island neighborhood while many are living in lockdown Jaret Holmes Robinson. He's working on the front line. The young dad. Including a hundred plus homes a day. Select a little night his son an almanac. You know my pregnant in my hand in my rather than other. I love my father backing. Film so I know how important this funeral someone to give the deliverable and you have to be there on time Soledad you know they can have what they need. Jared started working at Amazon a year ago after he lost his job at a solar panel company. While most companies were crippled like cope with the trillion dollar e-commerce giant tripled its profits. Hiring 250000. To meet demands and now here it is one of more than a million employees working for Amazon this holiday season. And a son from a purely business perspective it is out to dominate the world. They want to BD one stop shop for every one. They want people to watch their movies on their platform on Amazon prime and they want you to buy diapers from Amazon they want to bite your books and sobbed once the incident every. Fiber of what we do and eventually. The trajectory that they are on that's weird they are hiding. And during the holidays the stakes even higher. With in person shopping stifled Amazon is expecting to deliver billions of packages around the world. They journey often starts in one of hundreds of massive warehouse it's like this one in Staten Island New York. We're we get a rare behind the scenes look at the guise of today's Amazon. Tracy Y Shalit is the brains behind the operation. Which includes thermal screening on site coping testing and this nifty technology that ensures social distancing. They're getting less and I don't know and that's and that I have sent out. It absolutely. And on any given day this army of robots perform a digitized ballet transporting a twelve million items throughout the fourth floor complex. Which measures are the same sizes fifteen football field. So he can't county gets picked and that what's happening up here. Now once it doesn't make it's going to that can mayor. A fork coveted they employed 3000 people in this one fulfillment center. Now they boast 4000 employees like Robert nickel let me. What did you do before you went there. I was they're technology financial companies like. So now in the end my career high you know. In the second after. After career sitting behind a desk punched me keyboard. Roberts now at work eleven hours a day four days a week lifting packing and sending out Hoover's. And a lot of it probably is good in favor of an event they get old there. Doing so hot. Live big big failure off build up and they'll pick the building is and today he's training a new B I think about. Remember you get back. Bottom out. Do anything you're being run. Like Lucille Ball in the shot put. You know what's the blog. The item in. Yeah. Ever got caught up at Pratt I'm at work and OK. Can meet some of the loan used to work in health care now this mom plays a crucial role as a. Picker what is taking Maine the opponents of now we view the upcoming golden. And they then packages have been to the customer what they see coming here are your circuit. A regular. Well it depends on what Laurie. Today went back and read a lot of flight. Contact him allotments opera that finding it and a lot of book is that you are. Graham mom. Ordered a lot your Amazon my entire family blossoming in the but what you have your grandma and your mind diet your best selling these order because she's elderly. And she doesn't drive anymore and I know she's not the only American. That is a little older and can get out like they. A sense of you know. Not blonde made a difference and. But some Amazon employees felt differently during the pandemic organizing walkouts and protests. There have been very public complaints whether it's. Cove its safety or are demanding workplace conditions or even you know. Fair pay issues how would you say it you've responded. To that list of criticisms. We listened to our critics and we respond and that's and and when you think about what we've done on trying to drive in the new ways to 1515 dollar an hour we've encouraged other major retailer to join us we've supported trying to increase the federal minimum wage it's very important for us that that people get get paid fairly. John Felton a member of just days doses famed esteem says the company overhauled Covance safety protocols but they haven't been immune to the fires this grass. Just this week. After detecting a new outbreak they shut down a New Jersey warehouse until December 26 amendment in October the company announced 20000 of its workers had tested positive for cub in nineteen. Granted you a million employees and we understand. You know positive that he rates but but how do you put those numbers. In perspective it's something that we take very seriously you've invested over ten billion dollar encoded safety this year. We've actually print in our rollout we are good now doing tests we have we tech share testing an employee once every ten seconds. But with such a massive workforce and overwhelming market share across industries from Amazon has come under criticism for its company culture and business practices which some say crushes small businesses. Is it going to be here to learn your small business and I mean I don't want to see these businesses disappear after the pandemic as homer. It's certainly see Amazon's numbers of yet businesses are closing down. Oh yeah. What is it about your culture or your mission that might fly in the face of perhaps misperception that Amazon is in and the evil empire in some way. I come to work every day focus on the customer and that's kind of the way I think about it what gets me excited about coming to work it is is we are trying to solve these huge problems for customers. Especially incumbent it's it's really inspiring to see kind of let employees are doing what our drivers are doing every day to deliver only on customers. Once and that make. Hopefully subside sooner vs later. These shops will more than likely stick around because now in the weighed only shop in the week that we do things Amazon has changed the game. But Amazon says it keeps up with high demand by partnering with millions of small businesses and outside trucking partners like John nick allow. I think we can all. A test for how tough twenties when he was a lot of people struggling. And Amazon has given me the opportunity to. Provide a lot of jobs and I'm proud a year ago. Apparently were running 61 today that's 61 jobs each day yes. Parent represents one of those 61 John. Full benefits and he rhesus for a job well done. Now you have a daughter. What do you tell her about what daddy does every day. Oh I can't promise seized about 4%. I think now it's the big news overall value of bad. What am I didn't really hold any gift today on lap and I'm.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"While the company has faced criticism for fair pay and COVID-19 safety, its leaders say they’ve made efforts to correct these issues. Employees in New York City say their work is important.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74875396","title":"Amazon employees delivering with purpose throughout COVID-19, holiday season","url":"/Nightline/video/amazon-employees-delivering-purpose-covid-19-holiday-season-74875396"}