How Amazon's Fire Phone Is Re-Imagining the Smartphone

Amazon's newly unveiled device comes with 3-D technology and "shop-ready" features.
2:55 | 06/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Amazon's Fire Phone Is Re-Imagining the Smartphone
Watch out, aftpple. Tonight, another company has technology so stunning it looks too good to be true. But will Amazon's fire phone make iPhones a thing of the past? Reporter: In a world crowded with cool new phones, it's the one that broke through the noise and actually got people excited today. They call it the fire phone. Its break through feature, it looks 3-d. They have the four additional cameras in front, which means where your head and face is, which gives this 3-d effect when you look at the screen. There's been a number of 3-d phones from the last, but they were terrible. This is actually impressive. Reporter: The phone will cost between $200 and $650. A lot of people thought am zone was going to come out with a phone that was much cheaper than anything else out there and compete on price. That's not what they're doing. Now they're really relying on the technology itself. Reporter: It's no coincidence that one of the features can help you buy lots of tough. They call it firefly. Google has a similar feature, but this one is designed to keep you completely in Amazon's world. Where every item you look at might end up in your shopping cart. Is this the iPhone killer? Yeah, you know, we don't think about it in that perspective. If we can make a great phone for our customers, we have 240 million of them around the world, then we'll win them one at a time. Reporter: It's hard to say how good it all works. Our access was limited and frankly a bit confused. Initially Amazon didn't want us to touch the phone. When we asked to use the firefly feature to identify my iPhone, it couldn't figure it out. Houston, we have a problem. Reporter: While some wonder if the new phone can take on the mighty iPhone, others point out it doesn't have to. Amazon is in the process of becoming what you might call the everything of everything. You can buy just about anything from them. They produce their own TV shows, stream movies to their devices. They've reinvented how we read and want to use drones for delivery. Become a prime customer and stay a prime customer. Reporter: Many believe it's not about the phone but offering you one more tool in an Amazon word. I'm Neal Karlinsky for "Nightline" in Seattle.

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{"id":24206720,"title":"How Amazon's Fire Phone Is Re-Imagining the Smartphone","duration":"2:55","description":"Amazon's newly unveiled device comes with 3-D technology and \"shop-ready\" features.","url":"/Nightline/video/amazons-fire-phone-imagining-smartphone-24206720","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}