America's Coldest Town Lives for 'Icebox Days'

International Falls, Minn., celebrates the cold with frozen turkey bowling, races and "smooshing."
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for America's Coldest Town Lives for 'Icebox Days'
As a swirling thousand mile long snowstorm is clobbering much of America grounding flights shutting down schools and generally making people miserable we thought it might be useful to visit the coldest town in this country where they believe there's no such thing as bad weather. Only bad year sub zero is a way of life in these people fully embrace it. ABC's juju Chang got a survival lesson. Here in the oldest city in the continental US it's an average dad -- wind -- negatives -- being. Little chilly but Terry Mason is not intimidated -- -- in fact the young mother from -- is getting ready to do something most of us would never dare. Plus about six miles. In what some call the real winter. -- -- to cool weather endurance and his brutal conditions. I did see some very frosty eyelashes on the way -- But this appears to be blown way OK so I'm them on plus I had my double -- that's what -- really really needs. Nightline traveled to International Falls, Minnesota where frigid -- away in line humans. The secret to surviving those brutal temperatures -- cowering indoors these hardy souls do the opposite being embraced it. Right now yeah. But it's not just embrace this Canadian border town dubbed the -- sponsored the nation celebrates the -- with this annual event it. For the younger -- And a young hearts the bulls and break. There's something -- everyone in this town of 6000. And it's a lifestyle lesson for the rest of shivering through when the coldest winters on record. It all starts with an early morning wake up call -- good morning. The theory is our local -- a first grade teacher and mother of four mornings in the winter are dark. Nobody ever wants to get up because they swear you're waking up no mind to ward off cabin fever the living room. Also doubles as the family -- and the reason they're here is because it's so dark so long go into the basement is even more depressing. With temperatures as low as negative feet -- Getting ready to venture out involves a great deal of strategy it's snow pants and jackets and boots and you have to find mittens and hats and cold weather gear isn't -- the snow -- are on sale fifty dollars apiece and that's 200 dollars. And then snow suits were running about another -- The family moved here from taxes thirteen years ago houses and -- national falls are not as big. Because -- -- him. To keep her car battery from dying in the -- Terry's husband plugs it into a power outlet you can -- -- when he gets screening below zero. So that it doesn't the -- doesn't die on you. -- a -- -- gathered at Carson -- and hit the 6000 or so residents of International Falls and their week around the five day forecast. When is it any longer and they wouldn't be here inside -- -- depending on the weather in the -- -- -- -- Thirty more years. Icebox days were here -- and international ball it's 37 states with toss town. Yes -- is a little bit cold but that's what it's all about so only the -- from the cold. Well to cold in the -- K 104 talking up the distant cities like frozen Turkey will. Many people are under the misconception -- -- -- live turkeys. Know what we do is we use frozen turkeys. Competitors gathered from all over Minnesota and beyond this little -- until -- With fresh snow the running conditions aren't less than ideal. Loans not burned why you're doing that -- cute little thing. Along the six mile route Terry gets some much needed moral support. Cheering the runners on it involves braving cold. -- -- any good job but it didn't take special breed who. It does it if your real -- see where I'm from we complain when it drops below forty buoyant who. That is we start to tomatoes when it's what still forty. Terry crossing the finish line placing first among the local women. -- -- -- -- I think -- -- yeah. -- nine. -- and -- and -- always question here -- -- -- -- series but she made a rookie mistake. People who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her biggest mistake once led to frost -- -- my feet hit it. They had stayed several months later and she still feeling the pain and it's just went up to rob name constant. It just heard if you only -- takes a while but -- -- real thing for people up here. You can -- -- statements of yeah which is why we're all bundled up except for this guy doesn't shouldn't -- sting. -- -- -- really you don't feel called -- -- stigma and now the event we've all been waiting for frozen Turkey bowling. Next up the -- talks with the pregnant. Just I don't know if you like that when you get up and you know and that -- -- the -- doing real good now. And downtown just -- biking bar -- team Canada vs team USA. This is an international conference isn't I didn't know I live on a bargaining yeah. It's an event called solution and dynamically -- nothing. Really -- And you look I believe you -- born bad okay. Ironically team to lose traveled much farther to get your team Canada which is just minutes away. -- yeah it's. Big week in the end team USA takes home the Gould did what is the win or lose these winter -- show was considered cursing the cold and just have to -- Okay. -- -- -- TV Chang in International Falls, Minnesota.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"International Falls, Minn., celebrates the cold with frozen turkey bowling, races and \"smooshing.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21618560","title":"America's Coldest Town Lives for 'Icebox Days'","url":"/Nightline/video/americas-coldest-town-lives-icebox-days-21618560"}