Anthony Weiner's Good Wife

Huma Abedin stood by her husband amid new sexting allegations, and others have done the same.
4:38 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Anthony Weiner's Good Wife
In an era of scandal this is one for the books two years ago Anthony Weiner resigned his seat in congress. After he was caught texting pictures of his erection to random women. Today after new allegations that he kept on sexting under the alias Carlos danger. -- -- held another cringe worthy press conference confirming that his behavior did continue for months when many assumed he was in shame induced rehab. But he is still running for New York mayor and just as stunning his wife is still defending him now more passionately than ever. But why. Here's ABC's John -- Once again when it is a guy who has made the dumb mistake and -- Anthony Weiner -- dumb mistake you've heard this today this behavior that I did. What's problematic -- to say the least. Destructive. To say the most yet he admitted that after he was caught sending photos of his -- close torso two women not his wife back in 2011. And then said that he didn't it was a hoax it was someone sending a picture of a Weiner on -- account and then admitted that he did to be cleared the picture was of me. -- -- -- And then resigned from congress today I'm announcing my resignation from congress well it turns out he told us today there was more going on then that he shared at this time have said that other text and photos were likely to come out. And today they have yet with a 22 year old not his wife. And so once again when it's the guy who makes the dumb mistake. I want to again say -- very -- and to anyone who has received -- with receiving and these messages. And the destruction that this -- cause it's the spouse that gets so much of the attention the typical question being why is she standing there with him. -- -- for most of us if our husbands behaved in this fish and would be out of the -- -- he'd be but there. Political wives many of them find a way to put up of that. It came up when it was Hillary's turn it came up with so the wall Spitzer when the governor of New York was caught hiring a prostitute. I've begun to atone for my private failings with my wife -- And it's come up again now for -- the team who in fact today stood up for her husband or at least for their marriage. Our marriage like many others. Has had its class and it stamps. It took a lot of work. And a whole lot of therapy. To get took place right for the -- It was not an easy choice. And it anyway. But I made the decision. That it was worth staying at this hour. -- cynics will say. The wives who stand there are making some sort of cold calculation that their marriages are more like corporations -- affairs of the heart and that it's good for business good for the business of which their marriages just the front end to show the board of directors standing united in a time of crisis. Which it certainly is for Weiner since his disgrace two years ago he's been working on a comeback and he seemed to be getting -- he's running for mayor of new York and he's been high up in the. We'll see whether that's true enough. But the theory that there's just something about a political spouse. Goes out the window when you considered that will Maria Shriver walked away from Arnold after it came out that he had fathered a child with the made us. And Mark Sanford wife Jenny Sullivan walked away when he slipped off for a dream trip. With his south American lover. It began very. Innocently as I suspect many of these things -- In just -- -- -- back and forth. And David Petraeus his wife -- -- did not divorced him after his affair with his biographer all of brought well. But he decided that he could handle his time in the public stockade on his own by the way -- abroad -- was married to. Notice that for some reason there's never been as much wondering aloud about what was going through her husband Scott's mind. Here's the thing about marriage it is human it is complex it is unique each and every time. I don't know how it worked out. They did know that I wanted to -- it and I'm sure you could say that whom Aberdeen was out there today out of some political calculation. Sure to don't know and may -- may be. Everything starts right here. They've worked it out and they love each other and they decided to which it to get through it -- oh and run for mayor of New York have seen time. For Nightline like I'm done done things in Washington thank you watch.

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{"id":19756117,"title":"Anthony Weiner's Good Wife","duration":"4:38","description":"Huma Abedin stood by her husband amid new sexting allegations, and others have done the same.","url":"/Nightline/video/anthony-weiners-good-wife-19756117","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}