Artist uses his feet to create massive murals in the snow

Simon Beck has become a global sensation for his installations made by stepping through snow with snowshoes and a ski pole.
5:57 | 02/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Artist uses his feet to create massive murals in the snow
In the beginning his canvas is pure as driven zmoe. Snow. Will take him ten painstaking hours placing one foot in front of the other 45,000 times. To bring what only exists in his mind to life. Had is Simon beck, dubbed the world's first snow artist. It looks good. Hasn't been done before. That's the holy grail for any artist isn't it. Don't have to buy any tickets. Can see clearly. Snow art. Trans fixing murals in nature's powder that have become a sensation his work shared and sought after the around the globe. Geography meets geometry meets the power of the internet and for this man suddenly a new career doing what he loves. Bit of a joke really after skiing one day decided to make a drawing on this area of level snow. What happened that day an a standing design he saw from ski lift. Never knew how good it would look when I seen that drawing. Over time his snow shoes took him on artistic trek on palettes around the world from national park to summit powder mountain in Utah and here in Minnesota the city welcoming back an umpire winter festival the great northern. Ice carving. Curling. But the big ticket item is beck's 276th drawing. Overall I think it's pretty good. Should get a reasonable result today. He's always wanted to filet stadium this is his first. Target field. This is engineer's drawing cut down to the grass area to give an idea of the scale of the drawing. Go out here in straight line. That red cone in. He secures his snow shoes for beck his painter's brush and begins. Going to go anti clockwise. Got to step over. After 275 draws still feels like the first time. The precision worked almost meditative the him of the city slowly dimming against the cadence of his step. Never seen an artist create like Simon using his physical self to use a beautiful shape emerge in the snow but he does it using his body. Definitely surprising you, this jufr journey has taken you where nobody has before. I was amazed found that out on the internet. That's what I took it seriously. He used to pay the bills making maps but along the way training his mind to hold complex designs. The first one was a simple pointy star. He showed a bit of his process mostly starts in his head. Start by working in the middle if you can. Middle of the space you're working. Might walk in bit of a curve. And every line is a line you will have to walk physically. Yeah. Got to make the track in the snow. It. The work can take hours even days. This installation will take roughly ten hours to complete. So I'm off to help. So the main thing is well on the way to be completed now. I will show you over there, shade it couple more times. I see you working with single ski pole making very light markings yet even now I can tell this is a very precise piece of work how are you so precise using just a ski pole. Well, it's not hard to do. You get too close you you go dang I'm bit too close, the eye is sensitive. When it's bit too wide, six inches would notice. Just six inches is enough to make a difference. Now I'm now artist assistant give me pointers tell me what to do. Boundary between shaded and unshaded needs to be nicely flattened. And flat is the unshaded. Absolutely. You go twice and get nice soft edge. Try to smooth down the edge. Nice curve along the edge of the boundary. Reminds me of hiking. It's actually really nice to do something very simple and creating something beautiful. What about the fact do you find it beautiful that it will not alwayshere. Just a fact of life. Look at blank canvas wasn't destroyed by the forces of nature. Don't think I wouldn't do it if I knew it would be destroyed by forces of nature. What's the high point for you. Definitely when you get good result when conditions are right. 45,000 steps later the vision in Simon beck's mind has come to mind. When you realize wow I'm doing this and lot of people are interested in having piece of it what was like that like. Felt like a valued man in society. That's what this is part in large part. Well that's just what I do. For "Nightline" Gloria Riviera in Minneapolis.

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{"id":52896567,"title":"Artist uses his feet to create massive murals in the snow","duration":"5:57","description":"Simon Beck has become a global sensation for his installations made by stepping through snow with snowshoes and a ski pole.","url":"/Nightline/video/artist-creates-feet-create-massive-murals-snow-52896567","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}