The Attack: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 1

Shootings are not uncommon in San Bernardino, but this was not a normal callout for first responders.
8:46 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for The Attack: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 1
The F time recruiting and maybe it shouldn't. Unfortunately. That's not totally uncommon calls for us to half. But nothing about this it San Bernardino California would be. Machine gun or aren't. KeyArena artwork or an angry for no matter what we are getting updates that it was now. Possibly shots fired. Opening different computing and heartburn and then it was updated to man with the gun and then possibly an active shooter. Yeah. He lived in Guinea pig people have you seen aboard with a guy. A good look at Lieberman could get on really that I don't gamble on the way OK if people shooting. The calls were coming from a conference center in San Bernardino the inland regional center the IRC. County Health Department employees had gathered for a training session with a holiday lunch the fall. Inside the room itself and human regionals there was Christmas tree there were decorations and you can clearly see from. Pictures inside that room that there was somewhat of a hostile atmosphere. At 10531. Of the county employees Siad furrow could left the room. The shooting began five minutes later. People within the young or call bloc could you see them anymore. I'm more focused on the board that he'll acuity. I don't know OK. You around he'd buy here. And daily. Lieutenant Mike men and administrative officer in an unmarked car and pulled over in the target parking lot to take a personal phone call. The 911 dispatchers started to broadcast. That is as wintry excited about what evidence in building number three. Pop like the shooter. Being primarily a desk jockey for the last few years I never responded on an actual active shooter. This would have been a first in my twenties you're correct. That this call signs is Lincoln's three. We don't worry I won't be eliminated don't look outside an important or unit. My location. He was less than a mile away tonight notice that it was driving faster and faster is I was getting closer. I realized I looked around it's kind of scene and other crops are I think I'm I think I'm folks want here. But quickly got out of the car because I didn't wanna be I want you sitting duck if in fact I was found nothing. Horrible position who are receding. I saw a lot of people running now the front. Country from government and how you subsidize the old crowd in black and oh it applies quality control. Cut the on the south side of the business on the interior heavenly can forget anybody would give. But I need to orient paper entry can we have a. Within 45 seconds Madden and three other officers were ready to make entry. But Maddon had only a handgun and left his bulletproof vest in the truck. And UN without a vest and sister and I'm not the smartest guy ever. Emory four officers we've been Albert entry. Into Canada that he entry. Org Friday. I'm in the back during. Korea entered. A happy kid him. It was worse inside. You people yelling and screaming. Fire alarm going off was very loud. The sound of the water. And there be enough commotion. In the moment. People trying to get out of the building. The smell was overwhelming it's like your senses just kicked up to ten. As the first officers inside. They're active shooter training dictated the only focused on finding the shooters still believed to be in the building. We have the every reason to believe that the shooters had moved on further into the building so. Our goal is he initial entry team had to be locating them and stopping them. San Bernardino police officer Sean Sandoval was in the first team to go in his instructions find the shooter meaning he could not stop to help the wounded. And made I contact. With some. And the looks and the victims faces. You can't describe. To the mass devastation. And dean need for help. As I looked at you and into that room there was screams and cries. And we pushed on and kept moving forward into the billing in search of that threat and that's very hard. And most difficult thing I've ever done in my life. Known as somewhere alive when he entered. And when you came back there are no longer living. So left a huge burden almost the burden of guilt that we didn't help them and they didn't survive. Clearly it still bothers you a year later there's not one day that goes by that I don't think about it. Right behind me or other officers that could stop and including county probation officer makes a run. When I encountered that first group of people who it it literally sucked the air out of my body there was this river of blood coming out of the conference room onto the sidewalk onto the parking pavement here and with all the noise and from the fire alarm going off. Heard a voice. Say help me I'm been and I. That was the second time. I lost my hair but couldn't breathe and look down. And next in my legs. To further dorsal conference room. Is this. Beautiful young lady. Severely wounded. I was begging this. Couple and she proceeds to tell me that she had been shot. Very nonchalant very catatonic like she tells me where she had been shot. She tells me that she's going to die and not to let her die for loaning all around me. At essence is coming here helped me. Stud body is all around. I looked at her I looked up to the conference room. I looked down her in a city knocked him indicted in. He stayed in 32 year old Amanda again spark lit even though she had lost half her blood and was near death. Today still in pain and recovery. She wants to send this message to officers Carano and the other first responders. Knew. Are one of God's angels here on earth and I believe I have guardian angels and that day god used almost first responders ticket in there and to get us out. So that we are still alive today. Oh. Now officers from across the region were responding dealing with the 36 people who had been shot. The public probably all credible lead in a black and. And still searching for the suspect. It's actually a dark colored SUV. Sometimes you find the shooter there. Sometimes the shooter takes their own lives after the initial attack that was not the case here the shooters in the black SUV had made a clean get a. She on this traffic surveillance is making a U turn and then driving at a normal speed right by police cars in the opposite. Which were rushing to the C. There's a sense of urgency initially. Not knowing whether more out there and are there follow on attacks being back at about half of that bracket is there another target. Is there a potential that these suspects are gonna continue driving around the city of salmon and you know or moved to another location. I was in touch LE PD chief at that time. Because he was very concerned are they coming in in my city. The. This was a moment suspects like this don't normally traders. And so then your mind goes to work. We've got to find. Time is of the essence.

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{"id":43894015,"title":"The Attack: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 1","duration":"8:46","description":"Shootings are not uncommon in San Bernardino, but this was not a normal callout for first responders.","url":"/Nightline/video/attack-heroes-san-bernardino-part-43894015","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}