How 'The Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay made her choice

The 31-year-old attorney talks with ABC's Nick Watt about who she got engaged to and this season's controversies.
7:02 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for How 'The Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay made her choice
??? Tonight's season finale of "The bachelorette" was among most anticipated of the series. No one looking forward to it more than Rachael Lindsey herself because she and her groom have been dating in secret careful not to be seen until tonight's show aired. Now three months getting to know each other off camera, did she make the right choice. Will you accept this rose. 1000% I love you and will accept that rose. The decision came down to this bold decision. If I had gone with purely just being infatuated with someone it would have been Peter but I didn't see him as a husband. She does see Bryan as dude to hit chair two, interesting choice, resh him from episode one, seriously. Girl, you in trouble. Am I in. You in trouble. Okay. Was it a lot for the first meeting the first night. Yes. I will agree with that. But he really won me over showing me who he really is. Of all the men. The one I like the most. The one I like the most is Brian. Oh, my god. Really I'm so flattered. Ultimately the early Grau. I want someone who wants marriage. I didn't want him to pick out a ring. Put on a suit, prepare what he would say, get down on one knee just to tell him no. So Brian he will be Rachel's husband. You see me on camera often saying I don't believe you. You're so charming. I'm kind of obsessed to see you smile. You say all of the right things, Brian. He said I'm going to show you who I really am. And he did. I love you. I love you too. You could see how I would fall in love superficially but then what's under that red v-neck t-shirt. This man is everything single thing that he says he is. So remember they finish shooting early may. Now that we've been dating off camera for three months it's been fantastic. And under pressure hush, hush, no way they could even be seen together many public. Can't even go to chipoltle together. Which we would in real life. Rachael was first African-American bachelorette. I had to get over that before I started this journey. I knew I couldn't make everyone happy. I knew it I was going to do this and am serious I have to pick the best person for me no Matt whaer they look like. I know I ninety Bieber. But I'm a believer. Couple weeks in race became a issue for us watching. Lee a contestant had a bunch of old racially charged tweets surface. When he was with me he was very pleasant. Imagine my surprise when I sit back and watch this and see how he is trying to get people all riled up. Me, Lee how you going to lie. Then add the tweets that's not who I knew. I want to a poolgize. It was nice he apologized but I think it was too late. Back to trying to find a husband in nine weeks on the TV show. Geneva was the turning point. I started not necessarily seeing Peter as the one and Brian was continually showing me he was is that one. I love watching you smile. Peter was too wishy washy. I wanted someone secure and confident and know what's he wants and where he is going in life. There's some good and bad days through all of this, I those bad days I'm not sure I want to stay. The more and more I got to date Peter I realized he wasn't quite there. In the past nine weeks they watched the edited version of their romance and other stuff. It's hard for me to watch now I have a fiance. Oh, gosh that happened. Oh, yeah I did that. Hard forward you, come on what about Brian. We watch it. We talk about it. He tells me how he feels. I explain things. And we move on from it. And we tagged along at Copenhagen. It was dramatic because I let a lot of people go not at rose ceremonies. I just don't know if we can get there. Ahh! I'll never get tired of watching guys fight for me, or over me. I think any girl would say they would like to see that every day. I think Rachael saw me that I fought hard for her heart. I'm looking to get a little deep with her. More emotional with her. First thing's first. Hopefully she can let go and open her heart to me and we can fall in love. Brian apparently a maturing Casanova thrusting into poll position. He said in past few years he's ready for something serious and you see him talk about a relationship where that female didn't get along with his mother. If he's happy I'm happy if not I'll kill you. I know she was joking. I know she wouldn't really kill me but she loves her baby and I get it and I respect the relationship she has with her son. Yes, yes, yes, where's the loyalty. Rachael's parents did a little slamming of their own. I don't want it to be strained relationship I want it to work out. If you can't where's the priority. Is that all okay now? Yeah. Hi. How are you. I'm good. We first mech Rachel as a contestant on the bachelor. Also ran Nick picked Vanessa in the end. It's so hard to say good-bye to you right now. Any sort of wistful feelings about Nick. I hope he's happy with Vanessa and I wish them well. Trying to be nice. Yeah. Maybe the next bachelor will come from Eric cast. After this cycle looks like our 32-year-old lawyer from Dallas and 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami will live happily ever after. You are my fiance. It sounds so good. Have you set a date? No. It will not be this year. Can tell you that. We're not rushing it. Really going to get to know each other. I'm just cynical. When you get your wedding invite you'll know it's happening. Let's give it up for the beautiful couple Rachel and

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"The 31-year-old attorney talks with ABC's Nick Watt about who she got engaged to and this season's controversies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"49084828","title":"How 'The Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay made her choice","url":"/Nightline/video/bachelorette-rachel-lindsay-made-choice-49084828"}