At BeautyCon, Fans Meet Their YouTube Fashion and Beauty Idols

Small screen stars like Bethanny Mota have millions of views from detailing their morning routines and new products.
6:36 | 07/22/15

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Transcript for At BeautyCon, Fans Meet Their YouTube Fashion and Beauty Idols
For a certain, often young subset of America shall the hottest celebrities don't come from Hollywood. They come from youtube. So why are hundreds of fans spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products? Abbie Boudreau heads to beauty con to find out. Reporter: It's a big day for 15-year-old Megan. I'm beyond excited right now. I'm about to explode. Reporter: But if you think she's making a three-hour trek to L.A. To be at a boy band concert, that's so five years ago. This is beauty con, an event that unites thousands of selfie-taking teens with their idols. Fashion and beauty icons, like candy Johnson are here mingling with the masses. Who did you say you were most excited to meet today? Candy Johnson. Reporter: These small-screen stars have picked up millions of views and picked up big-time money from detailing everything from their morning routine to their favorite new products. Megan is part of a new generation of super fans. Oh, my god. Reporter: Who swear by these videos and the products these stars endorse. I also got their soap which smells like a little bit of heaven, I think. Reporter: How much money are you spending on things that you see on youtube? There are times I am looking at a product, and I have to have it. And I have spent over $1,000 this year. Sorry, dad. Reporter: Millennials spend over 2 billion dollars. Internet 1.0 was really about search. Internet 2.0 is about social. Internet 3.0 where we're at is about commerce and entertainment. Reporter: She knows how much her audience can spend. Some drop almost $300 just to attend her event. We're selling culture. Our fans grew up in an age where they grew up on these digital platforms, and they want 360 experiences all the time around contact creators and products that they love. Reporter: Does being here make you want to buy? Yes! I'm like, I need to get me some of everything right now. Reporter: How influenced are you by some of your favorite youtube stars? Sometimes they can really sell it to you. Do I even need this? Or did I just buy it because she bought it. Reporter: What's the answer? Normally I'll convince myself that I need it. Reporter: For some super fans, beauty con is a gateway to fame. I want to live my dreams, live my dream as dream makeup. I'm using this blush color to put on the apples of my cheeks. Reporter: How many hours a day are you online. 24 hours in the day. I'm probably online about 12. Reporter: 23-year-old shaniece works at a pharmacy by day and hopes all the time spent online will eventually pay off. Everybody wants to be, you know, a youtube star. Le you definitely have to work towards it. You have to put it to work, spend the money for the products, to reviews, catch the attention of beauty brands. Reporter: She sets her beauty budget to $300 per month. I definitely work in pharmacy. You have to make the money to spend the money. Reporter: And to become a star. Exactly. Reporter: With more than 9 million youtube subscribers and an estimated income of $40,000 a month, Bethany mode is already living that dream. It's such a huge deal, especially for these 12 year Olds, 13, 14 year Olds, they are freaking out. Hey, guys. Reporter: Her first video, posted back in 2009 is what's called a hall video. A 7-minute examination of the product she picked up at cosmetic companies like sephora. When I started there wasn't really anyone who had blown up from youtube. So I didn't know it was possible. Reporter: Now her content looks more like a highly-produced music video. But she still plugs her favorite products. Sun glasses and shoes are from top shop. I think it was three or four months after my first video that brands started sending e-mails asking me to show their products in my videos. Reporter: Moda has become a marketing powerhouse offline as well, with her own fashion line at air postal, even competing on dancing with the stars. Would you ever want to be a youtube star? That's every girl's dream, not to be a princess, but to be on youtube. Reporter: Do you ever find it could be a negative impact because it's to live up to those youtube stars? It's not like she's talking about wanting to be Angelina Jolie. It's regular people doing really school and positive. Best day of summer so far. Reporter: But she still hasn't caught a glimpse of her youtube idol, but we had a little surprise in store for the super fan. Oh! You're like amazing, and everything you do inspires me. You mean a lot to me. Reporter: An experience that won't fit in a shopping bag. For "Nightline," I'm Abbie Boudreau in Los Angeles. So what do you think of these youtube stars? Head to our Facebook page and let us know.

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Small screen stars like Bethanny Mota have millions of views from detailing their morning routines and new products.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"32608791","title":"At BeautyCon, Fans Meet Their YouTube Fashion and Beauty Idols","url":"/Nightline/video/beautycon-fans-meet-youtube-fashion-beauty-idols-32608791"}