Bette Midler, Billy Crystal on 'Parental Guidance'

Two Hollywood heavyweights talk with"Nightline's" Cynthia McFadden about their new movie.
6:50 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Bette Midler, Billy Crystal on 'Parental Guidance'
They cut their teeth together on New York's comedy circuit and then they both skyrocketed to Hollywood fame and now three decades after they met. Bette Midler and Billy Crystal are joining forces on the silver screen for the first time and they tell Michael -- -- McFadden all about going from old friends. To new co stars. And we would be shooting Padilla and we'd have a little loan. And that would have a back to me I would do this I'll miss Stanwyck. Knowing that I would bet Midler and Billy Crystal at the theme music -- theater to talk about their new film parental guidance. I -- I -- what I read that you never worked together before. Never came up you know you know you -- -- you had Meg Ryan knew what a -- -- me and I -- older and that's typical. -- -- -- -- Hard to believe it was more than two decades ago when Harry met Sally. -- -- -- -- -- And nearly ten years before that when -- -- made her motion picture debut in the road. Of course the -- have gone on to make us laugh. Year after year. He was mr. Saturday night. We just trying to get back to her ex husband -- Easter -- the first wives club. But despite altered glittering success they -- two stars whose stars never. Until now. And it was a thrill he -- -- offered -- the -- well -- did there was no one else. Everybody sweet you know everybody else that makes sense -- me I'll come on Merrill turned you down faith. The film with an idea hatched up by crystal government experience with his real life like. -- generous and would babysitting for a two granddaughters. From six days. And on the seventh day unrest and a ten game and -- we worked together and then an -- off thousands of all right here's the -- He -- to watch the kids are finding would you want to. Yeah go. The two still didn't know each other very well before shooting started and since they were playing an old married couple -- they thought they better fix them. So we had a duty. We went to the movie yes yes yes and we -- -- we should be just be married to a point yet. No we wouldn't talk to each -- -- -- right directions -- that's right. Crockett equity and real -- that's right again and then you know when it's an issue with him a -- -- -- -- -- -- I have to call -- the film also stars being adorable kids and Marisa Tomei. As their uptight mother. It but this isn't just about the laughs well the great Yogi Berra once said -- ain't over till it's over crystal plays RD on Minor League Baseball announcer. I love -- job. -- fired he's just lost his job -- sixty years old what is he gonna do with himself now. History was -- he's never going to be -- answer any passes this song. To the young grandson. Who then. Does it. Well -- -- -- you yeah. Anything cut are now and cut -- -- who then finds himself through my borrowers by color. Party so Midler as she does and our interview please his protector. And the movies -- -- -- took a twelve year old widow. So your not a grandmother. No my goodness I've forbidden my daughter become pregnant he could have been I think I'm ready right to continue to -- four -- -- -- March we have period -- 96. And three in the new ones coming in mid march the heart of the film has the differences between generations. The old rules for raising kids. And the new ones. There's some real moment in that -- coloring in the coloring books that happened to me. I would killers -- fourth the time. And I finished my menu. Paint -- would have your imagination tells him that actually -- what's the point of having lines and I got the album from Jones and that's what's so we put in the movie that's. That's beautiful that's absolutely beautiful is very tough on car -- By it's like nobody there are winners and losers we all just -- -- and that plays itself and in the baseball they're loyal to mr. No outs how is that possible the -- until -- -- -- seriously they stay up until -- -- it. And every -- men's and that time is no winners there's no -- and and -- can't take you out. There he struck out. Yes you did your -- that you don't restructure out. -- -- barring anymore. I think the no way of raising kids has some really good things about some very -- I'm great things and I think no abuse no beating Knowles saying your your your -- you'll never amount to anything -- -- all that is like I'm glad a lot of that's gone. I am but on the other hand you know everybody is -- saying you know everyone is equal everyone is equal to a great degree is that some people have. A lot more talent than other you know I'm science so that that has to be accommodating. Before you brush off their parental guidance. Consider this week some research about the to -- you do you know that the two of you share something that's very common. Nobody long marriages. Long long. I mean it's so it would be hardest swapping next week -- 43 years and you and not you know whether that means. Tony Tony it so in the 71 years in the. Americans -- -- all are so good about getting older not a damned thing. Do you feel smarter I do I feel like I know a lot more. I feel like -- handle situations better. I worried a lot you know meet -- I worried a lot I was always worried and I was so anxious. Terribly terribly anxious and I'm not anxious anymore because a lot of behind me at -- you know having it. Sections. As predicted in their new movie reminds us there's still a -- to come. -- -- -- -- And loved getting a chance to make this. I look I appreciate everything that they do a lot better than I did when I was forty you take nothing for granted you know what -- happy men getting there. Getting.

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{"id":18080357,"title":"Bette Midler, Billy Crystal on 'Parental Guidance'","duration":"6:50","description":"Two Hollywood heavyweights talk with\"Nightline's\" Cynthia McFadden about their new movie.","url":"/Nightline/video/bette-midler-billy-crystal-parental-guidance-18080357","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}