Beware of Cougars on the Prowl

These so-called cougars are sexier than ever, but what's in it for the cubs?
5:39 | 08/10/13

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Transcript for Beware of Cougars on the Prowl
I learned today that eight cougar is defined as a middle aged woman who dates men at least eight years younger. And it's only applies to women why I -- -- sexy they're powerful. They seem to know just what they want. What about the objects of their affection. To learn more about these relationships. Were looking into the positively. Animal listed world of cougars and cops. Here's ABC's David Wright as he finds out. Can you put -- number on law. Thursday night on the Sunset Strip. Cathy Newman is on the -- So this is -- -- rainbow room next to the Roxy has been here for years so has Cathy Phillips this -- there's not yet. He's one of the stars of TLC's extreme cougar wives and not the kind of woman -- -- come meet your mom. She's 55 her boyfriend on the show Brad considerably younger I'm 55 yeah -- 25 I think we're more than half -- yes -- -- -- How about another round now that's pretty very different -- diets but it doesn't bother me. The show also features a couple from Chicago. My name is doesn't -- and I'm 26 years ago. Name -- -- wrinkled man and I am fifty years old and there are 2.4 years between Desmond and I. Jerry is an old handedness. I have dated younger man before and that's why -- -- some cereal -- The show plays to that timeless theme of older woman younger guy. If if you think we've made progress since the graduates Robinson you're trying to seduce. If you think we've made progress since herald first fell in love with -- Think again. You know it doesn't work. What you get later in life -- 70s50. -- -- -- that -- older woman younger man thing is much more common much more accepted these days. Sitcoms like cougar town to celebrate -- -- But there is still a stigma attached to the -- of being called a -- being featured in a show called extreme wanders. I have I think about it yeah if you think it -- sort of he had sort of does -- mean it's it's so weird term. And an extreme cougar is like extreme it's like wow now -- -- -- not a Milf. But let me list of going this is graduating the health division this is going into another. Another you know level of of -- existence here. Japanese toughest moment on the show comes when it's time to meet the boyfriend's family planning school that's -- she's rage. -- -- -- -- Chicago -- when Coleman had a similar encounter with. Husband's family. By the looks on their faces they are shocked. Puzzled get the sense that the fact there -- interracial couple they could accept. This. This is something else she's a very special person in my life and I love you. And -- -- and home. -- family game. Yeah. This year. Has restored my faith in men and and what they're capable of giving women. I wouldn't I wouldn't trade -- for anything even if it ended tomorrow it. Been very nice okay nice being done what a contrast Kathy and Brad yeah. Whose relationship pretty much ended as soon as they walked out to do and how long. After the reality show. To -- -- -- I think right there could -- who who. After the -- with some -- that was -- what happened. What happened between ask him. He says basically it's not you it's only break up 101 I'm never going to be the person at their -- that you want and other people. -- -- Now that's the thing about extreme cougars -- totally get what the older person is after the Mountain View is right. With the younger guy what does he get out of this primary were however effective it. Actually just one other one. Reporter Erica and -- I don't know who actually -- she's my New Year's -- Two years ago. And she was just -- being you know what does he -- in her but I mean she's just but generally she's a sweetheart and look at. She's this is as we -- -- -- you know like a -- -- But in keeping with the couple's therapy being there. Doctor Freud has some better it's. Would those be -- well. That fundamentally -- what men want our mothers. That's not true it'll never mind she has a son about his -- She's gone under with the pies is back at the rainbow room on sunset Kathy is much in demand beyond the end. Truth be told she doesn't need my help this game she's -- top -- -- riveting to watch. That's exactly what TLC's extreme heat your wives. Banking -- I'm David Wright for Nightline at Sunset Strip --

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{"id":19923703,"title":"Beware of Cougars on the Prowl","duration":"5:39","description":"These so-called cougars are sexier than ever, but what's in it for the cubs? ","url":"/Nightline/video/beware-cougars-prowl-19923703","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}