Scoring Black Friday Discounts All Week Long

Shopping pros reveal how to get the best deals days before the Black Friday mobs.
6:16 | 11/22/14

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Transcript for Scoring Black Friday Discounts All Week Long
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But if you think the best sales are a week away, think again. We're with a true bargain hunting guru. Here's Rebecca Jarvis. Reporter: Forget the black Friday madness. Now, the deals are starting before you put the Turkey in the oven. These are just some of the retailers that have already cut prices. And some of the best deals are on Monday. We went on the hunt for secret savings, all the way to target headquarters in Minnesota. This is a working mom, a blogger, and a deal hunter. What's the biggest about of savings you have had? Between 30% and 50% off. Reporter: Using target's app cartwheel, using personalized hidden deals. I usually buy the big box of the wipes. Reporter: There's no signage saying it's on sale. You could have 5% off of any of these. Reporter: There are dozens of ways to save money. These apps instantly let you see prices at thousands of retailers. Is this the new candy crush? It's better. This is real life, real savings. It's like the gameification of savings. We'll preview black Friday on Wednesday, and then offer 50% off target gift cards. It's game time. We think about it all year. We released the circular online. Reporter: Feel the savings. And it's full of deals. $499 on the iPad air 2 with a gift card. This is the best deal on black Friday. You can get 50% off a new toy every day. Reporter: 50% off boys' pants. Even the Turkey, 30% off. At checkout, she gets almost $10 off her total. When I total, it takes the cartwheel discount. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: You said. Smart savings, right? Reporter: But $10 is just a drop in the bucket. Could she save any more? We put her up to the test. You went out, you have to buy $150 worth of gifts. Two kids, mother-in-law, husband. I'm going to do it without the app. I'm a pretty good deal shopper. But you don't know what you don't know. Reporter: We'll see you at the cash register. I did a run through with mark Elwood. Number one, just ask. Say, hey, was this TV here last week, or did you bring it in last night? If you're nice, they're going to explain everything. Once you tap them gently, they'll open right up. Reporter: Number two, turn to social media. You would be astonished how discounts are put out just through Twitter or advanced through Twitter. Reporter: When all else fails, just smile. Nothing beats an old-fashioned smile. Just like that. Say hello, I want to best deal I can. Reporter: My smiling was no match for the app. Merry Christmas. Are there any discounts here? Zero. I'm left wandering the aisles, looking for discounts on toys. While Alice shops with precision. Here we go. 20% off jewelry. Trying to decide which one looks good. Reporter: Oh, hello. Hi. Reporter: How is it going? Great. I'm doing a lot of saving. Reporter: We scored deals for our mother-in-laws. Oh, "Gone girl." 20% off. These are regularly almost $25, going down to $20. Plus I get another 20% off. Reporter: I'm going to give my husband a roku and a coupon book for free hugs. I'm getting a coffee maker, 20% off. Reporter: We start off almost exactly tied. $157.10 and $157.11. But she has some tricks up her sleeve. I'm going to scan my cartwheel. And can I use the mailer? Reporter: Her bill of $157.11 drops down to $102.42. Saving her almost $55. Humbled, I'm forced to admit defeat. Nice work. You definitely beat me by a lot. Up next, we're going into the wild. Coming nose to nose with some

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Shopping pros reveal how to get the best deals days before the Black Friday mobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"27099159","title":"Scoring Black Friday Discounts All Week Long","url":"/Nightline/video/black-friday-shopping-pros-reveal-best-deals-27099159"}