Black Market Ivory Investigation: Going After 'The Boss'

Part 2: While rushing to witness the capture of Togo's biggest ivory dealer, something goes wrong.
3:00 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Black Market Ivory Investigation: Going After 'The Boss'
Back now to our trip into the black market of white gold -- a worldwide ban on freshly poached ivory. Has only driven up the price and driven down the numbers of Africa's wild elephants. -- -- Drury is the self made wildlife crime fighter struggling against rampant corruption stop smugglers as workers -- up a man who could. -- a wealth of information along with the 500 pounds of ivory. In -- shop. Don't go don't following -- were rushing to document the capture of the biggest suspected. Dealer in Tokyo -- -- -- get a man the other -- call the boss. These tinted windows work. Readers been tipped off about the grave but there is still the chance. -- we -- states. Opinion about -- -- -- with the hopes of wildlife crime fighter who feared some worry -- dashed when it becomes clear that the boss caught wind of the raid. -- -- -- -- It's it's a roller coaster ride of emotions on the -- waiting to see who's going to show up whether the please cooperate. Whether the authorities have leaks to the suspect. And it's usually get a taste. -- frustration -- -- -- crusade. To save animals fiesta struggled through systems so corrupt every smuggler knows that freedom. It's just a bribe -- we don't want to hide that's enough country those are from DD -- way this total goes minister of the environment. And no fear has it on good authority that important -- was tipped. Off by someone in her department. But you must know that this is a shop that is not far from -- we're standing right now why has he been allowed to operate. In the open like this for so long weekend looks so of them as -- come to doing some investigation can you guaranteeing. That no one in your agency is is. Friendly. With ivory smugglers. Like the mood in there and think that's I think -- -- -- -- level more than 1000 stuff is 102 you won't economics of. You need officials you need corrupt governments you -- corrupt police agencies that. You can make citizen's arrest of these posters what do you say to persons as this -- just tilting at Windmills look. We Arnold get to do what we do what and corruption stops us from doing -- We are here to fight corruption along with fighting rampant corruption or fear also has the massive task of convincing people here. To care about animal welfare. No small task in countries -- -- the black market I want -- -- and black magic can help drive the species to bring. Got a black -- cobra heads over here are some owls up parrots the -- priests say that if you make a T out of Paris. It'll make your children more intelligent. It's easy to see why. Conservation still such a foreign term for so many people. This continent all animals are their magic and their medicine in their food. Meanwhile on the other side of the globe Asian cultures of long craved ivory is a sign of good taste they can bring good luck. And many here call it elephant -- wrongly assuming that tossed all often grow back it's not stopped very soon we're not gonna have -- more wild elephants in Africa. Dance styles is an expert on ivory markets around the world often going undercover to -- supply and demand. He does on the last leg of -- back in New York City center of Americans. Ivory trade. So what we're doing is monitoring. What's going on with the scale fighting it is the demand going up to demand going down this demand remained stable. Fighting this stuff is no problem in Manhattan from priceless sculptures to -- factory cards in China and Africa to Asia this today. Perfect thirty years forty years -- but the hard part is determining what is black market illegal ivory. And what is antique. Legally imported ivory that came in before the worldwide ban so it's not something Barry can get right here just pro China or transparency -- -- Every merchant we visit insist they sell only legal ivory. But since some new carvings are -- to appear -- old it's impossible to tell just by looking. You go to a little of everything and I now from where -- -- it would be easy to dismiss this as a Chinese problem but do Americans. Deserve a little of the blame here. There are a lot of Americans that -- like I -- -- -- ivory and a certain percentage of that ivory is -- legal. Last year to New York City Jewish hospital with a ton of illegal ivory it was a similar sized -- in Philadelphia. And -- fish and wildlife repository in Denver. Hold six tons. All of -- we'll soon be destroyed. To send a message. And wallow -- chases smugglers back in Africa. Davis convinced that his methods. Will never work in -- probably another five years -- story will throw in the towel and he would tell you. I tried but I failed it's impossible. Because of the corruption. Endemic corruption for law enforcement to actually stop the poaching. He's among the camp that believes it would be easier to teach over a billion Chinese to stop buying -- And convince poor Africans to stop poaching of elephants good people not buy their product people stop killing animals -- Maybe we'll take both camps to save this educating and shaming and enforcing and everything they had. This is -- fault -- -- -- fight it's dignity he's a never ending fight our reward is not reaching the point of achievement in single. And wolves. He's a great place it's the never ending fight him every time we know that we have to push further and further improvement for the.

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{"id":19878301,"title":"Black Market Ivory Investigation: Going After 'The Boss'","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: While rushing to witness the capture of Togo's biggest ivory dealer, something goes wrong.","url":"/Nightline/video/black-market-ivory-investigation-boss-19878301","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}