How 'BlacKkKlansman' director, cast tackled story of black cop infiltrating the KKK

Spike Lee, John David Washington, Topher Grace and the film's inspiration Ron Stallworth discuss the making of "BlacKkKlansman" and the movie's inspiration.
7:47 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for How 'BlacKkKlansman' director, cast tackled story of black cop infiltrating the KKK
You will not replaceus Reporter:his American nerve point, more more R than we have seen in generations. Reachi boiling point last ye in charlottesville this terrorisms grown. Megrown apple P American terrorism. We have toerstand that terrorism is terrorist Reporter: Now comes comedic relief, with th sharpestf S. What can I do you for? Well, sin you asked, I hate blacks. Repr: Spike Lee's newest lm "Blkkklansman based on of all things a true Y. I'm happy to be talking white americ. G bless W America. Reporter:19 Colorado Springs, Colorado. A B cop infiltrates the kkk. And as depicted in the movie, buddies tounsuspectingavid duke, then grand wizard of th Ku klux Klan. Today we are privile to be G white men and white women. Action. Eporter: In his unapologetic and Abo as subtle as Aho style, Lee links amica's ugly past with raceo her uncomfore present. The whole goal going in was connect this filmt takes place in the '70s with WHA happenintoday. And agentorange, dav duke, and the neo-naz gave me a coda. The united St. Resident trump? I call him agent Orange. I want to thank you so much for never putting your country sec. Tharight. Americafirst. Reporter: Some he lauage in the film seems to be lifted from today's political rhetic. From is day forward,s going to be only ameca first. America firs Reporter: This filmectly Ta on president trump and his initial ral T renounce hate groups. Ihi there's blame on both sides. And I have not ait, and you don't have any doubt about it either. You're N a fan of president trump. Ke many people in ica. You take ir shots at him I this. Do thin Id not tell agent orae to make tt statement. Did that. You also had people thatere very fine people on both sides. Why should there be any deration between you choose between peafulrotesters and hate groups? How do youropose to make this investigation? Well, I'v established contact created some familiarit with ansman over thephone. Rter: "Blackkklansm" is the hollywoodake on Ron Stallworth's takeut his Tim as aolice detective vestigating the kkk. How in the wor did you come up with the idea to infiltrate Klan? On th phone and told him that my sister had recently dated a so-called N word I hate that term.but had recently dated one. And every time heat his filthy black hands on her pure white Bo iade me cr. And I wanted to something to stop thatse of the race. His response to me was you're just the kindf man we're looking R, when can wemeet? Only in America. Yeah. That's when I thought okay, what have I gotten myself to? I' got too something. Reporter:lack man ltting the kkk sounds like somethingrom this famous Dave Chappelle skit about alack whiteremacist. But in this C Stallworth says itctually happened. He stilarries H Klan membership CD with him today. I have a warped sense of humor. If I'mr in a fatal car crash some poor cop's goingoome on my mangled black Bo go flu my personal effects, find card and just freak out. Rorter: John David Washington, denzelwashington's son, plays start in the movie. How was itous a young blacan relg to this story out a young black man from the 1970s? D it S familiar? That language of hate did. I mean, I W called T nord by a white person inth Carolina when I was 10 old. And you rember THA still? Yeah. Oh, yeah. But I have a lot ofond great memories of North Carolina too. So that's jus one. I'm not risking my life T prevent a couple rednecks from inviting a ce sets on fire. Reporte a white officer agreedgo undercover. I'm going to get you your mbership C so you Cano to these burning and get in deeper with these guys. Reporter:n the movie Adam driver plays his white counart. Ave a seat. Once they send you your membership card you'll be able to participate in allur programs. Reporter: Srth even managed to get David duke hif on thephone. Grandizard of the Ku klux Klan, that David duke? Yes, th grand wiz and national director,yeah. How did you get David duke on one, O all klansmen? I've always had a philosophy, whyhould I waste time talking to T lowest rung on th totem po when I Cano directly to the top? Consider you aruete erican hero. Isre any kind? No, sir. If he wasn't who he was, the type of guy you would want sitwn, have drinkwith talk about whatever. I'm justappy to bekingto a true white American. seems like there's less and ss ofs out there thedays. But it's WHE the subject of race came Dr. Jekyll became Mr. Hy. The monster in him W leashed. And he wasff and running. Topher grace David duke. I knew if there was anyone I could dot for, and I don't meananyone, I mean if there was oneson I'd feelrtable say look, no one's going to think that this is you speaki. This is David. There are moments T movie where he L lik and he sounds like the David D of 1978. Was nny for me. Reporte I've interview duke. Topher captures the equally ch, charismatic, and cate nationalist ve sat across from. Forhose who wld dismiss Yo as men stuck in the past you say what? Iay we're there. Reporter: Duke has mastered there ofintellectualizing at history LG ago deemed indefensible. Is back in the headlines, front and center att year's ralfullycharlottesville,s documented by indy star reporter. We're deterd to take our entry ba we're going to fulfill the promises oonald trump. That'st we believein. That's why we voted foronald trump. Repor while prent trump has disa any affiliation, duke remains a vocal supporter of the president. Do you hope thatresident trump sees this not going to the white house. I ain't going! But -- I'm thinking the invitation is probably not in E mail. So. Just Ng. I don't have no proem him and David duke seeing because they're in they're in thefilm Reporter: For all the dark humor, creative cinematoaphy, "Blackkklansman" is chilling. It's not hoood. It's hard truth. A new take O one of America's oldest sins.

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{"id":57302168,"title":"How 'BlacKkKlansman' director, cast tackled story of black cop infiltrating the KKK","duration":"7:47","description":"Spike Lee, John David Washington, Topher Grace and the film's inspiration Ron Stallworth discuss the making of \"BlacKkKlansman\" and the movie's inspiration.","url":"/Nightline/video/blackkklansman-director-cast-tackled-story-black-cop-infiltrating-57302168","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}