Bob Woodward on 'Fear,' his new book that has President Trump enraged

Woodward's new book claims to take the reader inside the White House during key moments of the Trump presidency.
10:18 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Bob Woodward on 'Fear,' his new book that has President Trump enraged
sat down with him. Y peoe disturb and worried about what's on in the trump white H need to wake up address it Bob Woodward, legeny reporter for the "Washington post" Ith a book that has president trump enrage FFD bis work of fiction. Are visibly and provably the oppose. Tea trumpn offense, fighting back agast the pict painted in the new woodwa book. Am into fiction so maybe I'll take aookt this one. In that scathing "New York Times" op-ed B a anonymous senior official, that a quiettance ininistration workingga the president to the entry. I T you're subverting the will of the people,ing to prevent him from doing T that he S elect to do B T people. Fir te that Bob Woodward has tangled commander in chief he's cered nine even bng downichard Nixon by breaking the watgate St Well, I'm not a crook. Mortalized on film by Robert dford in the movie,"all theent's men." No woodwd has turned his attention T presidenttrump, recording, he says, hundreds of hours O interviews W firssoor new book, "Fear: T in theteuse." Why'u call theook "Fear"? Trump in an interview two and hago said, well, re powsear. It's right out of his own lsttorney geral ff sessions, and I'm quote here, mentally retarded. T southerner. He cpares rein Priebus T a rat. Is this generally the way a president talks ahe peoplehi There are lots of things by Nixon about peo a quite insulting. A WHE house ainistration and ne to some be a team. Ed work together. And they're all fightingac other. Ey are chaos crears. The boopens with a SNE thatoodward describes as an administrative admistrative coup de T. Cohn stealing this documenesident'sesk because he word, accor to woodwa, th if the president signed the document, it would jeopardize erationalecurity by make us more vulnerabl a north Korean missile attack. H takes T letter from presidens desk fice. Once it's out oftrp's eyesight, he didn't it when the issue was postponed for while. Have your heard something like ? Cohen's a to a colleague is, I'm pctingtry. I've never oreard of sothe thatit's pt of the breakdown of the presidency in T War it aervous breakdown, STA joining together toposefully block what they believed were the predent's mosdangerous impulses another example came, H after ahemical attack on unarmediviliansd by th preside of sya, bashar Al now're talk about a M whresident says I want you to essentilyssassinate the leader of Syria. T D of let's get the F'er. Mattisas very deferential, said, we're not going to do that. The book also portrays ident who seems dangerously uninformed, incuriour viable. You dibe acene whehe president says to Gary Cohn his chief economic adviser, that the governed justri money. This was before he was in the meeting,he president said, we shou print money and Cohn said, no,no, we can'tothat. Because we'll increase T deficit, and thesident did understand.c omic, the present not comprehend. While Cohn cites no ctions, heoes say in a statement released, this Bo doe not accurately portray my expe at the white house. I continue to support the president. R" claims take T the white Hou during kements of T trump presidency. Including the aftermath of trump's rean to the deadly white supremacisn charlottesville. His initial comments which the presidentearedo go soft O neo-naz created an uproar. E condemn in the strongest possible ter T egregious dip hat, bitry, and many sides. The pre was persuaded ever a sd, more conciliatory speech. M is evil and thoseho cause violence in its nam are criminals and thugs, including the neo-zis, white acists. Watched Fox News and W that SNE said, well, this speech wascorrection on,mp washat was'ing worst speech I everday,e went back to his original positn that the problem here is bot sides. Woodward, thetrump white house is O paralyzedy Robert mller's Russia probe. Ward wri tensively about tensions bet the president and his nowormer personal attorney, John D youeport ttohn dowd waso worriehat the prent would pe in any sitdown iniewith special counsel Mueller thahey set U aock interview. It was kd O Ara a trump says things that are not tru dowd concluded, mygof Mueller really were he trump wodire him on the. Afte go through this, dowd to the present, ok see, Y C't test you would be a there witness. T presid well, no, I'll be a witness. No, look at- youkne N't do this.and gs to mue and shows him -- demonstra happened, that the president coutell the truth. He aually rol pls. With Ano psi torney. Yeah. In front of the col. R Woodward says the issue Ying to many SNE conversations between dowd his client. It's very anguishing for dowd. He said this bakingy art, I can not sit next to U as yrttorney have Yo the truth. He says,f testy, it will be orang jump suit, and the prt, at th point, then, iannot stay O as your attorney he gned. Yourite that dowd concludes, of the prident, you'renf'ing liar Yes exactly. But he can't bring himself to tell that to the president. A statement, E was no so-ed practice session or reenactment. Further, I did not refer to the president as a liar and did not say that he likely to up in an Orange jump suit.there are also bunch of quotes in here abouthings tt people work for T president say about him. Rex tillersonalls him an in Moro his current chief ostaf John Kelly, calls idiot. His D secretary, James mattiscompes the comnder in chief to a fifth or sixth grader. There always a lot of backstage commentsbout the ent. This is clear extreme. Members of th adminition havehe book's reporting. F of staff K said part, the idea that I E call the an idiots true. He and I both know sry is tal bd secretar of nse, Jim Mattis, in part, the contem ntem contemptous words were nevut.ho should we believe here? I fnd in 47 years of porting, when people denied things ohallenged say, yeah, by that was true. D sayse has audio S most of th interviews. In fact, just lasmonth, Woodward recorded a conveith the himself. Sorry we mid the opport tal F the ok. Talko youbout talking to me. Now,s that not true? Senator graha actually mentioned it qck one meeting, you ,hat is -- that is . That once cordial relationship -- You'valways bee fa wel see whatappens. Has now clearly curdled if I'm a trump supporter, I've seen now one, two, ree, four negative books present. Y wouldn't your B just wash as more noise? I think looks at it ctively Andes, gee, the saying this happened on thdhe cument pried in the book, you know, T aing truth. He truth, says, contained in WHE hop wilbe a historical documenha americansf all stripes to come to informed your view, is trump fit for oic That's not for me toci or C let the people intry or tholiticalmt what's rr I ar's their job, not mine.t here'something

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{"duration":"10:18","description":"Woodward's new book claims to take the reader inside the White House during key moments of the Trump presidency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57764092","title":"Bob Woodward on 'Fear,' his new book that has President Trump enraged","url":"/Nightline/video/bob-woodward-fear-book-president-trump-enraged-57764092"}