Vacation Planning: Book Wisely

Part 1: What to look out for when booking an all inclusive vacation.
11:17 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Vacation Planning: Book Wisely
Don't plan your next big. Come along on our news this week undercover vacation. One very -- corresponded takes her whole family undercover. Armed with -- cameras to know what to look out for when -- booking that all inclusive dream vacation. What's really. Yeah. On this -- and -- you can make sure that takes you were seeing online aren't hiding what your hotel really looks like and. Germs to go. Germs the tiniest hitch hikers we are crammed into the back seat on the great American Bailey road trip. Why -- are -- because we're on the look out. For those microscopic. Freeloaders. And -- -- taken -- samples. To the -- our correspondent. I want you can head to our team looks walkers will go to extremes. Find out where -- germs. Tickets please. How much did you pay for your last flights will oversee. And why did the person that you pay less than thirty yeah. We're leaving on a jet plane any subpoenas to try to figure out just how ticket pricing works. Before you spend anything. We'll do what -- it takes to. Just days. Why tonight -- premiere of ABC's the lookout is about to get busy and now. First up undercover Stanley. Here's why -- -- about -- vacations. It's that getting there is half the fun we have -- -- Yeah. Small price to pay -- and I. Especially when you're heading to sunny -- the -- to Mexico. On an investigative assignment. Your husband. And our two. Again. Okay. Sure we were hot and tired but finally. Or -- our where Richard Burton famously -- Elizabeth Taylor and -- each year over 3.5. Million visitors flocked to enjoy those beautiful beaches and unbeatable deals. We look through -- Caribbean at one of the most popular all inclusive resorts here. -- -- -- -- Our package included too sweet love r.'s yeah six restaurants. Kayaking snorkeling. And even kids club SARS total. Dollars for a family four for four -- Fears. And we're me. What we get will be paid for and we were about to find out. Our team of reporters. -- already in the hotel. -- fifteen different cameras made. Game. Carolina on camera. And not -- -- Disaster -- I could attack again. Can you guys. And reception we trying to confirm whether or package was as promised regarding the I just wanted to confirm -- we on things. We -- any of the restaurant and any time and that's simply can't. But -- she handed us our all inclusive check list. We noticed -- on the -- shop around what was listed on -- Caribbean dot com. Yeah. Now at first glance -- the resort was quite lovely. -- these things bubbling fountains we read about. Isn't this cheap Caribbean men -- the historic majesty. And for that matter and we're reduced to this. -- playing time yeah. Then we flew we got to -- over here earnings and he had to day bad day to day meant so there's not a little couch here. Large -- and I don't really want to know -- came from blues. Well who's I don't know comfortable there they're gonna jump shot crews so he cares about her -- and thief. Yeah. -- There's like of the large chunk out of the door it was never something not friends -- -- season. Safety. And being here -- Where -- -- hair. Done next. Morning it was time to put the -- Was there -- that we've managed to some of our neighbors. Because -- she Caribbean bill this week as an ideal -- vacation. The same time other sites are selling this week at -- hotel and surrounding fortify our stuff as a spring break parents. Funneling Beers. John -- kids were trying to look. Activities that we're supposed to be included in our package and it wasn't really clear that we talk -- It is. Black -- those guys have. We tried one more guy. But it turns out. -- even work for the hotel. It appears that included the crucible -- -- nut kernel -- business. The club was -- -- -- still our list seven exclusives continue to shrink. And what -- sold to restaurants we were told about that guaranteed a different flavor for every -- With a breakfast and -- -- do. That -- early morning. And -- -- is at last they elastic loop familiar. Even if we couldn't always identify what they were. -- Some of the things we could identify. -- -- -- -- And voters from the beach. Our other restaurant option was nowhere to be fast turns out he's been -- for five years. That in mind we wondered what would happen when he tried to -- dinner. To get the whole story waste your hand on our cameras -- For him. To us through kind of dragon Nall. It wasn't -- isn't putting your back pocket your they're gonna CNN not. Independent. -- -- -- really busy night ahead into the lobby. -- -- -- -- Teensy little camera. Right here. -- Thinking about him. We tried to cook dinner at one of the included restaurant this yeah. Best time Barak -- -- tonight. Over the handling. -- company is coming and OK EUY -- it. CNN new -- OK good you -- here on seats. -- -- out including Holland and attack and watch what happens to our -- of options she walked away with one list. Comes back with another. Here's the one who gave her complete with a grease stain and folds and menu and she gave us when we got to act. It wasn't just the grease stain that was -- that. Rusty that you guys gave me. Sent that five restaurants three bars and what you've done it again. In the new one -- spots and special dining deals mysteriously. Vanished. And they called and -- bad hair days. -- -- -- -- -- She unintentionally restores all our options but sends us back to the currency shares to. Finally make -- dinner reservations. And then -- Manning did you know. Just me -- and he's got a lot of people confuse the it's. Long long. -- After what seemed like an eternity in the -- we finally head off to dinner I'm not ready to do now. -- and it's. If there's one thing that they have this action. Great he's okay. Place. Okay. I mean. -- -- -- -- We try another restaurant but she would tear up. It was also included. And right next door. Hungry tired and desperate to stave off another meltdown. We decided to get -- by any means necessary. Sprinting across the four lane highway just. Leading our stomachs full. But our wallets of Valencia --

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{"id":19387462,"title":"Vacation Planning: Book Wisely","duration":"11:17","description":"Part 1: What to look out for when booking an all inclusive vacation. ","url":"/Nightline/video/book-wisely-19387462","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}