'Boss Baby' Stars Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow on how their new movie hits home

Baldwin opens up about fatherhood, playing Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" and his new upcoming book about the president's first 100 days.
5:34 | 03/29/17

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Transcript for 'Boss Baby' Stars Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow on how their new movie hits home
??? The last time Alec Baldwin and Lisa kudrow shared a screen together, he played her annoying boyfriend on the hit sitcom "Friends." Now they're back together and he's playing an even more demanding and emotionally draining man in her life. Her baby. Here's ABC's Nick watt. Meet your new baby -- . Reporter: Whoever thought to put the voice of Alec Baldwin with a baby with a briefcase is a genius. Goo goo ga ga. You can't not have fun playing a baby in a suit with one of those diaper things. I guess your wife's doing all the diaper changing in your house. You don't even know the name of it. Fine. I can talk. Now let's see if you can listen. Reporter: Jimmy Kimmel plays his dad. Lisa kudrow plays his mum in the movie. Is that really that strange, though, when you think about it? I would be the baby from the two of them I think. Reporter: Perhaps Baldwin's most high-profile dig of late the president of course on "Snl." Siri. How do I kill ISIS? Reporter: To acclaim from many but not the president. "Not funny. Cast is terrible. Always a complete hit job," he's tweeted. Baldwin says he may not play the role much longer on "Snl." Unclear how much longer. But he is now clearing up with co-founder of spy, radio host, to write a book charting trump's first 100 days. Kurt Anderson and I are writing a book called "You can't spell America without me." Thank you, by the way. Thank you. A lot of pictures. Kurt's going to do most of the writing because Kurt's a great writer. What is your role? Are you -- I'm trump. The two of you are writing it together? Coffee table book pictures. Oh, it's for fun. It's not a historical document, in other words. I mean, it's not like -- you're not -- I didn't understand. Have you seen him on "Snl" being president trump? I don't know what you're talking about. She knows. She's playing phoebe right there. Baldwin and kudrow actually last worked together on "Friends" circa 2002. I was her like really annoying boyfriend. We probably should get going. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Classic Ross. Fire her. And don't make me ever talk to a woman that old again. Reporter: And of course he was jack Donaghy in the long-running highly acclaimed "30 rock."" Jonathan, you're fired. Why is your tie a little bit squint? I did 6 1/2 years of a TV show and that's all you have to say, is I messed up my tie? You turn to her and go your show is a great show. And your tie is a mess. I'm just surprised nobody ever -- Can we start again? I'm surprised nobody ever told you that. For multiple reasons we need to start again. He was so good in "Glengarry Glen Ross," perhaps he's never managed to escape it. Coffee's for closers only. Ripped off on posters for "The boss baby." By the way, he dressed his son as the boss baby for the premiere. You do get constant -- these kind of corporate monsters when in real life you seem like quite a nice chap. I think I am. I've never played a movie part that was really what I am. What's going on inside of me. Almost got to fix that. It's not about age. It's about intellectual heft. Right. Where did you go to college? Vassar. She went to Vassar. Where did you go? I went to paconic community college. Mm-hmm. That was so polite of you. There is no such thing as paconic. Where did you go to college? St. Andrews. They have a college at the golf course? What did you study? Modern history. Which is -- Don't look at me that way. He's like, "Modern history." I'll have you know. Baldwin claims Donaghy and boss baby share a soft core. Inside those lines you see he's covering something. He's very needy. He does that to protect himself. He's completely full of you know what. Who are you? Let's just say I'm the boss. All right. Back to "Boss baby." He has a mission to get a cloned puppy that babycorp. Fears will steal all the love in the world. Behold our mortal enemy. Kids feel there's a finite amount of love. I was always asking my parents who do you love more? What did they say? We love you all equally. Baldwin lives in New York City with wife hillaria and three young kids. The message of "The boss baby" is sibling peace is a good one. I have a 3-year-old, 1 1/2-year-old and a 5-month-old. In the end we have to hug each other and kiss each other and say they love each other. My wife is very smart that way. What kind of a dad are you? Do you let it work out between them or do you intervene? I try to let them slug it out. You do. How Scottish of you. My god. To a point. Reporter: Baldwin himself, don't forget, brother of Billy and Stephen. When I was a kid, my parents had six kids. Boof. Everybody breaking windows and shooting arrows into the wall. But did you send each other to the hospital ever? A couple times, yeah. So he's familiar with the territory. This to me is about older brother who basically hates the new arrival. But you know, love conquers all, don't you think? Yeah. I was choked up by the end of the movie. I was. I was. I believe you. Reporter: Sure. I mean, I was laughing. You don't mean -- Reporter: I'm Nick watt for "Nightline" in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Baldwin opens up about fatherhood, playing Donald Trump on \"Saturday Night Live\" and his new upcoming book about the president's first 100 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"46438835","title":"'Boss Baby' Stars Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow on how their new movie hits home","url":"/Nightline/video/boss-baby-stars-alec-baldwin-lisa-kudrow-movie-46438835"}