Brad Paisley, LL Cool J Stand by 'Accidental Racist' Song

Country music star and rapper address backlash from their new co-written song.
3:00 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brad Paisley, LL Cool J Stand by 'Accidental Racist' Song
Over thirty years since Paul McCartney Stevie Wonder recorded ebony and -- -- -- poignant commentary on racial integration intolerance. Two days ago rap star LL cool. But to a critical reception much -- reminiscent of -- in Paul's classic instead. This -- -- ignited a media firestorm. ABC's rob Nelson. -- it's the new country needs hip hop song -- That's anything but black and white. You missed a -- -- what is good. The world was like you. -- -- -- -- -- -- Country superstar Brad Paisley and veteran rapper LO -- -- Tried to bridge to world with their collaboration on the -- accidental -- you from page Lee's latest album we'll house. No -- back and mom mom. The -- takes on slavery it suffered. Rooms and stereotypes but you -- kids were -- simple premise -- explaining himself. To a black coffee shop worker who's offended by the confederate flag on the -- seizure. The -- musicians sat down together for an exclusive interview with ABC news. This is the most important interview -- -- -- to -- Because of the song that we create. In the importance of this issue and -- -- -- wanted to be able. To break outside my comfort zone and then basically. Explore things that I wasn't sure it would if if they they had never been explore because it doesn't work or. Or just the fact that it's just one of those things is difficult to do. The lyrics are jarring hit earnest and -- -- country crooner. And the rap legends say ultimately. The message here is one of compassion respect. And simply moving on. Some people take exception to some of the lyrics -- respect that I'm sensitive to that but in the end I felt like what we had on tape. Was something that people need to hear. In terms -- -- Sometimes -- of skull and cross Mosul. You know a wife and get upset with me what you know I'm not a pilot Rick. So prominent -- got a confederate flag -- -- He's a -- -- these -- landed on YouTube Monday and has since been described as everything from a bad idea horrible and simply miss. -- clearly they wanted to get people talking but. I don't know if they actually expected it would get to this extent -- office NA is the music critic for The New Yorker and has covered -- -- career extensively. Usually has a way of tackling subjects with with some wit and some charm and in this is a slightly more earnest approach which which might have been why it didn't didn't work better. Music delving into these sensitive territory of race. There's certainly nothing new. Accidental racist might lack the -- chorus of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney's ebony and ivory. Or the mass appeal of Michael Jackson's mega hit black or white. But the -- still strikes a chord. What's unusual is that he's willing to sing a song about it where. Your average average country singer would conclude that this probably nothing to be gained by making this the subject to the song. Pushing the musical envelope is old hat for Paisley. Who was even parity country music and his own work. But for LL cool. -- accidental racist -- strikes have. For more conciliatory tone saying when it comes to America's past. Let bygones be behind them. -- That is prosecuting war exists only for his. Slavery but what I am saying is to get the slavery mentality. Forget the bitterness. Don't get bitter get better beyond teaming up to trying to heal racial tensions. It may also be a savvy business strategy. A way to reach both the massive hip hop and country audiences these are both genres where people in that genre wave the flag and they like -- -- yes I'm hip hop. Yes I'm country black artist finding success in the largely white world of country music dates back decades. Me. Me most notably with the success of singer Charley pride back in the seven. Head of more recently with Darius Rucker who first shot to fame as the lead singer with the iconic nineties band Hootie and the Blowfish and now -- platinum level success as a solo country star. But still the issue of race remains an unwavering lightning rod especially when confronted as bluntly. As an accidental races for these two stars though the song is Elisa bell bluntness and much more. About progress and let's not -- victims of things that. Happened so long ago right anywhere and at the same top list with suspected. But then after we respect it let's also. Open -- -- up so that we can move forward. You know like human beings. And -- this country -- indeed -- course that we should -- seat Embraer. -- in New York.

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{"id":18929095,"title":"Brad Paisley, LL Cool J Stand by 'Accidental Racist' Song","duration":"3:00","description":"Country music star and rapper address backlash from their new co-written song.","url":"/Nightline/video/brad-paisley-ll-cool-stand-accidental-racist-song-18929095","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}