The brazen new and old faces of hate in America

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer and other white nationalists marched in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Confederate statue.
6:13 | 08/15/17

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Transcript for The brazen new and old faces of hate in America
It's leaning its. It's 2017. And racism has come out of the shadows and bigotry in broad daylight. It's among its storytelling experience yeah yeah. I am saying hello America. Section of the American male mind David duke joining these brazen new faces of hate and there's no point. Discussing freaks. Exchanging lightning clothes for khakis a grave injuries do wrong and I require. Protesting the removal of the confederate statue Tiki torches and brings it. Eats a growing movement uniting under the banner of white. Nationalism we track down Richard Spencer self proclaimed scholar and when the event's organizers it's afraid to attack these people are. Drugs whatever need they are. And would exist they're they're not worth getting stuff delivered he's the man credited with coining the term all right propelled onto the national stage after this video went viral. That's Spencer of the so called on all right conference exultant president trumps win. Pelts from. Our people's victory. Some in the crowd performing a deeply disturbing Nazi salute we confronted him about it the end of last year. I sit hill trump and I held up a glass of whiskey. There's some people that half dozen people BI answer so gate. It Roman solidity we're not around and salute you know that it is and not his party salute are you trying to normalize. Racism. Yes I'm trying to normalize the racism as you call it I do know what the old right to be a fringe movement I want the all right to be a dominant movement he even seemed to predict that this extremism. Would lead to bloodshed. Of course that's a possibility I think the current paradigm that we are living under is going to lead to blood and tears period you're probably don't raise more. Basically. I don't know exactly what's going to happen but yes I do think that you will be a crack up predominantly on racial lines. And yet it was people all races who marched against Spencer and the races and he is bounces. This simmering white separatism may have boiled over this weekend but this country he is nothing new. Helping lead the protests David duke. The former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan or not anti black so much for pro life he's a fervent supporter of president trump Nightline spoke with him last October for duke and true. Don't disavows you does that LaBroque. I look reluctantly did so he's fighting a different race than me I don't judge him I believe in making America great again I go a bit if farther than trump you wanna make America whether it. I'm not saying make America why him I'm saying preserve. The principles and the people who made America great the first. Thanks mr. trump has energized the white supremacist movement. People like David duke endorsed him which is an unusual things usually white supremacist. You know don't want to have anything to do with elections and when he won they celebrated. Charlottesville. Unfortunately is the culmination of all of that celebration I'm afraid. Neo Nazi web sites like the daily storm are crazy trumps initial muted reaction to Charlottesville writing him. Trump's comments were good and he didn't attack us he just said the nation should come together and nothing specific against us. But after two days of criticism the president today condemned hate groups by name racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name mark criminals and thugs including the kkk. Eliciting a different response. It's president's strong pleas. For gas tax. Don't feel like you've got to see these things it's not and he knew that he should. But it's been difficult for trump to distance himself entirely from the support of white Nationalists his controversial chief strategist Steve Bennett during his tenure bright part. Referred to the publication as a platform for the all rights the president's former communications advisor suggesting Bannon has to go the got this sort of ban in court influence in the air which I think is a snag on the president to people who are members. White supremacist groups the presence of Steve van in the White House is very comforting. The roots of this week the speed of violence runs deep. I'm are getting back to this country's oldest divide. After Dillon was murdered nine people at a historic black church. Ties to the daily story emerged along with images of him posing with the confederate flag it's sparked. Renewed debate over symbols of yeah. Confederacy. When the city of New Orleans pushed to remove four confederate monuments protests broke out. These monuments celebrating a fictional sanitize confederacy ignoring the death ignoring the enslave Mitt ignoring the terror. That it actually stood for. Three of the monuments brought down without warning in the middle of the night across the country more than 700 similar monuments stand on public lands the majority in the south but the white supremacist they view. The battle now is trying to maintain their their history that they're proud of the monuments are just an excuse. For tried to self promoting get people out. Protesters in North Carolina today taking matters into their own hands. A lot of emotion around confederate statues and this important to put these monuments in context and to make it very very clear. That the confederacy was about protecting slavery as an institution and I say that as someone whose ancestors all fought for the confederate. What many consider our country's original sin of racism that old dark stain that must be confronted. Before to be cast out. For more on the violence in Charlottesville tune in to 20/20 Friday for a full hour special. The great divine.

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{"id":49221459,"title":"The brazen new and old faces of hate in America ","duration":"6:13","description":"Alt-right leader Richard Spencer and other white nationalists marched in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Confederate statue.","url":"/Nightline/video/brazen-faces-hate-america-49221459","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}