Breaking down President Biden's first full day in office

By day's end, President Joe Biden had signed several executive actions, including on COVID-19 and immigration. Meanwhile, Donald Trump faces an impending impeachment trial. Experts discuss.
5:11 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Breaking down President Biden's first full day in office
As the president signed a series of executive orders today, his predecessor awaited word on his senate impeachment trial. Earlier this evening I spoke with former Republican congresswoman Barbara Comstock and democratic strategist, Hillary Clinton's former national political director, Amanda Renteria. Thank you both. Barbara, on Fox News Wednesday, senator Lindsey graham had a strong warning for members of his party about loyalty to former president Donald Trump. Let's take a listen. I hope president trump understands that his legacy and his best future lies with the Republican party. I hope people in our party understand the party itself. If you're wanting to erase Donald Trump from the party, you're going to get erased. Strong words. Barbara, what's the message here for Republicans, do you think? I think the message is, we are going to have a politics, really Democrat and Republican, that's post-trump and post-pandemic, and we have a lot of new challenges, and I don't think we need to look to the past. Yesterday was about turning the page and a new administration, but also a new congress that has a lot of new faces, particularly a lot of new Republican faces. We have more women, we have more minority members. And I think we need to focus on that and the agenda that we want to get done for the American people, as well as how can we come together and work on things, covid relief, accelerating the vaccine, helping people who are in dire need? And we can't be about one person. That is over. We'll have impeachment, which I do support, but we also need to move on. Amanda, to the point about moving on, president Biden has continued to advance his agenda through executive orders, and has only appointed Democrats to this point thus far. After campaigning on a message of unity, is it risky for him not to extend an olive branch and include Republicans thus I don't think so. He is really selecting people, as you can tell, with bringing a lot of experience to the table. And who have been viewed as a little bit more moderate. In that sense, I think he has kept his promise to make sure that he is really building a cabinet that's reflective of the country and making sure to bring in a lot of different voices, and also really represent different geographies as well. So I think he's going to be okay here. When you look at his message that he has sent from the very first day of his campaign, he's always said, I am the president for all Americans. You heard that on the stage during his inauguration as well. He again hit that point that he really wants to reach out to everybody. And so long as his messages reflect that, his cabinet reflects that, his policies reflect that, he'll be just fine. I believe in that sincerity he has for bringing everyone together. Former majority leader Mitch Mcconnell has stated insurrection at the capitol was incited by president trump. Will enough Republicans get on board to convict in the senate trial? I think you saw ten Republicans, including Liz Cheney, the number three Republican in the house, do that. I think those ten members are really quality members. I think you're going to see more Republicans in the senate be open to it. I happen to think, if you bring -- if the managers do a good job, they should bring people like Mike pence in to testify about the things the president was asking him to do that were profoundly unconstitutional, anti-democratic, and illegal, in fact. All of those actions that were going on. The attorney general, Barr, has already spoken up about that these actions on January 6th were wrong. I think there will be others, say the Georgia officials who got those phone calls. I think we need to have that trial on the senate floor, and as governor Chris Christie, a good friend of Donald Trump's, said, if this isn't impeachable, what is? Amanda, how do you think the impeachment trial will play out, and will it distract from Biden's agenda in his first few weeks as president? I think you can do two things at once. And the senate has proven to be able to do that, so has congress. The reality is this is such an important happened. And I think you're going to see a different kind of trial here. I think it will be simple, it will be easy to understand. And I think it will send a message to friend and foe alike that nobody should ever think about attacking our capitol ever again. And I think that is a bipartisan message. We will see how it plays out. But an important one in order to really heal the country and get back together again, you've got to make sure people are held accountable. One of the important reasons of having the trial, having the conviction, is also the need to have the vote that Donald Trump cannot run again, but also that he will not get national security briefings and get those benefits of the presidency. This was essentially an assault of one branch of government against another. We've never seen that before. And it cannot stand. This is a conversation that will continue for some time, I would imagine. Thank you both. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"By day's end, President Joe Biden had signed several executive actions, including on COVID-19 and immigration. Meanwhile, Donald Trump faces an impending impeachment trial. Experts discuss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"75421205","title":"Breaking down President Biden's first full day in office ","url":"/Nightline/video/breaking-president-bidens-full-day-office-75421205"}