'Breaking Bad' Cast, Show Creator Talk Final Episodes

"Nightline" went behind the scenes of the hit AMC show as season 5 was wrapping up.
3:00 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for 'Breaking Bad' Cast, Show Creator Talk Final Episodes
It's a show with the unlikeliest. Of topics and the strangest of characters it's a show with the premise that dares you not to like it. And -- breaking bad stole our hearts to the tune of seven Emmys and countless -- watching fans. We understand those problems of addiction and that's the show wraps up its final season get ready for some major moments here's ABC's David Wright. Let me clue you. I am not in danger skied there I am the danger. Walter white's midlife crisis and possibly the most violent in. He's about to come to a bloody bitter and these wealthy his wife is back yet as businesses successful is gonna die soon probably yes -- finale five seasons in the making. It's. -- not -- for a chemistry teacher turned drug. Some of those scenes are very rose zero. And some naked. To apologize. -- America ever having to endure that. Nightline got an exclusive behind the scenes look as they shot the final season Owens said in Albuquerque, New Mexico this -- sound stage as the and that's math lab. It's going to catch and I would -- -- some -- progress. We got to watch it's a crazy idea -- -- is love it as Bryan Cranston himself directed the season opener. -- cut very nice but this is it going to be a tough interviews related -- there because. Not only do we not want to -- it. But I wanna be able to watch it at have a brief press that'll be a very short interview that -- couldn't let's let the no need for a spoiler alert that cast in the show's creator Vince Gilligan have scrupulously kept things under wraps. We wanted to leave it all on the field with that show -- -- Well thought out but I think what happens I'm not saying who batter -- Peterson matter. Live or die or any of that stuff but. Norman had gone out with a whimper -- The character for those who aren't yet -- was a mild mannered science teacher who after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Becomes a meth. -- would make ends meet. His wife becomes his reluctant accomplice I keep saying can't we get senior betting winner Jack Manning. His former burnout student Jesse his protege and partner. This is arch is so light. Actually it's just basic chemistry -- you think you kind of cancer. Jesse likes of. Why under the radar -- -- burnout turns out that he has the heart and he considered being. -- of the moral compass of the show. What we have attempted to do has never happened in the history of of series television and that is to start a character as a completely different person. And over the course of several seasons he goes through this metamorphosis and he becomes. Darker character is a set became darker greens are. But that's breaking bad. As the last episodes begin Walt's brother in law -- DEA agent has just discovered -- secret identity. -- the inscription of a book he happens to pick up in the bathroom. WW. You figure it. -- A cliff hanger on the -- that's breaking bad Korea. Show really. And in the toilet. If this is -- look at the cliff -- now it is. Hank knows -- -- and Walt doesn't. -- -- to -- on patient choice your father aero glass -- going to sign with winning gets down to life or debt. Breaking bad is still dark to show almost didn't get -- And -- one of the star writers of the X-Files behind it it was tough to sell because you know the pitches. Fifteen year old guy right there that's probable you know the kuril -- finds that he's got lung cancer OK -- strike to. And then decides to cook crystal -- -- -- -- it's like don't let the door hit you in the way out of that except -- that epithet at HBO showtime. -- -- Until finally AMC -- -- -- so many networks were dying to do a show about. A high school teacher who cooks and you know -- -- -- this topic out yeah I mean it's over John Marxist an hour and Chris. This. The show is dark but deliciously quirky. The -- trailer on set brimming with hilariously ghoulish memorabilia -- pretty much -- most iconic. -- There's the Teddy bear that crashed into -- pool ax wielded by a Mexican drug lord in season two. Inside a tool box on a low shelf Waltz newborn daughter. -- Certainly. -- creepy -- is -- -- do you look at it. And of course plenty of money and drugs including bags of blue meth and what is this stuff actually. Candy cotton candy -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You might get a little little buzz in fact in what may be the most peculiar sign of the show's cult following. The real drug enforcement agency says real meth cooks have started producing their own real version of blue map. A tribute to the show my mom is very very proud. The show has received plenty of more mainstream recognition. Three Emmys for Cranston -- for -- and two nominations for -- who plays Walt's wife. All I can do it is waits. -- -- -- -- The cancer to Compaq. In about one's -- -- -- over -- that will remain probably one of the highlights and. My career may be for the rest of my life I suspect that scene is -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you. She's not the only ones still waiting to win but you don't understand I -- -- have an MB -- it's probably just as well they're very pokey and sharp but it but it probably put my -- currently that would be bad. How many nominations this -- is at thirteen we have thirteen nominations the show may be ending. The Gilligan hinted there may be a spinoff series with -- colorful crazy lawyer. Better call -- So this is -- Goodman's office university of American Samoa. Tax evasion 2000 the the question is will any of -- Goodman's clients Walter White included still -- -- Only his creator knows I read that you cried. Writing the last episode I did -- it was just so darn brilliant. I did when I was right in the very last paragraph the last episode at teared up it suddenly dawn -- have never would be right in. Any of this character again and chances are -- are in for very rough rock. I'm David Wright for Nightline. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline\" went behind the scenes of the hit AMC show as season 5 was wrapping up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19847742","title":"'Breaking Bad' Cast, Show Creator Talk Final Episodes","url":"/Nightline/video/breaking-bad-cast-show-creator-talk-final-episodes-19847742"}