What Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations could mean for nominee

Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor, accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her in high school, which Kavanaugh called a 'completely false allegation.'
5:17 | 09/18/18

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Transcript for What Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations could mean for nominee
Reporter: It was a bombsll that rockedwashington. First we want to beginith that allegation againstreme court nomineekavanaugh. President trump's supreme turmoil. Sreme court nominee judge Brett kanaded back to capitol hill next week testify about those explove sexual assault allegations and the man who is accusing him will there,too. Judge kavgh is one of the finest people that I've ever known. Never had even a little blemish on his recd, but with all eing said, we want to go through the process. Reporter: The president defending his nominee today as Deats and en arowing nuep raise concerns and call for Adey in the nomination process days before vote. Obviously ifudge Kavanaugh hasd about whatthat WOU bedisqualiin I believe professor for think she's edible, and I in when the invgation is finished, I think had a majority of senators will find her credib. Udgekavanaugh's confirmation today is I doubt, but it'sot yet er Reporter: Over the weekend the accuserhristine bsey Rd stepped forward in a hington po" interview Ging kavan a H while they were in highool T 35ears ago kavaughategorically denies this happened. I picre of Ford from around the time sheeges she assaulted. She clearlysiders tstempted ra. Fays she didn't know kavaugh well wn they atnded a party as teenagers back in the Ford claims kavanaughnd friend whentumbling drunk when her in aed and TD on Lou music and saidkavanaug F watched as the now supreme courtinee pinned her T a bed and groped when she tried to scream, she says Kavanaugh panher mouth according he wasino attack me and move my clothin and thought he might inadvertely he post" reports fordold a mage therapist and her hud des L about the incident in 2012. It's non she will be in front of the com on butillingy. She's willing to do whatever it takes get hertory forth. She has taken apolygraph. She's a crediblen. These serious legations, and they should beadessed. R: Judge Kavanaugh declarin completely fal allegations. I've never done anything lik wh accuse desibes to her or to anyon because never happened. I had iho making usation until S identified herself yesterday. Fordnow a professoral altouniversi work I CL psychology she academic journals. At the end she wrote a letter to senator Dia feinein detainger storer ansi go feinsteinef the case to FBI, the same day 'sry began tleak. There was a great deal of support te her but she did receive L very vicious sexuallolent eails from total strangers There's goi to be no perfect way this, and is that this doesn't become judge Kavanaugh deservesbetter, the pfessor deserves B thanth Reporter: His confirmation has he as about H time I hig school. Did you ever get in trouble highchool, mor a John boy wa tr feruhler type? Worked hard in school.dot of friends. Talked a about my friends. You left out table part. Ghha encompassed under the I th Rep softball question that now sly on T, ap toice'll likely face again during ndtestimony. You wear spo tell the truth, the whole truthnd nothing B the truthso help you god. Do. Reporter: For many this brings the Anita hill hearis claim the judge harassed her they together I 19s. Thomas denies the claimed and H mocking tone that a lot of took towards anhings most pple remembered about those hearings. Are you srned woman? No. Do you have militant attitude relevant to the area of civilrights? No, have aant atti. I think as much as the ses, everye will be watching, I'll certainly be watching,otstions and the demeanor of the members of the coittee. Ow the bblemblicans have in holding on to T congress is among women. The S approl rings are terrible among women, and suburban areur off the republican. Toward, denigrating of a N whos a S accusationorter: We may see how all th plays O one week. For "Nightline," I'm Terry moranreporting om Washington. Next, Diane sawyer with tress Sally powerful

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor, accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her in high school, which Kavanaugh called a 'completely false allegation.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57899551","title":"What Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations could mean for nominee","url":"/Nightline/video/brett-kavanaugh-sexual-assault-allegations-nominee-57899551"}