Britain's Face of Hate: EDL Founder's Shocking Decision

Part 2: Tommy Robinson publically denounced the movement he started, but he remains a marked man.
5:10 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Britain's Face of Hate: EDL Founder's Shocking Decision
They are notorious right-wing group accused of being violent racist whose have taken to the street to fight home grown islamic extremists. What happens when their leader has a change of heart? ABC's lama Hasan continues her fascinating very personal journey. Reporter: We were inside the nerve center for one of the most feared groups in Britain. The infidels, they're a radical splinter group of the English defense league. We are here to find out if this is the future of the far right movement? The movement that just lost its leader. A lot of people calling me a sellout. Calling me a coward. Rancheros Reporter: In a bombshell announcement, tommy Robinson, and top deputy publicly denounce the protest movement. This is what I think -- Reporter: Saying they could no longer control racist rad kal radicals in their midst. Am I willing to be the public face for them. No I'm not. Reporter: Robinson's followers were furious. They're traitors. They should be hung for treason. Reporter: What would ordinary people make of Robinson's change of heart. Two days after he sat down. I joined him on his first trip back to his hometown. At first it seemed like Robinson was getting a warm welcome. But the mood shifted as we went deeper into town. Definitely feel there is more tension in the air now. We are walking through here. Yeah, yeah, of course. A very divided town. I was. No. Not. Why do you think it's racist? Oh, dear. What was senate -- what was that? I don't know. I don't know if this is a good idea. It was clear Robinson's past would not be forgotten or forgiven. Don't point your camera at me? I will break it. Huh? Huh? No, no, no, no. Did you get that on camera? I have just been attacked. Everything all right. It was very, very frightening. Yet again. I found myself in the middle of an ugly scene. Causing a commotion. Reporter: It seemed like the whole town was surrounding us. And everyone had an opinion. Obviously he has got other people behind him. The white people. A white man's world right now. He has been made out to be ten times worse than he is. Even as Robinson tried to leave, the confrontations kept on coming. Do you think that one looked good? Why is it so divided? We were born here. I was born here. Clearly the divisions here went far deeper than tommy Robinson. The truth is, many muslims feel like outsiders in this country. Reporter: Have you ever insited any of this. That's what they're saying you. Deserve it. You deserve it. Because -- America is going to see firsthand what is going to happen. How their freedoms are under attack. This is what is happening. This is coming your way. Reporter: Our conversation was cut short. Robinson thought we were being followed. Do you think we should go? You could feel the tension on the streets in Britain. And there is a lot of anger there. And I don't know how anyone can change that. In fact. It seemed the only thing the patrol and the edl have in common is they believe the conflict is coming to the united States. As the for the rest of us, the majority, we can only hope the voices of the many drown out the screams of a few. For "Nightline," lama Hasan in London. Since we shot the story, there are updates on the people we covered. Tommy Robinson was in prison for mortgage fraud. Charges he claimed were brought to silence him. Mean style, the shariah patrol are recruiting the streets, minus one person send senses to a year in prison for harassing

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Part 2: Tommy Robinson publically denounced the movement he started, but he remains a marked man.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23356867","title":"Britain's Face of Hate: EDL Founder's Shocking Decision","url":"/Nightline/video/britains-face-hate-edl-founders-shocking-decision-23356867"}