Britney Spears’ father maintains conservatorship out of love, lawyer says

Jamie Spears has been under intense scrutiny as the pop star’s conservator. Thousands of fans believe she is being controlled against her will, but his attorney says “people have it so wrong.”
8:06 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Britney Spears’ father maintains conservatorship out of love, lawyer says
juju Chang. Reporter: Britney spears in a playful moment with her family. Riding a bike with her niece. Her father, Jamie, in the beard, there. These videos shared exclusively with ABC news by Jamie's attorney, Vivienne th Orion, show the spears family together during the pandemic. I understand that every story needs a villain. But people have it so wrong here. This is a story about a fiercely loving, dedicated, and loyal father who rescued his daughter from a life-threatening situation. Reporter: The relationship between the princess of pop and her father coming under renewed scrutiny as the "Free Britney" continues calling for the end to her conservatorship. A functioning woman that has been working nonstop, it doesn't make sense. Reporter: The grassroots movement and the inner workings of the conservatorship arrangement highlighted in a recent "New York times"/fx documentary "Framing Britney spears" which re-examines the superstar's rise and public fall through today's lens. Now her father, Jamie spears, who was placed in charge of her career, her finances, and her health decisions in 2008 when she was just 26, responding through his lawyer, Vivian thoreen, in an exclusive interview with my colleague, Amy robach. Jamie saved Britney's life. Over the last 13 years, he has worked tirelessly to protect her. He has collaborated with her to help her regain custody of her children. He has brought her finances back from disaster. And he's created a safe environment for her to live her life the way she wants, away from the media that caused her so much pain. Show me how you want it Reporter: Britney spears was 16 when she catapulted to stardom with "Baby one more time." She came across as this strong young high school student in her first video. She was very pretty and sexy. A late teenager. And that was an image that she built on over the next several years, and she became one of the biggest stars in the world. Oops I did it again Reporter: Releasing one mega-hit after another. "Oops I did it again" in 2000. "Toxic" in 2003. You know that you're toxic Reporter: Within years the girl next door from kentwood, Louisiana, had become a household name. 2007, life in the spotlight seeming to take a toll. The young mother of two appeared to struggle amidst divorce, custody battle, and continued media scrutiny. Video of Britney spears with a shaved head circulate over the internet. Reporter: Under the relentless flash of cameras she took a pair of clippers to her own hair at a Los Angeles salon. The way she was treated by the media, the way that the tabloids talked about her, the way that the Paparazzi would not leave her alone. People tend to lash out when there's that kind of pressure on them. And she did. Reporter: Later that year, an infamous performance at the mtv video music awards. Reporter: What seemed to be a public unraveling coming to a head in an altercation with Paparazzi in L.A. I go to the car. I tell Britney, hey, Britney. All I'm going to do is I'm just going to ask you a couple of questions. And then I'm going to leave you alone. And coming up to me, please, please -- Stop, guys. Please, guys. Britney grabbed the umbrella, started coming after me, started beating the passenger side of my truck. We call this "Framing Britney spears." One of the reasons is because there's these frames that everybody remembers when they talk about her, when she shaved her head, when she hit the car with an umbrella. She was going out visiting Kevin federline at his home. The kids meant the world to Britney, and she wanted to see her kids. Kevin said no. Part of the reason we wanted to do the film was pull back from that frame and show you what's outside of it. And one of the things we found is that she was going through a custody battle during this time. Reporter: That following year, after two hospitalizations, Britney's father, Jamie, assumed control over his daughter's estate, along with an outside trust. I don't think people really know what conservatorship is, as much attention as it's gotten in recent months. I don't think people knew that it was weird for a young person to be under one, let alone be under one for 13 years. Reporter: 13 years later, the court mandated conservatorship still in effect, denying the 39-year-old control of her estate, prompting the question, If Britney, through her lawyer, is asking Jamie, her father, not be a part of her conservatorship, why does Jamie still then insist on being her conservator? Jamie serves as Britney's conservator because he loves her. He wants the best for Britney. Reporter: Jamie's attorneys say court documents show that when he stepped in as conservator in 2008, Britney's assets were only worth $2.8 million. They say he has worked with his daughter to increase her net worth to nearly $60 million in 2019. Britney's assets were clearly being mismanaged and she was being taken advantage of financially by some of those around her. Fy said I want your body Reporter: Since 2008, Britney has released four albums. Would you hold it against me Reporter: Starred on a primetime show. I felt like I had a connection with you the moment you started singing. Reporter: Even hosted her own Las Vegas residency. But she has not performed professionally since 2018, abruptly canceling her Las Vegas residency the following year, saying her dad was sick and she needed to focus on family. Fans now turning to the performer's Instagram account for behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life and hints about her well-being. Including dance videos, messages to fans. I pulled out all of my jackets, and the next day it was really hot, it was very confusing. Reporter: And last November her attorney telling a judge, my client has informed me she is afraid of her father, adding, she will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career. Can you explain why Britney's lawyer is saying she doesn't want her dad in charge of her finances anymore? Throughout 2020, Britney and her father had many conversations. And in fact, early on in the pandemic, they spent two weeks with other family members hunkered down in Louisiana. They spent a lot of time together. And in that time, Britney never expressed those words to her she's never asked him to step aside. Why she wouldn't go on social media and say, hey, guys, I don't need to be freed? Any time Britney wishes to end her conservatorship, she can have her attorney file a petition to terminate it. She's never exercised this right in the past 13 years. Free Britney! Reporter: For members of the "Free Britney" movement like Dustin strand, the question remains, what really is happening in Britney's life? Tomorrow we have our "Free Britney" rally. Free Britney, whoo! Reporter: For years, strand has traveled from Phoenix to los Angeles -- Britney, we're here to support you. We've known for a long time this conservatorship has been unjust. Reporter: The next conservatorship hearing is expected in March. A fight about which Britney herself remains publicly silent.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"Jamie Spears has been under intense scrutiny as the pop star’s conservator. Thousands of fans believe she is being controlled against her will, but his attorney says “people have it so wrong.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"76131165","title":"Britney Spears’ father maintains conservatorship out of love, lawyer says","url":"/Nightline/video/britney-spears-father-maintains-conservatorship-love-lawyer-76131165"}