Broadway's 'King Kong's' modern spin on classic Hollywood tale

Christiani Pitts talks about what it means to her to be cast as the first African-American woman in the iconic Ann Darrow role and working with the massive 2,000-pound gorilla puppet on stage.
7:33 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Broadway's 'King Kong's' modern spin on classic Hollywood tale
Reporter: It's an Hou to show time at one ofbr Boldt product. Come this way. I just try to get a relaxed and as quiet as I possible Repter: Last-minute touch-ups, a W lf nerves before the curtainoes up.atch yr step. It's not bes look, but this is prep. Reporter: But you seehe name of this big budget show isn't backstage. He dsn't eve fit in E dresng room. This is king Kong. The $35 llion action-pacd musical like nothing broad has en before. "King Kong" is a story L revered in the ameri consciousness. A giant apeaptured and brought to New York as a spectacle that escapes, taking the heroine captivatop the empire state buildingefore falling his death. And this newest version just so happens to star mygh thendependent and head strong ading lady,, Kong might be king you're queen of this show. Uh-huh. Okay. ??? I'm tg the ne, I'm going to be then of Yo ??? Reporter: Reimagin for a modern age, a Farry from E damsels in distres of pastwhat's it mean you to be the first afrin-americanan to play this iconice tthistorically has always been a whitwoman? I feel like it means ogress, base I think F a long time, if someone was supposed to be beautiful on staghey had to be blonde or they had to be fairnned and I think we're now in a place where beauty is S my thin, and I get to be unologetical myself and unapologetically bl O and that's something I do noteightly. ??? Never ask permission, don't trample on S ambitn ??? Reporter: There's also relevance it me in this play, to the too movement. That you're not aamsel in diss. It's girl grew upn the farm. She always had to work for hers so sheoesn't eve know how to let a man save which is shocking forhe men in the play. She'slike, I don't need you and actually I don't knotone Reporter: You sing, you ac you dance, and your co I the quiet side. He don't tal a all. Right. The primary this listen and respo so I sort of listening his movement, to howis by moves, to his face moves to a truthfulponse. Reporter: Movement that's not possib without the team of eteers helng Kong come to LI What ove Abo Kong is that itbines state of the art technology inhe animroc side but also marionette it's bringing together the new ane old into one really stunnice of their. Rter: Aiece of theater that weighs 2,000 pounds towersr the stagat 20 feet tall. There's ten of usn S with Kong. Reporter: Lauren grant is a dancer. Now part of E king'smpany, the on stage ensembl physically Ving Kong limbs. There's nomenthatne person is really shining and Ng ownership. And S of making one thing come T so,h, it's amazing. We're like ninjas. Rter: "Kingong" on Broadway, 2018, is a taken the orinal "King Kong" F 1933, which, F many people, is take on birth of a nation from 1915. That deal in a very dark a uglyy,he issue face. How is your Ven differe omha earlier version? We're N shying away from the fact that our main character cannotpeak. And our version, it is now a black woman who cannot find her voice throughout the entire S L she meets Kong, who can't speak. Wait a minute, wmi on. It's really hard to watch the 1933 version as son of color, but I think there's a so ofealinghat comes from our version when you can see it sole F on a connection of love and respect. EP moment before show time're with her as she transfer herself into character. Te us about your dressing room. You got all kinds of stuff in re. J a lot O gentle reminders of women that helped me get I have Fam myndma, my mom, to sort of surround me your Reporr: Kong CIN Jacob Williams showed us W the mahappens, this Gia seatsiden the audience. And this is where we D all the animatronic work of Kong. Come on in. And this isy rig. I control the shoulders, whi just like ourous, they rotate aallocket. And then I can turn the arms and gage the hands Now we've made it to the stage. I come out early sometimes and just sortf S in the nd take it'll innd pray for all the faces THA Goin to be outhere watching ??? let the night surround Y??? gently close your eyes ??? All right. Girl, how good ithis,right? That you are doing this thing you've bn wanng to do since you were a little thing. Yeah. It's real. Reporter: Right? T's barreng to see Broadway shows with Y and king his ear F, your ear hat it would mean when I get to be on Broadway and what show will I do and making you STA in the cold at E stage door to sign autographs. And I cannot beliet I get to do that. I get to G O andeet these kids and pts who hav beenng for me. Oh my goodness a dre cometrue Reporter: Do you know how proud your family is of you? Yes. Neverhe best singer, nevethe best dancer. I was never the smartest in scol but so lucky to have a dad like you and to have a mom like I have who told god loves you and god knows that you N whatever you put your mind to. T being the best but being the hardest working, becaufou guys. , you've had thisky since I was a little girl. Reporter: O last place I had to take my baby girl P of the empire state buildi the top of the world Oh, wow. Reporter: How cool is Thi this is the best day ever. And I said thatot since "King Kong" has started, but it like every day I'm living the dream. Literalln oe clouds right now.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Christiani Pitts talks about what it means to her to be cast as the first African-American woman in the iconic Ann Darrow role and working with the massive 2,000-pound gorilla puppet on stage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59815664","title":"Broadway's 'King Kong's' modern spin on classic Hollywood tale","url":"/Nightline/video/broadways-king-kongs-modern-spin-classic-hollywood-tale-59815664"}