Are Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids Feeding Anxiety?

Is a controversial new product line of kids' body armor overcautious or feeding anxiety?
6:49 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Are Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids Feeding Anxiety?
For most parents school shopping is all about sales on trapper keepers and the Jumbo pack of Crayola -- but. In the wake of sandy hook and -- some parents are now adding bulletproof -- and backpacks to the shopping list. As for the company offerings such pint sized armor is -- -- cynical play on parental fear or a legitimate form of protection. ABC's John sure if it goes inside the business of bullet proofing America's kids. It's 6 AM and ordinary school day for Demetric Boykin and his four year old daughter Julia. So this is super woman's -- ordinary except for this brand new backpack what does it do. Because it's bulletproof. That's right despite the girly pink fabric and pretty patterns adorning it. This backpack offers military great protection -- If you think Demetric might be a little paranoid. Just consider where he lives -- -- Colorado cited a horrific movie theater shooting last July. So you think about the fact that your wife and her daughter could have been in their industry. I absolutely -- Demetric among the wave of parent willing to try this extremely controversial measure. To protect your children at school so if they were coming your classroom with -- guns. -- put this on. And this would stop the bullets bullet proof clothing is that really necessary. It felt like this was the easiest thing that I could do to keep my arm around her right couldn't keep our. That anxiety -- -- to an emerging market for something most Americans would have never thought necessary. Bulletproof clothing for children. Jackets -- -- To back packs like Julius it's flexible. -- Tim Hogan is the CO oh lead Stirling security or assets which distributes the three pound backpack little to -- will now carry to school. Is this really necessary. Well you get on a plane they make you put on the best viewed from taking a cruise they make you put on a life vests and ordered to make sure that you're taking care of we think this is just one more safety step. And this isn't -- I'm not gonna treat it like a reasonable or realistic idea but left Everett a gun control advocate and parent himself. Sees this as disturbing sign of how the acceptance of gun violence is becoming the norm. We can except that when our children go to school. They should be under the same type of threat of active combat as law enforcement and soldiers. Or we can take basic steps to make sure that the shooting never starts in the first place. The company gets its backpacks from this man -- big -- coming you know mastering the signs of stopping bullets. -- -- factory in Bogota Colombia. Is so confident in its products he has a long standing. Resort tradition at the factory Markota -- for new employees who you are gonna shoot him -- And you're okay with that. Today his 260. Employees or -- it or make -- -- group. Here for the Red Cross Paraguayan police and now. Company's newest flights American children. He says the idea came only people day just three months ago. The day of the shooting -- sandy hook elementary. Newtown Connecticut. -- -- says he started receiving requests from anxious American parents within days of the shooting. -- it means that they are received from the parents they say. I am afraid to send my child to the school. What do you say to those people who think that children just should not be wearing bulletproof clothing and being exposed to do so early -- -- -- You will do you don't need you don't have to -- this the best way to prevent any accident -- jerked up. They have a profit motive I understand that they're businessmen. Everett says parents should be skeptical of these products and how effective they really -- If a guy walks in there -- -- ar fifteen and multiple thirty round magazines. And -- and loads more than a 150. Rounds in less than five minutes. How many kids are gonna be saved by bullet -- clothing in that instance. Seattle says the quote this product speak for themselves. He's putting -- shots from its nine millimeter Glock straight into the backpack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you put this back into the -- back in the child -- use this. With that four more shots. We now have eight total shots in his -- -- it and move forward Simpson and he shot a turnaround from New Yorkers who have proves there is nothing on this side of the plate which is actually against the child's body. If the child is actually wearing his backpack on that what would they feel -- flew. They went -- like -- punch. -- very first shipment of 150 units. So let's -- the United States aligned officially launched here last week. But Everett says the fact these products even exist demonstrates that we lost sight of the real issue. Do you want to live in a country where your child has to go to school on a daily basis wearing bulletproof clothing. Because at any given moment they could be attacked and killed. By someone who -- homicidal and who has gained easy access to military style firepower. I would ask them is that your vision of America or does that to you sound like that's. Early reviews from -- are mixed the comfortable. It's not. We like about this. We went with Demetric as he dropped off -- insider elementary school do you think everything went according to plan. He doesn't seem to embrace it and understands that her safety is important. Later that day he took -- to the Aurora movie here he -- -- -- -- since the shooting but don't actually get potentially protect yourself with a back back. He says they might start going to the movies again it's -- crazy -- Thinking about your little daughter. How to maneuver in a situation here -- -- around the -- we're talking about this it's horrifying. Crazy doesn't even describe it. It's it's something that I. He -- -- have to imagine but it's something that I realize this reality today. I'm John sure thing for Nightline or Colorado.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Is a controversial new product line of kids' body armor overcautious or feeding anxiety?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18828160","title":"Are Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids Feeding Anxiety?","url":"/Nightline/video/bulletproof-backpacks-kids-18828160"}