The Business of Making Your Pet Famous

Tabatha Bundesen explains how her cat Tardar Sauce became the feline internet sensation Grumpy Cat.
6:00 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for The Business of Making Your Pet Famous
I post pictures of my cats all the time on the internet and nobody has ever paid me for it. Apparently if you're smart about it you can turn your cat or dog into a cash cow. Here's ABC for a special series "Social stars." So cute. Don't be grumpy anymore. You're super cute. Aw. Reporter: It's her frown that has many cracking a smile. Grumpy cat. I love a good photo shoot, especially with such a famous star. Reporter: She's known as grumpy cat. But her real name is Tarter sauce. Nice. Reporter: And it's her signature frown that went viral three years ago and helped create what's now a booming grumpy cat industry. There was a swarm of people around grumpy within seconds of you taking her out of the bag. She handles all this fame so well. She's a diva. She was born star. Reporter: 30-year-old Tabitha is grumpy cat's human. I've definitely been happy doing it the last couple of years. Reporter: In the last two years over 250,000 grumpy cat calendars have been sold. Her book has been translated into 15 languages. The grumpy plush dolls so far, 1.5 million sold. She even has a leading role in her very own lifetime movie. Are you serious? I'm serious. Look at my face. I think sometimes humans tend to shun people that don't always look the same. Honestly, I think you're right. Like grumpy cat kind of makes being different okay. Reporter: And advertisers are taking notice, signing the viral kitty to mega deals. From Fridays I cans -- Grumpy cat could not care less. Reporter: To cheerios -- Not even a smile? Uh. She's so cute. Never thought I would be ma managing a business around a cat. It's definitely fun and interesting. Reporter: That's Brian, Tabitha's brother. He's the man responsible for taking and uploading the photo that shot grumpy cat into the spotlight in 2012. That same photo, a mean sensation, shared thousands of times around the web, Brian is now grumpy's business manager. I used to work for the cable company and I left that about a year and a half, two years ago. And this is my full-time gig now. Full-time grumpy cat. Definitely. Reporter: A petite four pounds three ounces but it's not just her underbite that causes that iconic frown. It's a unique genetic position. Tell me about this disorder. Feline dwarfism, it's genetic. It's basically like human dwarfism. It just makes them little. Reporter: These days pets are big celebrities, too. They even have their own version of the oscars, the golden collar awards. Thank you so much. Reporter: Which is awarded a-list pets like uggy, star of "The artist," and can't turn the channel without running into these small yet huge celebrities, taco bell, target, even Budweiser. But in the dog-eat-dog world of entertainment, social media is making it easier for pets to become instant celebrities. For example, Cloe, the mini frenchy who was discovered on instagram. Her posts tend to make people smile and laugh and feel good. And I think translating that to a marketing initiative and a partnership with a brand is so powerful. They want their ads to have that same effect. Reporter: That's Cloe's owner. I think six months. It really started taking off and getting brand requests every week, everything from "Vogue" to jimmy Choo to Dyson wanting to work with her that it became a little more serious. I set up an LLC for her and now she has her own company. Reporter: The more influence they have online the more money they can make. It can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a post to $30,000 for a post. It's a wide range. Reporter: The demand has grown so much that come January she will be fully dedicated to managing a pet model agency. It takes a lot of time. That's definitely one thing I think people may not realize. Bringing her to all of these events and appearances and photo shoots. And so you need to have time to do it. Reporter:s a for tips that can make your pets the next internet sensation -- Think the content people want to share. If something makes you laugh, makes you smile, you want to share it with everyone. Oh, my god, look what I saw. So content that does that, I think, is the trick. Reporter: There's no denying that these pets and their owners are making a living. How much exactly? Well, grumpy cat's owners won't say. It has to be really unique for your family because now this is like your full-time job. It's your brother's full-time job. Yeah. This is how you're making a living now. Yeah. It's really awesome. I'll say maybe grumpy cat brings home the cat treats. Yeah. And she's definitely priceless. Lives pretty comfortable. Otherwise, we don't talk money too much. Reporter: One thing for certain, this feline phenomenon is far from over. Do you have the energy to do this for the next 14 years perhaps? I hope so. I have a daughter, so she's going to keep me going if not grumpy. Reporter: After all, nothing says you've made it in Hollywood like your very own replica at mad mad mad madam. For the record I did meet once meet grumpia cat. This is you us on the set of gma. I can tell you that she is nicer than she looks.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"Tabatha Bundesen explains how her cat Tardar Sauce became the feline internet sensation Grumpy Cat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"35792162","title":"The Business of Making Your Pet Famous","url":"/Nightline/video/business-making-pet-famous-35792162"}