California Teen Accuses Hollywood Acting Coach of Sexual Assault

Jordyn Ladell said it took her years to tell police Cameron Thor allegedly sexual assaulted her when she was 13.
8:58 | 05/15/15

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Transcript for California Teen Accuses Hollywood Acting Coach of Sexual Assault
We begin with one woman who says she is finally coming forward after years of silence. It began when she says a renowned coach sexually assaulting her when she was just 13 years old of for a long time she didn't tell a soul. Too terrified to confide in her parents. But then she turn to police who then help her secretly record conversations with her alleged attacker. Who is there? They're coming out. The man being escorted away by cops is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. His name? Cameron Thor. Look at that creepy -- The voice of the woman on the tape, his alleged teenage victim and her father. Videotaping from across the street. What a creepy piece of -- The suspect played big parts in Hollywood blockbusters like "Jurassic park." He's also known around Hollywood as a high profile acting coach. Now he is under arrest on 13 counts including kidnapping, lewd acts on a child and sexual penetration. He has pled not guilty to all charges. It was here six years ago that Jordan says her entire life changed. This beautiful remote canyon is where she says Thor sexually assaulted her when she was in the eighth grade. It doesn't change. It will never go away. This is always going to be where he raped me. Now 19, it took years for her to record it to police and then follow the sting operations to get Thor arrested. The case is going to trial and Jordan will soon have to take the stand. Jordan. It all started when she was 12, about to turn 13. Her parents fell on hard times. It was hard. I knew we had no money. My dad would walk two miles to bring as you lunch at school every day because he would have to find money for that day to get us lunch. On top of that, her mother patty was a struggling alcoholic. Did you feel vulnerable at that point? Very much so. In what way? My parents, they fought a lot. It was kind of just me and josh and we wanted to make sure my mom was okay, we wanted to make sure my dad was okay. It was a really scary time for us. Patty started going to aa meetings health at this local bank. Jordan tagged along for support and that's where patty and Jordan say they met Thor for the first time. A flashy Hollywood coach who claim on his now defunct website to have coached Madonna. What did you think of him? He is very well spoken and he comes across very charismatic. Jordan said he enticed her by saying she could earn money as an actress, getting free lessons and something more attractive. He told me he would buy my braces. I had a really bad gap in my two front teeth and the one was to the side and kids were really mean to me about it. At the time you fell your family couldn't afford it. It's not what I felt. They actually couldn't. Thor never followed one that alleged promise. Was there ever a time when you were suspicious of his motives? No, no, I thought he like her and she was a great kid. Instead of going to a studio, she said Thor insisted they went to his home. He told me he needed me to make a collage of pictures of me. He was really touchy. Like every time he had a conversation with me, it was a hand on my shoulder, my leg, stuff like that. What else did he say? He will me I make him hard. Did you know what he was talking about? I really didn't know what he was talking about. Jordan said the lessons continued. The third time we went to his house, he locked the door and he was even creepier. Way more touchy. Like weird and before I left, he said I had to give him a hug. He pressed his penal it is up against me and whispered, you make me so hard. What was your reaction? I was freaked out. I didn't want to tell my parents. I assumed they thought it was my fault snfrl why not say I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to tell my parents. She said Thor pick her up from her house and took her here to this park. This is where he talked about really inappropriate things and asked me questions like if I had ever given head before. And I had had sex and I answered no. She said he then asked her to ask her mom if she could go to a drive to malibu. So you text your mom and asked permission. Was she gung-ho? No. Not at all. She was really hesitant. Jordan said her mom relenltd. But instead of going toward malboork he turn toward Mulholland and parked the car. Then he pulled out a vial of marijuana. He had rolled up the windows and had taken my cell phone. Then what happened? He said me to get in the back seat. So did I. Why? I was terrified. She said the road was quiet. She didn't see a single car go by. There was a mountain on this side and a cliff on this side. There's no where for me to go. No escape. He got on top of me and was kissing me. And he took that scarf on that I had off and he was leaning on me, grabbing me, putting his hands on my shirt. He undid my pants and put his fingers in my pants. When she got quiet, she kept quiet about what had allegedly occurred at the canyon. He will me nobody would believe me. If I told my parents, my mom would start drinking again. Jordan the eighth grader said she believed the adult. She saw him once more after that but then quit the lessons. She said they went from being a straight a student to a B and lower. A few months later she finally confided in her cousin. I had heard that something inappropriate had happened to her and that is how she brought up her experience. Immediately I was like, wait, what did you just say? And then she got kind of scared and realized that I was reacting. I didn't tell anybody. Then what happened? Finally I was like, what do I do here? So that's when I called my uncle. She said do you remember when Jordan was that taking those acting lessons? And I was like, I think so. She said something to the effect well something very bad happened during those acting lessons. She said I think he did something very bad to Jordan. Jordan's parents got her therapy. She was adamant she didn't want to go to police. Her parents respected her wishes. Her silence lasted four years until she says she finally boring up the courage to go to the authorities and agreed to be part of an attempted sting operation designed to get Thor to incriminate himself. They had me text message him and send him a general, do you remember me type text. And he responded, oh, my god. I miss you. I can't believe you contacted me. Of course I remember you. Eventually detectives got her to arrange for a meeting with Thor at the Starbucks inside this Barnes and noble. Detectives bugged the table with a recording device and she said she thinks she heard an admission from Thor. But the authorities didn't think they had enough evidence. While she spoke to him on the phone, detectives secretly the taped the conversation. They were having me ask him things and trying to get him to admit to it. Shortly there after, that arrest. Jordan was utterly relieved. They got him! You did it! He was eventually released on bail and placed under house arrest. Forced to wear an ankle bracelet. In a statement to ABC news, James blatt states they feel it is important that this case be decided in a courtroom, not in a television program. That at this time there is a continuing intensive investigation by the D.A. And the defense to determine the truth concerning these allegations. We were confident that after the investigations are completed, Mr. Thor will be exonerated. Jordan is just beginning to speak out. Sharing her story with the Hollywood reporter and Jordan says navigating the criminal justice system has been a horrifying ordeal. What is it like seeing him in the courtroom in the preliminary hearing? Having him sit across the courtroom from you? The nastiest, grossest feeling. I never want to be anywhere near that person ever in my life. I have a vision that comes to me more than I care to admit of me standing up in the court, walking into the witness stand, grabbing her hand and going home. And you know, that's challenging. Very challenging. No matter the outcome, she feels she's done the right thing by pursuing charges against him. It is by far the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. And I would never tell somebody it is easy. I would tell them it will be the most challenging thing you've ever had to do but it's worth it. You have to do it. You have to do it for yourself. You have to go from being a victim to a survivor. Have you ever spilled a secret hoping to help someone else? Head to our "Nightline" Facebook page and tell us about it.

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{"duration":"8:58","description":"Jordyn Ladell said it took her years to tell police Cameron Thor allegedly sexual assaulted her when she was 13.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"31060693","title":"California Teen Accuses Hollywood Acting Coach of Sexual Assault","url":"/Nightline/video/california-teen-accuses-hollywood-acting-coach-sexual-assault-31060693"}