Chaos, complexities asylum seekers, border agents face in possible US border shutdown

As Trump says he's 'ready' to close US-Mexico border, ABC News' Matt Gutman heads there to see the impact this growing crisis is having at the U.S.-Mexico border.
7:39 | 04/03/19

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Transcript for Chaos, complexities asylum seekers, border agents face in possible US border shutdown
Right now. The piercing crunch and children. Razor wire catching clothes and flew. You're at the border near Yuma Arizona. He's migrants being smuggled and. News. At the crossroads of migration. I don't have a lot of it. Please changing decisions made. You're secular school. Yeah. This new video chillingly good movement making it through just the poor Mexican police block that reach in the barrier. Her family left on the Mexican side. Young these scribe. US customs and Border Patrol agents. Port where her family not to fall. That agonizing moment this is son of seafood policies and let yourself and climbs to the bank. US. She's like he's taking place every day along the 2000 mile soccer guru. Or with a deadly summer will be weeks away cities like El Paso are seeing a soldier of migrants. Pushing border resources authorities say to the brink. They at least exposed to the elements in makeshift encampments. Waiting for their pieces to be processed then this extraordinary declaration from the president last Friday. I would close the border of Mexico doesn't get. Get with it this threat to close legal points of entry the latest in the immigration controversy critics warning it could actually. Have the opposite effect closing the border will do little to prevent illegal drugs. Or illegal immigrants from entering the United States we simply loved this place and possibly put more strain on Border Patrol officers who patrol the areas between the ports of entry with the president planning to hit to the border at this week. The nation know weeks. Leading. And answered questions for all those whose lives depend on the crossings from asylum seekers fleeing violence in poverty. Two others who make a living in mobile clue train. Mexico -- one of America's largest trading partners with nearly one point seven billion dollars worth of goods. We'll every day between the two countries El Paso typically sees a million cars and about 70000 trucks. Cross over these bridges into El Paso every single mom. Chamber of commerce predicting an unmitigated economic debacle if the president carries out his threat claiming five million American jobs would be in. Immediate jeopardy. To me they're trading is very important the borders are very important but security is what. Is most important you have to have security opt totally prepared to do what we're gonna see what happens over the next few days. Here you know has sued the city's Republican mayor is sounding the alarm president trump is talking about shutting down this border parts of it or all of a he's is something that you want to. Dick it isn't now. Techno. For your audience techno otherwise I'd say simply stronger I think were caught up in the rhetoric in Washington that that's polarizing on both sides. In the meantime it is everyday Americans living in these border towns they're stepping up to help these families. Await decisions on their asylum claims and. We're taking everybody in here and send him out to their families all throughout the US. Volunteers like Christie lines who brings food and water to the local Greyhound station helping the migrants on the next leg of their journey. This is where the journey for many of these people continues that means they have. Papers from Customs and Border Protection and ice indicating that they can travel in the United States. I don't. This is an experience that anfield Ramos and his three year old son for none do you left. We first met them in January in Nogales Mexico. This. We'll backbone. Good similar. Doesn't he have yet. Look good. And so says he and his son were forced to leave Honduras after they were threatened to play games. Taking three month journey on foot bus and train reached the US border. Hidden gold unlike the hundreds of thousands who crossed into the US even believe this year until says he wanted to do with the right way. The pair presented their case directly to US immigration officials acted on college port of entry. Slow about a but it means who is with the money by loyal wound when had care system. Also. I was saying that he is the put king yeah. In. Are. After a few days and so and that'll Fernando were released by US officials at the shelter in Tucson Arizona. I mean keep thinking. The father and son allowed to stay in the US as their asylum claim they shouldn't importance. It's an option that might no longer be available for many going through a similar process. Just this week Homeland Security secretary Kristen Nielsen expanding a policy that would require a asylum seekers. To wait in Mexico until an immigration judge can actually seated. That process can take months even years. For uncle and his son. Presenting themselves at that port of entry and was just the beginning of what will be long journey. Their destination. Kansas City, Missouri over. Forty hours away my bonds. Downloading. Look. Nice. There route carried him over a thousand miles. Through five states. Each missed out he reminder they are not alone and surrounded by other families hoping for a future of America. After almost two days of travel. Just past midnight and delivered undue arrive at their final destination. In the bugging cold that the midwest could feeling farther from the place reports. But a political mccombs swinging incident the living room and hopefully opening the can call it can. He played well W you know put Hakeem throwing them in the. For now their version of freedom in America monthly check ins with the police it's their first appearance in court he's not for months and as they wait they can't help. So in control of this. From total but I am putting miss an opinion opinion. You know you don't.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"As Trump says he's 'ready' to close US-Mexico border, ABC News' Matt Gutman heads there to see the impact this growing crisis is having at the U.S.-Mexico border.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"62131011","title":"Chaos, complexities asylum seekers, border agents face in possible US border shutdown","url":"/Nightline/video/chaos-complexities-asylum-seekers-border-agents-face-us-62131011"}