Cheerlebrities: 'I Want to Cheer Until My Body Breaks'

Part 2: For world-class athletes like Carly Manning, cheering is a lifestyle, one families sacrifice for.
4:10 | 08/01/14

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Transcript for Cheerlebrities: 'I Want to Cheer Until My Body Breaks'
We're back, now, as our cheerlebrities get ready for the ultimate competition. Training time is over, as the day that counts is finally here. No more time for practice. And definitely no more time for mistakes. For those seeking scholarships, it's do or die. But everybody's hungry for gold. And there can only be one winner. Here, again, is ABC's bianna golodryga. Reporter: After a year of training and thousands of miles of travel, the world championships are finally here. We've been traveling for almost eight hours today. And still haven't slept. Reporter: This is anywhere last practice before they all take the floor. I'm glad we're having this last practice so we can make sure we're really confident going into worlds. Reporter: Flying through their routines with perfection, they are on a high. Five. Reporter: Praying for victory tomorrow. Won't be beat. Reporter: The morning of the finals -- the butler family is off to a rough start. You need one like that is what you're telling me? It is very much chaos right now. She's hungry she's tired. Stressed. So much to do. They have to have their hair and makeup done. It's a project. You didn't realize there's an actual art to doing this. You look beautiful already. The biggest competition of the year, they trained all year for this. Can we just fold it over? Please. That's the job of a cheer dad to try to keep the sanity in all this chaos. Wildcats will meet in one hour. I'm more excited than nervous, I think. I'm just ready to go. I'm just nervous. I'm so nervous. I'm just, like, since I woke up this morning, just have butterflies. Reporter: With his team waiting, Michael Eddie is suddenly in crisis mode. He can't find his credentials. Without it, he can't compete. What did you forget? Are you really? . I don't have my thing to get in. Are you kidding me right now? Five minutes. I'm not going to get to defend the title for a four-peat. Seven years comes down to today. My gosh. It's stressful. Reporter: Carly has nerves of steel. The pressure never seems to shake her. I'm thinking about what I need to do to be my best today. Reporter: All the work these families have put in is on the line. Your adrenaline is rushing and your anxiety and your heart's about to pop out of your chest and you feel like you're going to vomit. And hope and pray they can handle the heat. Reporter: The best of the best are all here. People are always saying, you're going to take a three-peat. Constantly. It's like, my gosh. Stop saying that. We're so superstitious. Reporter: Soon enough,

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{"id":24801758,"title":"Cheerlebrities: 'I Want to Cheer Until My Body Breaks'","duration":"4:10","description":"Part 2: For world-class athletes like Carly Manning, cheering is a lifestyle, one families sacrifice for.","url":"/Nightline/video/cheerlebrities-cheer-body-breaks-24801758","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}