Chilling new details emerge in Jayme Closs case

The kidnapped Wisconsin teen says she was forced to stay under the suspect's bed and her mother was made to tape her mouth shut before she was killed, according to a new criminal complaint.
8:02 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for Chilling new details emerge in Jayme Closs case
Reporter: An explosion of chilling headlines today detailing the brutal kidnapping of 13-year-old Jayme Closs. Spotted at eher school bus stop. Mom made to tape her mouth shut. Her parents murdered in cold blood. Crawled out of captivity after months of alleged abuse. He found her all on his own, seemingly randomly. That's very scary. Mr. Patterson, is your name, address, and date of birth correct on the complaint? Yes, sir. Reporter: The first glimpse of the man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs since the Wisconsin teen escaped a harrowing 88 days in captivity. 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson appeared via video link before a judge today and was formally charged with two counts of intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping and one count of armed burglary. I will set bail at $5 million. Reporter: Prosecutors today releasing a criminal complaint containing Patterson's alleged confession, laying out what they say are the details into the planning of Jayme's kidnapping, the murder of her parents, and how Patterson hid and terrorized the teen, holding her hostage in his own home. The state asks you to consider the efforts he took to conceal himself, the modifications that he made to his vehicle so that police wouldn't find him, the fact that he wiped down the shotgun that was located at his house and the shells that were used to kill James and Denise by his own words so that no DNA or friendships would be found. Reporter: The documents reveal what Jayme and her captor allege what happened. Jayme awakened her parents Denise and James after seeing a car pull into their driveway after midnight. She said her father went to the front door where there was a man with a gun, so she and her mother hid in the bathroom. She heard a gunshot and knew her father had been killed. Jayme's mother called 911. In his alleged confession, Patterson told investigators he broke down the bathroom door. He described finding the teenager and her mother seated in the bathtub. Denise with her arms wrapped around Jayme in a bear hug. Patterson was dressed in black from head to toe, including a face mask, hat, and gloves. He instructed her mother to place tape over her mouth. While she was struggling to do that, he took the tape and wrapped it around her head, wrist and ankles and then picked up the shotgun, aimed for Denise's head and killed her. The cold blood he must have to yank Jayme out. And then with the other hand shoot her mother in the head. The terror that child has been through is overwhelming. Reporter: Patterson said he dragged Jayme out of the house, put her in the trunk and locked it shut. He estimated he was at the Closs home for only four minutes total. In a harrowing detail he had only driven what he thought to be 20 seconds away from the crime scene when he passed by three squad cars responding to the scene. Jayme also remembered hearing those sirens from the trunk. The teen had been Patterson's target ever since he watched her get on a school bus on his what I to work. He told authorities that when he saw Jayme, he knew that was the girl he was going to take. There was no trail. There was no social media interaction between Jayme and her kidnapper. There was no way to figure out who he is. There was nothing she or her parents did to bring attention to her. Reporter: Shockingly, Patterson's visit to the house wasn't his first. He said he'd been there twice before but turned away because of too much activity at the home. He methodically turned off his car lights as he approached the Closs home. He got rid of the dome light in his car. He removed the light in the trunk so when he opened it to stuff Jayme in, the line wouldn't shine out on him. He even thought ahead of time to tear out the cord that you pull because it glows in the dark, in case you're trapped in the trunk. Once at his rural home 70 miles away, Patterson said he dragged Jayme into his bedroom where he held her captive for the next three months. Hanging above the front door of the home, a sign reading pattersons retreat. Jayme telling investigators she was forced to stay under his twin-sized bed. He had pushed it into the corner of the room and barricaded it with tote bags and laundry baskets full of weights. So he would be able to tell when he came back if she had gotten out at all. Reporter: But on at least two occasions when Patterson thought Jayme had tried to get out, he terrorized her, he says striking a wall and screaming to the point she knew that she better never try that again. When visitors would come to his home, including his father who stopped by most Saturdays, he would turn up the radio in Israel room to cover up any room that Jayme might make. But last Thursday, Patterson told Jayme he was leaving for a few hours, and Jayme seized her opportunity to escape. You can see the amount of control that he was exerting over her. And at some point she found it within herself at 13 years old to say I'm going to get myself out of this situation. . Reporter: She ran into the arms of Jeannie nutter. I saw a young woman approach me. She was crying and said I need help. I don't know where I am. I'm lost. So I knew this kid was in trouble because she didn't have a coat on or gloves or hat, and she had somebody else's shoes on that were too big for herment she just kind of grabbed on to me, because it's really icy, and she said I'm Jayme. Reporter: Wanting to put some distance between them and her captor's house, nutter brought Jayme down the road to the home of Peter and Kristen. Knocked on the door. Don't ask me any questions. Just call 911 because I believe I have Jayme Closs with me. To see her walk into my kitchen, it was like seeing a ghost. I mean, it took my breath away. Peter and his wife Kristen dialed 911. I have a young lady at my house right now, and she says her nay is Jayme Closs. The teenager was still fearing for her life. So we're kind of scared because he might come. Yep. So if the cops could get here soon. I have many deputies headed that way. Meanwhile, her alleged captor was out looking for her. With the help of Jayme's description of Patterson and his car, he was spotted and pulled over by police. When instructed to step out of his vehicle, he stated I know what this is about. I did it. Patterson is unemployed and has no criminal record. He has not entered a plea to the charges he faces. This is a tragic situation from every perspective. His feelings, his emotions are consistent with what you would expect. Reporter: For those who know Patterson, the actions he's accused of are unthinkable. I'm asking myself a lot of questions, and none of them make sense. Reporter: Fisher was a childhood friend of Patterson's. His mom also remembers him visiting her home. I never had an inkling that he thought that way. Reporter: That neighbor, who dialed 911 to help save Jayme is a teacher, and she actually out to the suspect as a child. I had him for middle school science. Nice kid. Quiet kid. Very smart. Reporter: Jayme is now reunited with her family who never gave up hope. You can tell that she's not quite the same. Reporter: Her grandfather recalling the first moment he saw her again. I was the first one she gave a hug to. I was standing in my daughter Jennifer's hallway, and she came up to me and gave me a big hug, and I gave her a big hug. Tears in my eyes so happy for joy to see her. Reporter: In Barron, Wisconsin, I'm Alex Perez for

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"The kidnapped Wisconsin teen says she was forced to stay under the suspect's bed and her mother was made to tape her mouth shut before she was killed, according to a new criminal complaint.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"60383208","title":"Chilling new details emerge in Jayme Closs case","url":"/Nightline/video/chilling-details-emerge-jayme-closs-case-60383208"}