Chris Cornell's widow opens up about her husband's addiction before his suicide

Vicky Cornell told ABC News' Robin Roberts that she believes her husband's battle with addiction may have led to his death.
5:41 | 02/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Cornell's widow opens up about her husband's addiction before his suicide
Chris Cornell was the dynamic frontman for sound garden. Their most iconic song black hole sun. Was written by him in just fifteen minutes. In Cornell over twenty year career he lent his talent to many bands. Captivating fans with his mere four octave range and audio slaves like a stone. It. Here but on May seventeenth of last year and Chris Cornell would take the stage at the Detroit box theatre. For the last time. Just a few hours later he would be found dead the causes asphyxiation. An apparent suicide. In a system where seven different drugs which his wife Vicki believes contributed to him taking his own life. I don't think that he could make any decisions. Because. Of the level of impairments. And while medical examiners say it was suicide. Vickie blames the cocktail of drugs interacting badly that made him take his life. Something she believes he would have never done sober about his life he would never have and her left to this war. Chris Cornell was severely impaired. With the medications summer in his system that night she did not have the mental capacity to decide to leave this world on his arm. Now Vicki has made it her mission to prevent this from happening to other families Vickie teamed up with addiction advocate Jessica Hulsey vehicle to launch the addiction resource center addiction impacts your brain to brain disorder that is enormous. And that's an illness can change behaviors and priorities. Tell us little bit more about the type of father and husband he was mean to kids where infants his everything our family and let's hits everything. Lesson as he got offstage. He was adapt he was a regular dad. But the father of three was also battling private demons. For years he has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Vicki says he sought treatment and by 2000. Three was sober but that would last approximately a year before he thinks he was prescribed. I'm bends that I as a team to help him sleep and it was because he had torn his shoulder. Pain in the shoulder with waking up at night and was keeping him not. By February when he seventeen. Dickey says Chris began acting differently. Which she attributed to his prescription medication. I just remember this scene reminiscent you know Jim King like my grandpa he sopranos you know wet out to stop taking dance. With a pen and he did and to retrospect and learned to pants socks must be given to anybody who's in the country and if you. Have to get pets they have to be closely monitored and it should not be given for more than two to three weeks telling the seven day period he took twenty something pills and then nine day period. 33 so. He relapsed. Though she didn't know what at the time Chris had reached out to a colleague for help writing in an email would love to talk had relapsed. But less than two months later Chris a struggle with hit its peak in Detroit. He wears off pitch. He forgot the words first thing he said to me when he called me that I was the ringing and ringing in my ears I couldn't stop them bringing you this slurring his speech at ops at that point you were thinking you've got to get him help yes. And in my crests please tell me what you tap if you tell me hyped I forgive you. Hands I'm gonna come and be with you tomorrow I had called the security. Guard and me. And sent to him you need to go to his room the door will be both Ted. And routes that don't waits just break in in the mean time I was calling for. For help. From the hotel as well and they spent please call an ambulance these cats and help. And then we yen. I mean that was that was it Crist had killed himself. My children woke up and that was probably see most. Tragic. Thing you can ever go through the events of that night still weigh heavily on Vickie people saying. Can blame yourself and I'm trying not to. But there were signs. You can't blame yourself thinking you relapse after cancer I had a relapse and nobody questioned it. Why is it when you have an addiction. Which is an illness why is it any different. It's people don't recognize that as a two seats and Abe was I feel guilty at the same thing border should message. About addiction. To help people. Better understand. I can but there's so much stigma. Around addiction. And I think it's time that we. We get away from that and my husband was the furthest thing from Maine rock star junky he just lesson he. Was. I'm the best. Husband the greatest father I lost my song me and love of my life for Nightline I'm Robin Roberts in New York.

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{"id":53267498,"title":"Chris Cornell's widow opens up about her husband's addiction before his suicide","duration":"5:41","description":"Vicky Cornell told ABC News' Robin Roberts that she believes her husband's battle with addiction may have led to his death.","url":"/Nightline/video/chris-cornells-widow-opens-husbands-addiction-suicide-53267498","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}