Clive Davis Reveals Secrets on Personal Life

Part 2: Legendary music producer gets personal, revealing secrets about his sexuality.
5:15 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Clive Davis Reveals Secrets on Personal Life
Welcome back job. Well throughout his career legendary producer Clive Davis has put some of music's biggest stars on the map. While also acting as a trusted confidant. Now Davis is sharing a long time secret of his own. We return to his exclusive interview with Nightline anchor Cynthia McFadden. -- Clive Davis's book jackets -- index of the past fifteen years of popular music. -- -- -- Withdrew from rolled cold -- -- -- fulfilled. Davis who has worked with the mall has no intention of retiring. And you are. An essay about to turn 81 years old I'm currently. And yet in this very young business the music business here on the cover. -- -- -- -- I when -- were talking about that yesterday the film doing film pros who have been killed and whether -- The bill with a -- to be sure all with -- -- of -- -- you share the passion abuser. The age difference disappears. Phillips I did you tell I joined -- would do would have forward I want to -- -- His enthusiasm Muslim school displayed his annual Grammy party this year it was the tribute to Whitney Houston. It's almost. -- believable when do do her. -- -- And his longtime collaborator -- me. Patti Smith came just -- him. So grateful for you -- consume more food. Usher sang and -- Miguel. Yeah Jennifer Hudson and then the show stopper Gladys Knight. Ever the showman Davis leaves the personal secret he's kept for the past thirty years for the last chapter of his book. You're married twice divorced twice -- which you would never publicly talked about was perfected -- had a relationship. With a man and then supplement. It's not -- right that they have been so compelled put a real -- in my case the most important thing I'm relationship important to have. And we'll go from world. My perspective my -- my emotion. To have a relationship. With the men as well with a woman and so that when it comes to the pure are subject to effects. We will merge was over. I did go through a period of helping. Six -- to -- from women. And with the -- And so that for me. This very mobile and those -- -- food subject to boys sexuality. -- it's been said that people are other gay straight or ally were. -- both lines and it exists for over fifty years I never -- improvement. The board of repressed -- -- verdict could sexual relationships. Women. -- never. -- can't tell me did you feel shame when you first started having sex with men. I never told -- built on biblical tree -- filled. Puzzled -- -- -- boys sexual we really needs a much more. Open discussion. Because. The into ruins it's -- it's his status that -- -- so for. For thirteen years you you had a relationship with doctor and I'll talk through it. Martin you. And then -- met someone else and Floyd jaded or mitigated of of two women and a few men in my -- amendment and I'm currently -- relationship book. The two have been together for seven years but did -- says he doesn't -- in in the book out of respect for his privacy. Does he go to the Grammy party AM EDT part of your life -- a -- Her -- to -- -- insured goes. Through drugs. Before I go with my family on. Impeccable because we do with every year he goes would -- and definitely put I think he's probably good that I think could be for him to decide funeral was -- put give him write his book would. If there were -- you're going through. And so. When the books are written about -- And the legacy is dissected. What you hope they say about Clive Davis. I believe the music I believed that -- Even in this -- electric age were -- to -- the question the future of what used its role is in people's lives. To play the report on people's lives like -- general. The rest of us it's -- -- -- -- -- of the -- Davis is in providing the soundtrack. For Nightline this is Cynthia McFadden in Los Angeles.

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{"id":18533824,"title":"Clive Davis Reveals Secrets on Personal Life","duration":"5:15","description":"Part 2: Legendary music producer gets personal, revealing secrets about his sexuality.","url":"/Nightline/video/clive-davis-life-long-career-18533824","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}