Colorado mom accused of murdering 7-year-old daughter she claimed was terminally ill

Kelly Renee Turner is facing multiple charges for her daughter Olivia Gant’s death, drawing parallels to the much-publicized Gypsy Blanchard case, which highlighted the concept of Munchausen by proxy.
9:21 | 11/01/19

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Transcript for Colorado mom accused of murdering 7-year-old daughter she claimed was terminally ill
Reporter: It was one of her last wishes. 6-year-old Olivia gants riding along with the police. We don't know how much longer she has. Reporter: The celebration of a young life, believed to be ravaged by a terminal illness. Her mother, Kelly Renee turner bringing the local community together to make the last months of her daughter's life special. Here's my bucket list. Reporter: But now authorities say it was all a lie. The only truly sick person, the mother, Kelly, who's now under arrest and accused of murdering her daughter. Authorities say it was a devious crime all playing out in public. Like the time her daughter became an honorary firefighter. She said I want to battle with Batman. We're going to battle captain hook. Reporter: And she got that wish. Seen here on the CBS Denver affiliate. A dream is a wish your heart makes. Reporter: Olivia died in 2017, just 7 years old. Her obit we're said the cause was a rare disease. But her mother is charged with receiving fraudulent payments of half a million dollars and theft associated with a gofundme account. There's a money trail to show all the money and benefits that she basically sole, allegedly on behalf of her sick daughter. Reporter: Police said they were tipped off when turner allegedly lied about a second daughter having cancer. The first child dies. The mother then induces illness on yet another child so she can continue this fraud, continue getting attention, continue getting somebody who's caring, loving and knowledgeable about certain types of diseases. Reporter: Investigators exhumed Olivia's body and found no evidence of the illnesses her mother claimed she had. The second doctor, the pathologist said this daughter did not die of intestinal failure. As a matter of fact, there was no evidence from the autopsy that many of the symptoms the mother had claimed ever existed. Reporter: Authorities also say turner spontaneously brought up munchausen by proxy. Where a caregiver makes a child sick on purpose, but denied she suffered from it. These mothers, because they virtually spend 24/7 with their child, the community looks at them like a hero. Look at this woman. She's taken on this very sick child, spends day and night with her, trying to make her better, takes her to doctors, hospitals, et cetera. Reporter: The indictment paints a picture of the length she went to to convince the world her daughter was dying. This indictment reads like a horror novel of what was done to this child. It literally made me sick. Reporter: According to the charges, turner provided doctors with a false medical history, that included autism, seizures and cancer. Multiple doctors say they told turner her daughter was not terminally ill and that she repeatedly ignored their advice. In recent years, case of munchausen by proxy have played out on the small screen. From HBO's "Sharp objects." It's good for you. Reporter: To Netflix's "The politician." You've been poisoning me. Reporter: To hulu's "The act." Based on the real-life story of gypsy rose Blanchard. My mother is the best friend E. Reporter: The wheelchair-bound 23-year-old charged with killing her mother Dee Dee. Many people had not heard of munchausen by proxy until they heard the case of gypsy rose Blanchard. Another little girl whose mother had tortured her for years. Reporter: My colleague, Amy robach, sat down with the real gypsy for her first interview in prison. Did you hate your mother at that point? I didn't hate her. You wanted her dead. Yes, but it was not because I hated her. It was because I wanted to escape her. Reporter: For years, gypsy and her mother were supported by charitable foundations, living like local celebrities, spending time being flown around country going to ball games, Galas and Disney world, all because her mother convinced others gypsy suffered from several severe illnesses. What medical conditions did you believe you suffered from? Leukemia. Asthma. Both vision and hearing impaired. Muscular dystrophy. And seizures. Did you always know you could walk if you wanted to? Yes. She told you you had to stay in a wheelchair when you could walk. How did she convince to you do that? I was so young, so I mean, looking after her so much and believing that she knows best, I didn't question it. Did you believe you were sick? There are certain illnesses that I knew I didn't have. I knew that I didn't need the feeding tube. I knew that I could eat. And I knew that coy walk. But I did believe my mother when she said that I had leukemia. For a long time, I believed that we best friends. And then when I was younger, she was my best friend. She was your only friend. Yes, other than my stuffed and so I thought that she was a great mother, no complaints. We got along so perfect. Reporter: But as gypsy got older, she became curious about life as a normal teenager. She says she even tried running away, but once her mother found her, there were consequences. She physically chained you to the bid. She physically chained me to the bed and put bells on the doors. Did you ever consider in a public place if you stood up out of your wheelchair and walked Dee Dee's fraud would be completely exposed? I honestly didn't think about that. It never crossed your mind? No. So, instead of planning an elaborate escape, you planned a murder. Yes. Reporter: As it turns out, not only could gypsy walk, she was never even sick at all. The only thing that I have wrong with me is I have a little bit of a lazy eye. Reporter: It was later uncovered that Dee Dee had faked extensive amounts of paperwork for gypsy's treatments. ABC news reviewed medical records that showed she was treated by at least 150 doctors that resulted in a lifetime of prescriptions and procedures, including multiple gastrointestinal operations, eye surgeries and the removal of her salivary glands. Cat scans, blood tests, and were you healthy. So how would she get the doctors to understand when none of it was true? She had a very sweet very convincing. She would call it southern charm, and she would use her southern charm to get them to be friendly. And get on their good side. Reporter: Gypsy pled guilty to second degree murder for killing her mother and was sentenced to ten years in prison. You're actually a prisoner now. How do the two compare? In some ways they're the same. But now I'm so much more freer. The prison I was living in before with my mom, like I couldn't walk. I couldn't eat. I couldn't have friends. Over here I feel like I'm freer in prison than living with my mom. Because, now I'm allowed to just live like a normal woman. Prison isn't normal. No, not for most. But for me it is. Reporter: Prison may become the new normal for Kelly turner as well. If found guilty for first degree murder, she could be sentenced to life in prison without parole. I would say that mommy is caught rid handed as it relates to Olivia. What will be the defense? Reporter: But according to the indictment, turner has maintained that her daughter's medical conditions were legitimate. The community that supported little Olivia for all this time is devastated. I think they feel a mixture of being scammed, but also at least some small degree of happiness that they gave this little girl Olivia some joy. Even though Olivia was not medically ill, her life was pure hell. At least the community gave her some degree of joy. Turner's next court appearance is tomorrow.

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{"duration":"9:21","description":"Kelly Renee Turner is facing multiple charges for her daughter Olivia Gant’s death, drawing parallels to the much-publicized Gypsy Blanchard case, which highlighted the concept of Munchausen by proxy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66681874","title":"Colorado mom accused of murdering 7-year-old daughter she claimed was terminally ill","url":"/Nightline/video/colorado-mom-accused-murdering-year-daughter-claimed-terminally-66681874"}