Conspiracy theories spread on social media, TikTok stars break into mainstream

Social media companies took action to mitigate the rising spread of misinformation this year. Comedian Sarah Cooper and vegan cook Tabitha Brown amassed a following on TikTok and beyond.
6:16 | 12/30/20

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Transcript for Conspiracy theories spread on social media, TikTok stars break into mainstream
With millions of Americans staying at home this year now the search and social media users looking for digital distractions and searching for connection. But sometimes find themselves swept away in the mix of this information. Here's ABC's Steve Appel. Social media was at double exports this year a source for desperately needed communication and connection. But also a potential breeding ground for turmoil and misinformation. During the cope in nineteen pandemic. And now to the growing number of hoaxes popping up online public health experts are saying get mixed messages and misinformation. Can be just as dangerous as the virus itself. The problem with the Internet and social media sites that you couldn't use any reality you want. You've now had sent me prairie fire up misinformation. Given prairie fire. Of conspiracy. As pressure mounted nude Twitter and faced the policies were in now to curb the spread of misinformation. Twitter is now flagging tweet. Betterment information. To see the president of the United States posting on Twitter and a banner saying this is false. How McCain's next week. Because of all his crazy tweets and finally quit or was life act that's false. Do think that we've got a really completely reassess. What social media operates in this country. President truck and found another edit me this year in the social platform of choice for teens and trains across the country. Treat this morning the clock is ticking. Tick tock the stroke of the pen president drug issuing executive orders and shutting down the wildly popular apps they've taken social media by storm. Tony Tony has grown a lot at us but when I thought tick tock is going away I was. Not well. But the proposed ban never came to pass. And despite the drama tic talkers danced and stunted their way through our year in isolation. Ticket talk dance challenges from the wipe it down to use something new. Helped us to quell billboard outside without wiping out like white light white light every time I looked in and out so cute like. The choreography. Section of the tutorial takes a lot less time than explaining to Graham public take tough days. I don't know actually. Flipped the switch with my. Co anchor Michelle turned full when I had to squeeze into her dress. And I could zip I mean look she's a very fit in tiny woman and I'm a very large. Kelly knows a good steak or to. Over on mr. Graham live verses music battles are great Petri both contemporary stars an old school music legend. Are you watching payment by apple and Gladys Knight. On vs Muniz in his extraordinary that you know I can't hit that note. We gutsy gradient Monica together we get to see Teddy Riley of the eighty pieced together. Connors pain. It was soul beautiful and heart warming. 20/20 provided a unique opportunity for newly minted social media's stars. With an enormous audience stuck at home social stars broke into the mainstream like never before. He thinks Aaron Cooper with the. The break out. And social star 20/20. She brought so much joy during this insane dark time. And that I see the disinfectant. They're not. In a minute one minute and is there way we can do something like. Eight. Injection instead. Gore for most of cleaning. At first glance like she's just lip syncing trump but then you realize she's really exposes. How ridiculous what he's saying it's. Someone called rehearsed and what which was I think they're great term. And and writing to us that sort of man's ratings act and how stupid he's. This image. Thank you do that. Teva the browns' first tick talk video was posted in March she took her eighteen year old daughters she you to create an account and post 62 clips of her home cooked. Begin rescue. It is miserable position of visas that allow themselves David duke it is okay. Four point five million followers later she's the warm comforting mother we all needed this year. See how I liked it Henry noted the asked if you like cats and then he's Jan young already there. He's been Honda had I don't. He need a listen to continue to pleases me Jesus like the he's just happy this week's. Some people are living alone to understand some people don't have any lack. In their lives inside Powell made actively delight for one meaning that day in and became a responsibility in the I was like I'm going to be okay. The browns yeah. Despite its issues. Social media provided us a welcome break from reality. Eight years. Needed it most. Previous social media is an is as dangerous as it can eat. It's letting the world see that talent and beauty of certain people who mayor is not happy you have. That Alan shine in the other. You know we wanted to see guys saving puppies from alligators over and over and over again. To let us know that there is good in the world and it's worth it ends. In the points when he winds only going to be better.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Social media companies took action to mitigate the rising spread of misinformation this year. Comedian Sarah Cooper and vegan cook Tabitha Brown amassed a following on TikTok and beyond.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74964466","title":"Conspiracy theories spread on social media, TikTok stars break into mainstream","url":"/Nightline/video/conspiracy-theories-spread-social-media-tiktok-stars-break-74964466"}