Controversial Revenge Site Shames Accused Mistresses takes cyber-shaming "the other woman" to a whole new level.
8:18 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Controversial Revenge Site Shames Accused Mistresses
Taking revenge on a cheating lover used to require at least some degree of energy. But not anymore. Tonight we're going behind the scenes of an extremely controversial new website, a place where anyone betrayed in love can expose and humiliate, raising pressing new questions about fairness and privacy in the digital age. Here's ABC's linsey Davis. I really, really am sorry about it. I really am. Reporter: Dana Scott's tears and apologies were not enough for the woman who claims Dana almost ruined her marriage by having a year and a half affair with her husband. If Dana can't handle the humiliation of all this, then you shouldn't have slept with someone else's husband. Reporter: Insults, derogatory names, even death wishes. I hope you end up with AIDS, . Reporter: If hell hath Ano fury like a woman scorned, the social immediate Y. Age has developed a whole new way to fan the flames. It's called And three years after she says her affair with a married man ended Dana Scott found her name and location plastered on the site. I remember thinking, okay, he's married but he's kind of flirty. And at some point he tried to kiss me. That's when he told me he was actually, you know, separated. And they were talking divorce. Reporter: Do you think he was going to leave her for you? That is what he told me. Reporter: But he didn't leave. And now his wife and hundreds of others in the same boat are able to seek revenge online. Housekeeper. No, I'm his wife, Kate. Reporter: Infidelity is the hottest topic at the box office right now. He's got a wife. Reporter: The revenge comedy "The other woman" is selling out theaters across the country. We know how to do it just as shady as he does. Reporter: The movie stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton who team up to plot payback after they discover they're all being cheated on by the same man. This is your punishment. You want to dot crime, do the time. Reporter: This is the woman behind she' She goes by the alias ariela Alexander. She az it's a place for wives and girlfriends to publicly flog the other woman for sleeping with their husband. It can follow you the rest of your life. You appear on Google. I mean, everyone now knows what you've done. And if one woman maybe will think that hey, I don't even want a part of this. Reporter: The site, which has a quarter of a million likes on Facebook, posts the names, pictures, and often torrid details about these accused home wrekers and their alleged adulterous ways. It was just a way for me to vent. Reporter: 29-year-old Noemi Sanchez says she's found solace on the site after she claims to have discovered her husband of nearly eight years was cheating. I was in shock. Here I was seven months pregnant. Reporter: While pregnant with his third baby she says her husband told her he wanted a divorce. I checked the cell phone bill. And sure enough, there's pages upon pages of one phone number. And I called it. And that's when she answered. Reporter: Noemi was so upset she decided to take revenge, posting personal details and photos of a woman she says stole her husband. The alleged homewrecker is now married to Noemi's ex-husband and has a three-month-old baby with him. Jenny. Reporter: One year younger than Noemi's youngest son. It does hurt when I see my baby because he's never going to have the family that my other two kids had. Reporter: Why go onto this website singling her out? Really isn't your husband who has the loyalty to you to be faithful? I didn't say it was all her. I said it was also him. Reporter: And you were willing to forgive him? Yes, I was. Reporter: Are you willing to forgive her? No. Reporter: The site has gotten a flurry of media attention, some calling it slut shaming, pitting women against women. But ariella sees it differently. If women loved women so much, they wouldn't be sleeping with other women's husbands. At the end of the day it's about respect. As a woman I am not going to sleep with somebody else's husband. Reporter: About a year into the affair Dana got pregnant with his baby. Were you happy? Yeah, I was happy because I've always wanted a baby. You know, I wasn't happy about the situation or the circumstances. Reporter: Was he happy? Yes, he was happy. Reporter: And what makes it finally end? Me realizing he's not going to leave her. So I actually called and I just -- I told her everything. And I apologized. Reporter: Was she crying? No. She was very, very calm. I was the one hysterical because I felt so guilty. I guess I never thought about her family during all of this. You're so silly. Reporter: Dana had the baby while he stayed with his wife. And since then she says she's been harassed by his wife for years. Are you a home wreker? No. I'm not a homewrecker. He is a homewrecker. The home was already wrecked before I was even in the picture. Reporter: Dana began receiving vicious messages online, many from strangers. Strangers are the worst. They are ones like oh, she should die, kill her, calling my son a bastard. When they don't even have any idea about what's going on. But what I don't understand is why I'm getting all the brunt of this when he was the one -- he's the one married to her. He's the one who made a vow to her under god. I want to move on with my life. Reporter: Dana's about to finish nursing school and now fears the website will hurt her chances at a good job. I'm a good nurse. But to think of a future employer googling me, Reading all of those comments on that website, seeing all of those things. Who would want to hire me? Reporter: Dana is just one of hundreds of women bashed on the site. And when ABC news contacted these alleged homewreckers, they told us we could show their photos because they say they're innocent victims in a game of online shame. Like Brittany from north Carolina, who was viciously slammed on the site. She says the post is completely false and tells us these websites have the power to destroy someone's life, a form of cyberbullying. But surprisingly, sh isn't breaking any laws because the website isn't actually posting the accusations. As of now it's perfectly legal. It's tough. I get threats of lawsuits every single day. I have attorney's letters, I have people threatening to sue me, people threatening to put me in jail. Reporter: And ariella isn't saving the online shaming for women only. The site has been up and running for months now, though she tells me it's nowhere near as popular as the female version. For her to create a revenge website to teach women a lesson, who does she think she is? That's not your job. That's not your job to judge. Mommy got makeup on you. Reporter: Dana's former lover and his wife declined comment when contacted by ABC news. Noemi Sanchez says she doesn't plan on taking her homewrecker post down anytime soon. I would like for her to say look, I came between you guys, I'm sorry, it happened, that's that. That's all I want, is an apology. You know, because she knows what she did. Reporter: When contacted by ABC news, Noemi's ex-husband and his now wife said the website is based off opinion. They claim he and Noemi were separated at the time they got together and they're tired of all the harassment. So if they're watching, is there a message? I guess to him just step up and be a father to your kids. And to her, be careful because there's homewreckers out there. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm linsey Davis in fort hood, Davis. Our thanks to linsey Davis. And since we reported this piece, the woman who posted Dana's info on the website tells us she did it because she felt Dana never experienced the emotional devastation she did as a result of the affair.

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{"id":23600819,"title":"Controversial Revenge Site Shames Accused Mistresses","duration":"8:18","description":" takes cyber-shaming \"the other woman\" to a whole new level.","url":"/Nightline/video/controversial-revenge-site-shames-accused-mistresses-23600819","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}