Convicted Sex Abuser Pled Guilty but Says He's Innocent

Jesse Friedman was convicted of molesting young boys in 1988 - crimes he says he didn't do.
2:17 | 08/07/13

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Transcript for Convicted Sex Abuser Pled Guilty but Says He's Innocent
Okay just wrong. LA. Sports today's -- This is Jesse Friedman in the home video 25 years ago. This is eighteen and about to go to prison for a series of terrible crimes. Hundreds of counts of molesting young boys on Long Island. -- how fast they'll didn't do it. Substantive he denying it on the -- -- -- but along with his father Jesse Friedman had already pled guilty he went to prison for thirteen years. And now 25 years later a stunning development. Child witnesses now all grown up who say what they told police Josie Freeman did to them when they were children. Was not true. Problem middle aged teacher and a prosperous Long Island town. Is charged with sodomizing young boys who were students. Police are charging that sexual abuse went on in Great Neck how could you possibly plead guilty. And these crimes. If he didn't do him if you. Never been in the position I was in. Then you don't fully understand. If this story seemed familiar may be because it was. Oscar nominated documentary back in 2003. Film director hindered your Reggie says he couldn't get the feed me story -- of his head. Over the past decade as he dug deeper they began to have more and more Democrats about whether justice has. -- -- What I've learned since. Is that dozens of those people who were witnesses who were part of those computer classes. Have come forward and said to me nothing ever happened in those classes. I learned computers I like those classes I looked forward to those classes my parents came and picked me up in the last few minutes of the class. There's no question that these classes were not mass -- sessions is impossible that these things took place. In the presence of dozens and dozens of witnesses who remembered none -- -- so. You -- persuaded. Did Jesse Friedman is not guilty was never guilty was completely railroaded this conviction. I am persuaded -- that.

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{"id":19899323,"title":"Convicted Sex Abuser Pled Guilty but Says He's Innocent","duration":"2:17","description":"Jesse Friedman was convicted of molesting young boys in 1988 - crimes he says he didn't do.","url":"/Nightline/video/convicted-sex-abuser-pleads-guilty-innocent-19899323","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}